President Donald Trump opens up about historic summit in exclusive interview

Trump describes why he trusts North Korea's Kim Jong Un, and what was achieved in Singapore.
13:24 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for President Donald Trump opens up about historic summit in exclusive interview
Mr. President thanks for doing that thank you very much until we saw you sign the agreement right in this room you also said he does that develop a special bond. We can describe that bond was that are very intense day and as you know we discuss things over the last few months. You didn't spoken you know I have spoken yes I have spoken to him I've spoken to a lot of his people is as you know his. I would say very tough person was at the White House list week. And so we've developed a pretty good relationship in terms of getting something done. It got I think it's a terrific document it's a starter but it's a terrific document I think far more and there are things that we negotiated after that document. That are also very important. Going to get rid of certain ballistic missile sites and various other things we're gonna put that out later. But we have. The framework of getting ready. QD new theorize. No hitter and the freezing the documents complete denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula does that mean. That the nuclear umbrella of the we have over top green is on the table for negotiating option and that means that they didn't get rid of that nuclear weapons we never even discussed yet they get a get rid of their nuclear weapons charge and I think they wanna do it relatively quickly now we're gonna see you didn't so what can not immediately what their work with South Korea wouldn't work with Japan would that work with China. But it really has been an incredible access news at this news set the bar for nuclear agreements by. Criticizing Iran reveals it's worse deal and remain desirable meaning that any deal with North Korea has some tougher than Iran deal. I don't think if you could be softer Percival and up and 150 billion dollars K we're paying. Nothing from that standpoint other then. You will see what happens I think this going to be great partnership was. Japan and with South Korean president moon has been terrific. But they have to get prime minister obviously they have to get rid of all their nuclear weapon if all you're looking up they will I think they well I really believe that he will have gotten to. You know however short period of time via ships too big keynote you know I mean he's he knew in the old place finish in the stood very quickly I think he's gonna start now. They'll be announcing things over the next few days talking about other missile sites because they were. As you know they were sending out a lot of missiles it was a period of time where I was saying. What are they doing every week it seems another missile from and they going to be getting would have sites to he can stop testing. Good step testing while he already has you know we have how many months hasn't been to a seven. Where there's been no missiles going and even noticed a lot like Arnold head up again oh he's committed to not do that and it won't happen that won't be happening. He means he really wants to do something. I think terrific for that country and that's the only way can be itself Gloria competitive. Well you know. If you look at. If you talk to the experts can't just do it immediately forms takes anything really or somebody's at fifteen years if you go rapidly. But when you're in a process of doing it you really dismantling you know what you can't do anything during that period attempted they have a process for getting rid of nukes that does take a step like looking we'll get rid of them tomorrow just can't be done scientifically. And but they gonna do it didn't start immediately that really authorities that they blew up a site which was the real deal site that was their big site they've blown up. They getting rid of things that haven't been mentioned in the document they getting rid of certain missile areas and are not going to be sending its missiles up and endurance challenge that and confirming as well these additional steps. Said that the north Koreans are gonna announce these get ya gotta going to be announcing them very shortly they might have denounced him already but this came debt after we sign we agreed to that. Also. And I'm doing something that I wanted to do from the beginning we stopped playing those war games that cost us a fortune you know we're spending a fortune every. Number of months would do in war games with South Korean. And I said. It is costing. What flying planes in from Guam and we're bombing empty mountains for practice and I sit I wanna step that and I will step that and I think it's very provocative especially good since. We getting along and numerous other entrances signing something excuse me talk about pulling troops out US troops now to discuss that now but we're not gonna play the war games ago. I wanted to stop the war games at that they were very provocative. But I also think that were expensive we're running the country properly I think they're very very expensive to do it we have to fly planes in from Guam. At six and a half hours away big bombers and everything else that's it. Who's paying for this man who pays for in order to. The practice of scientists hope you're one of the things that I suggested and I want to do is whether this up the war games or less for some reason. Weren't able to go what other kinds of security guarantees did you offered to put what we've given him play the war games ago. I wanted to stop the war games at that they were very provocative. But I also think that we're expensive we're running the country properly I think they're very very expensive to do it we have to fly planes in from Guam. At six and a half hours away big bombers and everything else that's it. Who's paying for this man who places to in order to. The practice of scientists hope you're one of the things that I suggested and I want to do. Is where this up the war games or less for some reason. Weren't able to though no matter where talk about it specifically but we've given him he's going to be happy. His country does love him his people you see the fervor they have a great fervor. They gonna put it together and I think that it end up with a very strong country and a country which has people that hate it so hard working so industrious I think if you look at shows there is some day. May be in the not too distant future it will be something serious people love him just a few months ago you accused in the starving his people and then listen they here's the rub. Kim is a brutal dictator he runs a policeman. Forced starvation labor camps he's assassinate members of his own family how do you trust a killer like that security and given what I'm given. OK I mean this is what we have and this is where we are and I can only tell you from my experience and I met him I've spoken with him and I've met him and this was. As you know started very early and has been very intense. I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korea I think he wants to. Without that there's nothing to discuss that was on the table at the beginning and you see a total denuclearization. Of North Korea is so important. And he wants to do the right thing now with a law that being said I can't talk about it doesn't matter we we're starting from scratch with starting right now. And we have to get rid of those nuclear weapons how do you trust and now is he willing to change do you who didn't complain you know my lifetime I've. Done a lot of deals with a lot of people and sometimes the people that you. Most distrust and out to be the most honorable ones and the people that you do trust that they are not the honorable ones so. We are starting from a very high plane was starting from a very good relationship this has been a very big day in terms of the world I think it's been. Maybe I lot of people are saying we're restoring historic. Even my enemies are calling it historic and you know the fact is that we've done something that's very unique nobody's. Met with the family nobody at a high level no principle that no president has certainly. And we've done some things that we're very proud of it's a very strong document his father made agreements with the United States. And then. Things confusing who Robinson actually. Didn't keep the commandments and he talks about that he said that you know there are reasons he didn't because he was let down by the United States but that's irrelevant. What he's doing and and he very much said that he said you know over the years. First we'll they've never gone this far you know that not the level like this and his father never dealt with the president and a lot of other things. But he said he gets very much in his mind he said. We all going to get this done. In the past we've tried but it never worked out and it never did work and it was embarrassing actually to the United States and to our leadership. This is different I believe you'll find in the years to come George I think unified district howling you know he's keeping his word he's committed. So we're going to be following things we're going to be monitoring things would dealing with him very going to constant basis. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo did a very very gauge great energy and they have a great relationship is counterpart they have a really good relationship. They're moving along they getting it done I mean I've been up 24 hours now strait between phone calls and you know working that this is a very look this is. 72 years we're talking about and we put it into one very intensive day and some meetings before. And but a lot of people look at Kim Jung and say there's no way he's ever giving up its nuclear weapons that's why he survives that's why he was in this room today. Well I think we have to disagree otherwise I wouldn't be here or whatever respectfully. You know would have. Shaken his hand I would just said listen I see is some time but I would have had any interest this is very important it's in the first paragraph finishes complete. Total deep nuclearization. Without that I wouldn't have been interested. I believe that he wants to get it done you trust him. I do trust him yeah now. Will I come back to you and a year and you'll be interviewing I'll say she had made a mistake that's always possible particularly guilty at a very high level. Lot of things can change a lot of things are possible. He trusts me I believe I really do have and he said Paul Otellini said it to a couple of reporters that were with them. That he knows that no other president ever could've done this mean no other prey he knows the presidency knows who we had in front of me. He said no the president could have done this I think he trusts me and I trust him Ronald Reagan said trust but verify. Yeah how do you verify this but we're going to be verifying and we're going to be working with them and it's gonna be much more open than it is right now right now it's obviously very close it's a closed society we know very little about you know. If US. Intelligence they will tell you probably they know less about this area of the world and they do anyplace anywhere in the world. We're going to be working very closely with the we've developed great relationships at different levels. Mike Pompeo is that really very good strong relationships and others have also. Today we introduce them to Jon involvement which was a very interesting thing and he says Heidi into Canada and has lined lips are moving him by the end of that conversation it was good I think they have the trust. This is that it dizzying few days of diplomacy to refer you because you're reaching here can and long time. And the United States coming up for that summit in Canada with us tough words. For the Canadian prime minister. How do you explain that the people who might be confused and reaching out to our enemies antagonizing. I have great friendships if you speak to prime minister who I'm helping a lot because you know Japan. Three or four times they had missiles gone right over the middle of Japan have a very good relationship with prime minister Abby. I have great relationship with the Newman run like a lot as you know. From Italy he just one and you know we had very good and frankly. I'm really good with Michael really good pretty much without them I was very surprised because we actually we're getting ready to sign a document. I've made them make various changes and you know that so both semi famous picture of seeing the picture back. She was looking at me you know we're doing we were talking what we were waiting for the final copy of the document that was. That was such an innocent picture here we put out that picture that was put out by. Might people. That was really a picture of basically this and I'm waiting for the document so we can finally did. What happened as we had a final document I wasn't a 100% but I wanted to believe nicely so. We had a document. I get an Air Force One. The televisions on and I see a news conference being given by. The prime minister Kenneth. And Justin and I said. It's nice just as good and they talked about how they won't be believe that. This of course is so that he didn't do that to my face what's so that but here's what the stories. We have been taken advantage of as a country for decades by. Friends and enemies both. We have been portrayed is a disastrous trade deals we lose 817. Billion dollars was the last camp. Forney yearly basis they get the church in other words when you rich guy. And all of the other places Germany the European Union is a disaster for us we must 151 billion dollars list you billion not million. It was a 151 billion they don't take up product. They won't take our agriculture than what we lost a 151. Now that we're debating the European Union I can't be through Rhode Island about. Message cells getting change and if you don't change it. We're not gonna get traded fund II just to criticism that could usually supposed to be friendly picture that was put out by us. And we were waiting for the document to come back so we could read it. I left everybody was happy everybody should he should as prime minister Abby everybody is happy that he gave out. A little bit of an obnoxious thing I actually like Justin and I I think he's good I like them. Application agenda that was a mistake that's gonna cost him a lot of money final question when this can come into the White House. Well I want to get along I want the process to start I wanna see some real. Work going on which I believe my world and I would love to have moved away as whatever it takes and I would love to have the let us. And I think it'll have to be there and at a certain point when it's all complete I'd love to be there as president thank you have a question thank you.

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