President-elect Joe Biden says 'America is back'

Biden’s Cabinet picks include historic firsts and a lot of diversity.
8:24 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden says 'America is back'
Let's take this conversations who are virtual roundtable joining us today ABC news political analyst Matt Dowd and Brandeis University professor of American history we are right or nor thank you both. For being with Melia let's start with you if I cabinet picks are all confirms. I think we can agree history is going to be made her share with regard to diversity so what stands out CU he church these are definitely not career people they're not reality TV stars there's no family members in the mix it's quite a switch from the last administration. It definitely sure I'm representative on merit and unity I didn't area news keen. Actually gone to great line trying and crying you know people that are representative rob nation in all of a diverse parks overseeing diversity in terms each received numbers in terms of gender were seen diversity in terms are. Else diversity in terms on. Career and her career politicians Ers who have armoire don't. Are. Coming into. What went out year is that. Right through really nick Simeon and in the present to determine initiation it was. You would have some kind of representation of America with in the till we're seeing is a reais Apple's own moment. That signal direction that at the biting her initiation and going. Matt Kelly decision that briefing room I had the White House it's going to be so unbelievably different typing the energy these ticks also appeared to be pretty fine seeing to avoid giving Republicans something to rally against right. We I think that's the difficulty Natalie from what was just said the incredible diversity of this the group of folks I mean is reflected docile and Joseph Biden and Pamela Harris which is incredibly diverse. First and second person in power in this but I think the Republicans don't be some Republicans that are going to be wholesale against every single pick up Joseph Biden should because they know that some members of the Republican base want action but it's gonna be really hard each of these people who are all thoughtful. Who are all the sort of people that have made a career. Being competent and what they do. An incredible diversity. As we've talked about makes it very hard for the majority of the Republicans in the senate. To come out wholesale against everyone of them there may be one or two and we'll see more picks along the way that the Republicans decide you're gonna make no point in taking one or two of them out but a lot of that depends on March what happens in jump in January and special election the Republicans the Democrats win both seats in the senate should. And it really doesn't matter what the Republicans think about the picks in the senate because the bush the Democrats will have the senate be able put through any tech they want. And it got our eyes on Georgia now per Shirley action pres elect Biden created this new role as special envoy on climate. Diana asked Rachel Scott about this season based in Delaware right now fighting filed following Biden rather push why. Create that role and how significant do you think it will be. I think you know the creation and destroyed a significant moment at its historic in terms and one. Priority is not necessarily just seek climatic change as national security issue although it is parent. Also that. You already or this administration. There's been a lot of in nineteen concerns you're already anyway any incoming administration critique. And it ain't. They're making in the climate change. Is cedar is legislation goes back. On our auto. Your vision of new merit a lot about that on the campaign trail a lot about it in the math the media and election. Not in their money or that are. We're gonna stop us a position that is solely devoted you climate and climate change and acting culturally important. Important to somebody like. I'm charity somebody who ran and nobody has been a career politician. Somebody who is deeply invested in the by a change in the position. And Matt theme that a part of the transition teams in the past what changes. Now since the White House decided to cooperate and Ken Biden his team to make up for the lost time. Com circumstances second question they absolutely can make up for the lost time and one of the reasons why they can make up for the last time better than probably -- is Joseph Biden was just recently in the White House there's a whole bunch of people that they're bringing in and senior leadership positions and it worked in and around the White House is so I think they can make up -- that time fairly fast this you know with this whole process that we've been -- has been unprecedented the fact that this letter didn't come down until yes last night each but I think Biden folks have already been and plans he's already got a huge part of his personality doubt I think he's already vetted. Many of those folks in the folks and we haven't heard from yet will be announced I'm sure shortly I think he does this in a fairly efficient process but he is faced with probably one of the hardest things that president will be based wed. Which is this pandemic which he when he arrives on and how he deals with the vaccine and what happens in the coming hundred or 120 days and I think there's two crisis to crisis but he now has to do with climate change which. I was on the opposite side of John Kerry each week working for George W. Bush in the campaign into a torn 2000 gore. I think it's a stellar tech writing one of the reasons it's a stellar pick is Joseph Biden wants to quickly drew rejoined the Paris accords which. And I think in that process which is affected in this transition process. Having John Kerry who was secretary of state and that position will help rejoin fairly quickly each and. And I think we have to get our neighbors and our our people are mounting international alliance is. Trust us again I think the country looks as today and they say okay they're getting their act together. Joseph Biden's president elect he's got a handle on this and let's see what comes on January 20. Silly Biden's pick for secretary of city NC Lincoln shared part of his stepfather story who's survived the Holocaust Jessica listen for a moment. At the end of the war he made a break from a death march into the woods and various. From his hiding place. He heard a deep rumbling sound. It was a tank. But instead of the iron cross. He saw painted on its side a five pointed to white star. He ran to attack the hatch opens. An African American GI looked down at. He got down on his knees and said the only three words that he knew in the in English that his mother taught him before the war. God bless. America. That's who we are. That's what America represents to the world however imperfectly. Lincoln their describing. The US as a beacon of hope to the world Leah how is that vision of America changed over time. I think you know it's a powerful sorry incredibly all of the elements they beat by him and Harris administration. May. Here and the pandemic or global pandemic not just aren't well also and it's endemic around. Race and racism bigotry and Libya and trying to make all these elements and we heard you know Joseph Biden earlier today at America is. I came here in this is not buying line to walk is a reminder that America has is an MB. And that an act don't eat and of the administration. Means a return. Sue greatness and a lot of people may actually be something much more complicated. An opportunity and move towards a century a lot of it on. It simply doesn't mean that it's yours animal I think there's there's certainly. The opportunity that in Mexico snared it can be easily what I didn't terrorists you know want to can bank. They have enormous. Engine on an Adam and his cabinet positions. Just a star. Now we'll be following every part of that something fresher Lee and Matt thanks so much for being with three.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"Biden’s Cabinet picks include historic firsts and a lot of diversity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74385564","title":"President-elect Joe Biden says 'America is back'","url":"/Politics/video/president-elect-joe-biden-america-back-74385564"}