President-elect Joe Biden announces Cabinet nominations

Biden held a press conference to introduces key members of his foreign policy and national security teams.
13:14 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for President-elect Joe Biden announces Cabinet nominations
This is an ABC news special report now reporting chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon coming and there right now because Prez like Joseph Biden is about to introduce his national security team see him there with a new team let's listen. Well good afternoon Arun. Today. I'm pleased to announce nominations in nations and staffed for critical foreign policy administrative positions in my administration. It's a team that will keep our country and our people safe and secure. It's a team that reflects the fact that America is back. Ready to lead the world not retreat from once again sit just ahead of the table. Pretty confront our adversaries. And not reject our allies ready to stand up for our values. In fact. It calls from world leaders and I've had about 18220. So for I'm not sure of the exact number. In the weeks since we won the election. I've been struck by how much they're looking forward to the United States reasserting its historic role as a global leader. Both in the Pacific as well as in the Atlantic all across the world. The tea meets this moment this team behind me. They embody my core beliefs and America's strongest. When it works with its allies. Collectively this team is secured some on the most defining national security and diplomatic achievements in recent memory. Made possible through decades of experience. Working with our partners. That's how we truly keep America safe without engaging in needless military conflicts and her adversaries. In check in terrorists that day. And that's how we counter terrorism and extremism. Control this pandemic. And future ones. Deal with the current crisis nuclear proliferation. Cyber threats and emerging technologies as Fred authoritarianism. In so much more. And while this team has unmatched experience and accomplishments. They -- reflect. The idea that we cannot meet these challenges with old thinking and on changed habits for example. We're you have the first woman lead the intelligence community. The first Latino and immigrant to lead the department of homeland security. And a ground breaking diplomat at the United Nations. We're gonna have a principle on the national Security Council's full time job is to fight climate change. For the first time ever that will occur. And one national security team the coordinated. By one the youngest national security advisors in decades. Experience and leadership. Fresh thinking and perspective. And an unrelenting belief in the promise of America. I've long said in America needs not only by the example. More power. But by the power of our example. And I'm proud to put forward this incredible team that will lead by example. As secretary of state. I nominate Tony Blankley. He's one of the better prepared for this job no one's better prepared to market. He will be his secretary of state who previously served in top roles on Capitol Hill in the White House and in the State Department. He delivered for the American people in each place. For example lead our diplomatic efforts in the fight against nicest. Served in America's alliance and positions the AZ in the Asian Pacific. Guiding our responses to the global refugee crisis with compassion and determination. And he will rebuild morale and trust in the state department for his career where his career in government began. He starts off with the kind of relationships around the world that many of his predecessors you've had to build over the years. I know I've seen in action. Tony going my closest and most trusted advisors. I know him and his family. Immigrants and refugees. A holocaust survivor. Who taught him to never take for granted the very idea of America as a place of possibilities. Possibility. Charny is ready on day one. As secretary for Homeland Security I nominate Alejandro. Marcus. This is one of the hardest jobs in government a gigantic agency. The DHS secretary need to keep us safe from threats at home and from abroad. And is and it's the job. That plays a critical role in fixing our broken immigration system. After years of chaos dysfunction absolute cruelty DHS. I'm proud denominated experienced leader who has been hailed by both Democrats and Republicans. Alley as he goes why is a former US attorney. Former director of US citizenship and immigration services and a former DH just the DHS. Deputy secretary. Helped implement dot com prevented attacks in the home would enhance our cyber security help communities recover from natural disaster. Come batted the ball and seek it. I'm Bob DHS affects everyone. Given is critical role immigration matters I'm proud that for the first time ever the department re led by an immigrant. A Latino. Who knows that we are a nation of laws and values. And one more thing. Today's his birthday happy birthday and happy bird he's twenty want. As a Director of National Intelligence I illuminate. Probably he's the first woman ever to hold this post. To lead our intelligence community I didn't pick a politician or political figure appeared to professional. She's eminently qualified. Former deputy director of the CIA. Former deputy national security advisor to President Obama. And a fierce advocate for telling the truth and lettering. With her decisions with the decision makers straight up. North and unnecessary. I know because I work with her for over a decade. Brilliant humble. Can talk to literature in theoretical physics fixing cars flying planes. Running a bookstore cafe. All of a single conversation. Because she's done all that. And above all. She gets word. Of a threat if she gets rid of a threat coming to our shores. Like another pandemic or foreign interference in the elections she will not stop grace you want you to write people take action. People will be able to take her word because she always calls. Then she sees. I believe we're safer we're not only watch. I think we've received you make a great contribution. As united Bassett the United States and bashing nominations on an agreement that Thomas Greenfield. A season distinguished diplomat with 35 years in the foreign service never forgot where she came from growing up in segregated Louisiana. The Elvis today. For dad couldn't read or write. She says he was the smartest person she knew. First and are fairly to go to to graduate from high school then college. The whole world literally ahead of her as her dad to move taught him to believe. Post in Switzerland of Pakistan Kenya the Gambia Nigeria Jamaica Liberia. Where she was known as the people's an mess. Polygamy where they want an ambassador a student working people struggling you get fired always treating them with the same level of dignity and respect. She was our top State Department official in charge of African policy during your ball crisis she received overwhelming support. Former fellow career foreign service officers. This will be a cabinet status. Because. I want to hear her voice I'm all the major foreign policy discussions we. I'm our national security advisor I'd choose Jake Sullivan. He's once in a generational equity experience and temperament. For one of the toughest jobs in the world. Morris vice president he served as my national security advice. He was a top advisor to secretary of state Clinton. He helped lead the early negotiations that led to the Iran nuclear deal. He helped broker the Gaza cease fire and 2012. Played a key role in Asia Pacific group balance and our administration. And in this campaign for the presidency he served as one of my most trusted advisors. And both foreign and domestic policy including helped me develop our Covert nineteen strategy. Jake understands my vision. That economic security is national security. And help steer well I called foreign policy for the middle class. For families. My kids growing up in Minnesota. Where he was raised by parents or educators. Who taught him the values of hard work decency service and respect. But that means this to win the competition for the future. We need to keep us safe and secure. And build back better than ever. We need to invest and where people. Sharper and her innovative edge you ninety economic might of our democracies around the world to grow the middle class and reduce inequity. And do things like counter predatory trade practices. That are competitors in front of our competitors in her answer. Before I talk about the final person today let me talk about this new position. For the first time ever the United States we'll have a full time climate leaders. Participating in its new ministerial. Level meetings. That's a fancy way of saying throughout his seat at every table around the world. For the first time ever. He will be there will be a principal who NASA Security Council who can make sure climate change is on the agenda in the situation room. For the first time ever you'll have a presidential envoy on climate. He will be matched with high level White House climate policy coordinator policy making structured. To be announced in December. Never lead efforts here in the United States combat the climate crisis mobilize action. To meet the existential threat to certain face let me be clear. I don't for a minute underestimate the difficulties. Of meeting mark bold commitments to fighting climate change. But the same time don't want should underestimate for men and my determination. To do just that. And asked through the man himself. The trial of former secretary of state who helped negotiate the parish Carmen court or former presidential nominee. Or former leading senator for the head of the major climb an organization. For the job. I would show my couldn't show my commitment to the United States in the whole world. The fact that I picked the one person. Who's all of these things speaks unambiguously. To my commitment. The world would know that was one of my closest friends John care he's speaking for America are among the most. Traci threats of art talk. No my trust more. To this team. I thank him for accepting this call to service. For their fabrics. I thank you all for your sacrifice. No we could do we cannot do this without you might be together these public servants who restore America globally. Its global leadership and its moral leadership. Oh ensure that our service members diplomats and intelligence professionals. Can do their job free of politics. Among on his chair. Bill also re imagine American foreign policy and NASA security for the next generation. Don't tell me what I need to know not what I want to know what are you need to know. To the American people this team will make us proud to be Americans. Lose more states certify the results of this election. There's progress. To wrap up our victory. No I'm pleased to have received the ascertainment from GSA. To carry out a smooth and peaceful transition of power. Sar teams can prepare to meet the challenges are paying. To control the pandemic to build back better and to protect the safety and security of the American people. Thanks to the United States senate. I hope these outstanding nominees received a prompt teary. I'm that we can work across the I'll be in good faith to move forward for the country. Let's begin network to heal and you know. To you when you know in America as well as the world. I thank you all may god bless you may god protect our troops.

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