President Jimmy Carter: The first 100 days

A look at Carter's first 100 days as president.
4:34 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for President Jimmy Carter: The first 100 days
Identical or do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute. That I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States the office of president of the United States. The Carter presidency began in the usual manner but within minutes turned unusual indeed. The new president walk down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House allies but repression. And when he wrote it was not and a big black limousine with flags flying how different but repression. Then when he was introduced they did not play hail to the G. Alan imperial. I'll be loving you always may or may not be refreshed. And when he was surrounded by little children he was not the president at all. Okay. OK okay. He worked in being the people's president say and he campaigned tirelessly to build public support. He campaigned in Pittsburg in the snow. He campaigned in Clinton in the town hall he campaigned on television in a sweater. He campaigned on radio with a Walter Cronkite president can't call it openness primary college gimmickry. But you have to call it successful changed his popularity shot way up. The first Jimmy Carter used the presidency bully pulpit to preach. The government workers. Also all of us to realize. That we are no better than anyone else. After the public in general so those of you who are living in sin of your get married. To the world at large items like within Uganda. The actions that have discussed it. The entire civilized world that the workers like if the senate didn't know what the makeup. Uganda's Idi Amin got upset over it but was fairly easily mollified. The people who got the most upset over the president's human rights crusade however we're not so easily mollified. They with the Russian. Still the president sent secretary of state ban soft to Moscow. With some new radical proposals for strategic arms reductions letting it be known he was not intimidate. It's that some people get upset every time version of stages. On March 30 Brezhnev sneezed once again and hard. Flatly rejecting the American salt proposals. And although congressional leaders rallied round the president and he promised to hang tough. It appeared the next arms reduction agreement would be longer in coming and less ambitious. Base the president also began looking at the Middle East and an ambitious way greeting that area's leaders with a optimistic words about 1977. Being a year for progress. But by the end of his hundred days talking more cautiously about the possibility of peace talks soon. The same chairman of approach occurred in the president's exploratory talks with congress. In the beginning there was no peace there at all in sensitive congressman said of the president. Particularly when he proposed cutting back such important programs or boondoggles depending on the viewpoint does certain water project. And to decide there's no good without doing any consultation with a any of this. Did this kind of practice will will make relations between the White House the congress deteriorate very quickly. The message got through and the president backed down on some of the water projects. And he backed down on drastic cuts in farm price supports. He even backed away from his own fifty dollar rebate proposal. All puzzling for someone supposedly so stubborn and tough. But the White House said it showed both the reasonableness. And a husband to give strength for the truly big battles. Like the one over cutting back on energy. This. Difficult effort. Will be the man equivalent of rule. The president's energy proposal does outlined to congress drew fire. But on them he said he would make his stand on they've been dedicated to the gasoline tax and we'll fight fought until the last vote in the congress. There is an old theory the Jimmy Carter will not be an average president he will either be a big success or a terrible failure. There is evidence in the first hundred days to support both views but most people seem to think the optimists have come out ahead. Oh yes there's one more bit of evidence for what it's worth. The president is still riding in that comparatively modest sedan only now the presidential flags have been installed on the fenders. Sam Donaldson ABC news the White House.

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{"id":46941839,"title":"President Jimmy Carter: The first 100 days","duration":"4:34","description":"A look at Carter's first 100 days as president.","url":"/Politics/video/president-jimmy-carter-100-days-46941839","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}