President Joe Biden's inaugural parade to the Oval Office

President Joseph R. Biden Jr. made his way to the Oval Office to sign his first executive order with his family by his side.
9:22 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for President Joe Biden's inaugural parade to the Oval Office
Witnesses got. So we might seem come out with a signature aviator sunglasses but not. Not this afternoon. Time now let's walk us through we expect to have happen in the next several minutes. Yeah we'll George were looking at them returned screen right now from the camera that your you're watching he's maybe a block from where I am right now we're gonna see walking down. Pennsylvania Avenue and if you're watching from home wondering why it's taking so long for him to a get out and pain make this blog it's because they're not take any chances. President Joseph Biden is the most powerful person on the plane George yeah. Neighbors is walking toward you. George he is headed this way I can see him holding now first lady's man I had to tell you. It hasn't been waiting until they deliberated whether patty would get in the car was struck by just how quiet. It was not been along this parade route for inaugurations in the past and it's just night and day I also keep thinking you know hiding things would Joseph Biden event knows he loves. The work of Brookline he won't shake every hand kiss every baby. If we are not enough pandemic joke about crime and I didn't working in a parade route picketing the bulk of his first Lincoln office and so I don't. At that moment that he must be enjoying and savoring them but also bittersweet news have. Those kind of interaction flag we see him coming to us now also of course that with other members of his family his beloved granddaughters his daughter. Look the son hunter and there's always give you another wave. Created sounds good to get close enough to ask that question there are gonna see we're. We'll finally be president. What guns and Mr. President. Not only is trying to marry you gotta yeah. Good it feels good it is not there isn't any other reporters. We don't thumbs up thumbs up from the president's. Greeting a few of us reporters over here certainly seems to be enjoying the moment I'll tell you how. Now that is. That was also did in your kids chilled by. Certainly woods and we made that point over and over again today his connection with the people. That was one of the things that you consult the Democratic Convention they didn't have to do very much work and it came to his biography is interaction with the everyday Americans around this country because he. That is who he is he lives in breeze that it has done that in this. You're more than thirty years in public office one of the things like I take note of as they do this walk together interacting with the reporters and some of the Guardsmen who were. Keeping them safe along the route. That's a typical not seeing these Americans lineup as they do every four years also though. What they've done here's a sea change the button simply by just simply wearing masks their effort to deep politicize the mask in this country as we now enter this new chapter. None of them seem bothered by the mass gates gets what when millions of Americans are doing everything in their lives to. Americans are exhausted by the pandemic but as we heard from the new president today we have to prepare for this next chapter and fight this virus every go that little chuck George. You have got a little that it is no question about he's gonna also comes cook at home. That is what I was married to. There could yes he's. Do you believe they backed by science. If more Americans Wear a mask every single day on the seniors children. It was a fight broke open DC now lives in. It looked like they are thousands of Quicken Loans from ambassador right there. Real quick to retire we find this fascinating and as they're doing this for regroup and the work that's being done by the loyal. Workers would be inept White House to change this to clean it after the pandemic but deep cleaning after the outgoing administrations. What's the big questions we mentioned this it seems like days ago it was just this morning about. Who were welcome to Biden's once they get to the White House to reports it'll be an usher that had been hired by Milan in the trunk. When consumer and just a really emotional organizations say hey the action would be. The most logical. Person to greet them at this point. Now in charge of the entire White House resident. Can't the entire weight has turned over in the space of about five hours later today will be made. For the Biden. Can only be upstairs living quarters. Tina said about a few cities not gonna change the Oval Office the priority is not going to be redecorating at this point they have much more important work to do. As we see the president manner. West executive avenue walking into the White House complex itself. The decisive executive office building. From. The west wing. In this cramped quarters. No one made flags. This is seething are talking with this for those cramped quarters already filled by White House staffers. We'll present inviting so many veterans currently Obama and Clinton administration. He's bringing a lot of a lot of familiar faces the Press Secretary Jim lacking a lot of people know her from. Her work in the White House the State Department just television and give your head conservator and many more. I married I went down swinging charging hours. What's unfair about her she was that was right below me and then she is there that was apparently. Just didn't folks. Happening right out where the president is that driveway that you see that you see him walking past. That's where you seen John and I every morning every evening on world news Good Morning America doing our live shots so that's that's this place where the reporters stand and do our TV. Kids and then you go inside. Straight shirts you. Just feel like now he knows that building he knows the staff he knows the residents. He's about to go it's walk into the snow is now in his home this immediately behind him and I imagine frequently he's gonna walk into that Oval Office. And he will have staff greet him they won't be there applauding him and welcoming him. Home into his new office. But that is his a little office. That he will sit down act now an actor Jude failed presidential bids in his third time the charm someone who's had. His first swearing in in the senate when he was not even thirty years. Think he was a center yet to a the Oval Office to sign his first executive orders as president of the United States it really is. I'm pretty amazing story no matter your politics the personal history of this man walking candidate as it is an amazing. Forty years. Nearly forty years in the senate. But now. It is his office his desks. Rented for the next four years. Seemed to hit doctor Joseph Biden. You know hail to the chief I was just thinking say anything to help for the chief is something that he. Three efforts sense of finally here directed at him a standing next to his wife and five efforts five times you've proposed that bush stayed. Finally said yes President Obama promised land seven Joseph Biden seems decent. Honest loyal. And cares about ordinary people I think this moment at least gives you the possibilities. Of America Joseph Biden a young man who grew up with a stutter. Now entering the White House is sending to the highest office. For his life his family behind him. Finish the White House. Could he now calls home.

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{"duration":"9:22","description":"President Joseph R. Biden Jr. made his way to the Oval Office to sign his first executive order with his family by his side.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75385395","title":"President Joe Biden's inaugural parade to the Oval Office","url":"/Politics/video/president-joe-bidens-inaugural-parade-oval-office-75385395"}