Nov. 22, 1963: Kennedy's last hours

A review of John F. Kennedy's final hours in Texas before he was assassinated.
6:50 | 10/11/13

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Transcript for Nov. 22, 1963: Kennedy's last hours
Last hours of president John F. Kennedy began this morning. They missed the grim day in Fort Worth the city just 28 miles from west to. -- 45 this morning president candidate walked outside of the hotel. There are -- as usual and without a cold. And to a parking lot across the street from Fort Worth hotel Texas. Blocked a planned. I think earlier in the president's -- -- was planned. -- in response to request from democratic leaders. And Fort Worth the president agreed to come out ahead of his regularly scheduled breakfast dressed as the did come -- Progress -- a thousand people. -- -- at 8:45 this morning in Fort Worth. The president the rain stopped about -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Before this speech was added suddenly. The White -- and who's been through right before the president and his speech was they've had this happen there. I'm the vice president being able to produce. -- -- -- People responded with -- warm up. So happened -- presidents that -- outside world of course the hotel dining room where he spoke later just limited. Seat capacity to 8000 people -- Bob I think -- -- we have coming up next -- after the president has moved into the hotel it was incumbent Texas and come forward. -- -- -- as he moves and two men here a little bit of the speech -- -- be described as -- last speech of president John and I -- And they hotel Texas made -- about 10:12 minutes after 9 o'clock. This morning this is -- president income. After this -- the president was presented with a ten gallon hat. To -- out to put it on mr. Kennedy who hardly ever wore a half the guys back. I'll put it on in the White House Monday if -- come up there you'll get a chance to see it. There's been -- for about twenty minutes before he went two back -- because where it was -- compassion and love field. -- bureau of the road feel this morning. -- you heard clearly the president arrived at love field at about 1130. So with -- suffer much on schedule. -- -- during -- press corps came in person now here we are left feeling shots at 11:30 this morning. -- dollars and hour and -- half but the president was pronounced dead. Very big crowd the president breaking away after the fans shaking hands with. The people gather along the central given -- their heyday in the secret servicemen and I'm sure. Benefits at the time. The -- can be proud of and -- I was very good there were a couple of signs out there. In in behalf of another presidential candidate in one. First against mr. Kennedy but generally the crowd was very jubilant and this is what really on the ground over from the president walked up. Along that long -- -- all of their hands these pictures made about an hour before he was shot. There's this sort of thing that always -- the Secret Service he can learn that. There's nothing you can do about it when the president wants to shake -- when -- She just behind mr. Kennedy. Brothers turned face -- as a veteran member of the White House he could -- -- details. President and mrs. Kennedy walked along gathered here. Shaking together enough to kick -- more than on your hands to refresh had come over the past. I was talking the Secret Service yesterday when -- -- outlining where the president would be. And they drew lines that he will not -- this money will not about it right now he is fifty yards over the line toward the crowd. Have you continues right in the middle of the problem -- our cameras this morning. But so obviously pleased drew the reception in the warm welcome this is a very gregarious personality he loves people. As Bob Clarke was followed him many times and we all know he's constantly business he loved to go -- to the people that came to see him. And of course when his wife was along issue -- -- today -- -- -- right along with him. There's the crowd -- stomping shaking hands going all along. I even chance of 1 time this morning out -- reading his lips thank you very much kept saying thank you very much. There has been limiting the card that the president has you know -- -- when we got. Calibrated. Robocop and everything from the White House when it without the -- up today because of the pleasant weather. Directly in front of the president and mrs. Kennedy governor and mrs. Connally. Governor -- still in critical condition at hospital into the course which showed the same time. The president shot fatally. This is one of the roads here coming -- love field conceivably believe without the outskirts of town mind there. And the tremendous crowd a few moments will be coming down main street that is the freeway coming from love field toward downtown. Both fields about seven miles from -- bella spends seven miles from the point. Mr. President was assassinated. That's seven mile route and find almost solidly -- -- well wishers. The crowd thickening as -- approached the downtown area and Dallas. -- One thing that made just okay -- -- contrasting valid today this is one of the friendly crowd the president has. -- anywhere along the country there was a strikingly absent. The money. Her -- -- that are often weighed in Canada. President of the United States -- he travels across the country. Still on the other two yes that's. Now coming up through -- -- street. Many of them are good -- -- -- -- you know approaching main. They've -- -- of course was that many in front of the simple. Relayed down main street two two the end of the main street which is a courthouse section of town. On Houston street to film and on elm street was where he met his death.

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{"id":20539727,"title":"Nov. 22, 1963: Kennedy's last hours","duration":"6:50","description":"A review of John F. Kennedy's final hours in Texas before he was assassinated.","url":"/Politics/video/president-kennedys-last-hours-20539727","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}