President Trump issues new 'hard-hitting' sanctions on Iran

Human Rights Watch Senior Researcher Clara Long discusses the conditions and treatment of detainee children along the U.S.-Mexico border.
28:01 | 06/24/19

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Transcript for President Trump issues new 'hard-hitting' sanctions on Iran
And. Happy Monday welcome to the briefing room coming cue from the Washington bureau BBC news I'm John San Tucci in for Devin Dwyer great to start this Monday with you. And a busy Monday we're just watching president trump over at the White House announcing his executive order regarding health care you can find more on that developing story right now at But we are gonna start this week where we ended last week with Iran. President trot making announcement earlier today he has announced new sanctions. For against against Iran take a listen to what he said the Oval Office this morning. I can only tell you we can not ever let Iran have a nuclear weapon that won't happen. And secondly and very importantly we don't want money going out to sponsor terror. A lot of restraint has been shown by us a lot of restrained. And that doesn't mean we're gonna showed in the future. OK so what do these new sanctions mean let's bring in ABC's Connor Finnegan he is over the State Department. For us Connor you're watching the president with us earlier this morning obviously a very big change from where we ended last week as we know the president. Had a military strike was ready to go changed course late into Thursday night heading into Friday morning calling off that strike but now. The sanctions what exactly does this mean for Iran. And how does is exactly affect the relationship that we faced of that country. Well John it's difficult to know exactly what these sanctions will do given how OP Iran's economy is but it was big news today when president trump. Announced sanctions against Iran's supreme leader the Ayatollah and eat higher GC. Commanders. That's the Islamic revolutionary guard that this sort of elite military part. Of the country these sanctions it will block all of their assets in the US and bar them from doing any sort of financial transactions with the US financial system so again we don't really know how many assets these folks have in the US it's been rumored that the Ayatollah. Has up to 95 billion dollars worth. In India hedge fund according to secretary Pompeo that he uses suited to really fuel the ire GC he hasn't secretary. The secretary said last year cunning and as your guys were mentioning he's in the wealth is on taxes got ill gotten is used a slush fund. For the IR GC he went on to say the Ayatollah fills his coffers with devouring what ever he wants obviously. It it's that much money that is going to have a huge impact. On him on his country have we heard anything yet from Iran. Well. A just a moment ago at the UN Security Council. Iran's and full ambassador to the UN spoke. And and I should mention their that the the US has called for a closed door briefing. Where they say they'll provide evidence that the US drone that was shut down last Thursday it was not in in in Iran's airspace but an international airspace. The ambassador they are taking a moment to condemn these new sanctions and to say that the US with abusing its power as a member of the UN Security Council to hold this briefing and to exclude Iran from the briefing. And Connor I mean as everyone knows last week was. A lot of whiplash. Who we were all up late Thursday night. Turn if you're what was going on for everything that felt like Friday was going to be. A big gay some more action being taken we've had a pretty quiet weekend and now the two folks in the president's administration secretary Pompeo. And national security advisor John Bolton. They are both overseas. What are you hearing over the State Department does it feel like any action of this sort is put on ice in the sanctions is where we're going to be for the moment. Yeah I think that's rich and I think you know we leave me may have had a quiet weekend on the military front. But a very active weekend on the diplomacy front as he mentioned secretary received Pompeo. With in Saudi Arabia this morning he's now in United Arab Emirates this afternoon meeting with the leadership of both of those countries to try to shore up. What he's calling a maritime security initiative. Dribbling more countries on board to increase surveillance in the Persian gulf. Of Iran in vessels and running aircraft that they don't have the plausible deny ability that they've tablets and the other instance. Earlier this year where they've attacked. Commercial oil vessels. As he said John Bolton also in Israel meeting with his Russian counterpart he'll be holding trilateral a three way meeting with the Russians and the Israelis. Later this week part of a long planned. Meaning there but also raising this issue of Iran and trying to isolate Iran and trend to continue. 22. You know and put this intense economic pressure on them to bring them to the negotiating table. Tighter fitting in over the State Department watching this one for us thank you Conner we appreciate it. Switching gears here in the briefing room the other big story and everyone's looking to see what the drug administration is going to do something on. He's immigration we saw the president. In one of his fiery tweet. Saying that he was going to announce a plan with in the next couple weeks to actually start deporting. Families and undocumented. Immigrants who are very rash move. For this administration been dialing it back after apparently a call from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Where she asked the president not to take a pause take a minute and now the president saying he was going to give Democrats up on Capitol Hill a chance to figure this out well. Can't he close he was asked about that today during a town hall in Queens New York hears it she had to say about the president's proposed plan. When I saw that the president. It was going to have these rate and is so appalling it's outside the circled civilized human behavior just be kicking down doors splitting up families. And the rest of that in addition to the injustices that are happening at the border we have legislation to go forward. To address those needs but in terms of interior enforcement to. What is the perk in what what's the point you know. Well I won't even go into what the motivation might be for that children are scared. It's scaring the children of America not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking earlier today in Queens New York let's bring in ABC's Lana Zack who's been reporting on this. The last several days are also joined by Clara long she's the senior researcher for the Human Rights Watch Clark great to have you with us as well I'm gonna start here in the briefing there with Lana though because Lana you in the team. I'm have been working on this for the last several days. You actually spoke to a Doctor Who went into one of these facilities down in Texas tell us what she had. That's part of I think what's so profoundly a moving about her story she is a pediatrician a local pediatrician in McAllen Texas. And she said that if she hadn't if she had in her private pat and practice came children in the condition that the government is holding these migrant children and she would call Child Protective Services that if she said it was worse than jail she's she. He tailed whom torture facilities in the seat and she said that it that it was. That it was cock and with comparable to port terminal is not that CD key officers were torturing children just super clear about that let. But lights left on 24 sevens and children aren't able to sleep in her professional opinion that has an impact a lasting impact on the development of these young brains. They're also receiving inadequate nutrition and as a mother myself this is one of the things that really. Gottesman and I think would get to any parent the idea and that. That dean babies in these facilities they don't have access. To running water they aren't able to sanitize and clean these bottles so a baby is drinking from the same bottle day after day after day with out them being washed without them being sanitized. In it is against. All the recommendations of the American academy of pediatrics. And in many of the case is not having soap not having basic high eighteen. Products not being able to base some of these children three weeks without being bathed eight it is a breeding ground to cover the key trinkets dish for disease and it in it is fundamentally beyond politics and is jumped about what is right and what is wrong in this case it is of. Wrong and you spent inductees for I think we have a little bit sound mean true that you won't those take a listen to what she said you. I mean their I don't guidelines for basic sanitation for everything a church. You know promoting Health Department. Day cares for schools. And probably even for juvenile detention centers. This felt worse than jail it just felt. You know lawless is I again I hate to be. That's what it felt I believe I believe. And we think about a I believe the conditions at these facilities are placing them at increased risk for infection. Disease and death. I believe the 24 hour lights. Are causing permanent damage to the development of their young Britons. And Lana she is nonpolitical but she said told you in the team's she wanted to go to see this for herself and was. She Coleen Rooney have a doctor running out there is she's not we've heard from politicians and politicians we've heard from journalists we've heard from. Lawyers and immigration advocate she's a pediatrician what she cares about is the health and well being of children. And she initially didn't want to go on the record with us she wanted us to know what was happening there but. But she didn't want to be part of this debate get her political debate that. In many times as in many cases vitriolic. Let's she what she saw was so appalling to her that she needed everyone to know what she looks. Let's turn that right now Rick Clara long's Claritin EU and the folks over Human Rights Watch I know I'm have been dealing with with these stories Ferris so so long. What do you see. Right now is the biggest problem in this story that longer on the team and working on just to hear that doctor. And her firsthand impressions it is quite striking. Doctor actually is that facility hundred miles down in order that is already knee and decadent among it's another. I'm not very similar children not showers. Seem. And an insufficient through. I every day in their closed two months. With Barry young children out no hair I don't know what you're getting its act you know change her diaper companies accept the other. And the older children Bernstein. Gilbert and south and I agree and this is beyond. It's a level of human rights and use that the US history. And Clara did just based on your estimates right now how many children do you believe. Are still being put. In these conditions could read the numbers have fluctuated so much hang on what we get. And the Department of Homeland Security but I'm curious just based on your team in your knowledge what are you seeing. And her in order jails are reading or at least in another sister around the wreck the system. It is embers accidents and number. Eight. And in virtually in the outer Borough are creating are. Creating new space slowed dramatically during this administration's. Initiation. I asked you investigate and potentially Iraq or people who or worse for children's. Aunt and that is actually riding horse here that many children Porter now. Initiation laughter sponsors children comports Sharon. We know in mid may are late may never 2300. Children awaiting placement. In Border Patrol facilities. To be shifting rapidly but it's not mean that airship teens in the direction necessarily. Aren't policemen in our. Use facilities when Iraq on Monday clean and taxes that are 300 each and there. I understand he recorded. At the Border Patrol is not an hour around but not necessarily shelters are centers for kids I'm on an. Alert order shall stations including I actually. Preconditions were worse. And one of the other things that we heard clarity curious and if you also witness says would that there was hands sanitized or in the facility but. It was only for the guards. It was in for the UN for the children who were there they were not given access to it in the mid that's similar to what you when you found. In Clint Texas. In Clinton as we ends a debate and Hanson. Didn't sell. And they did not. Showers and a half years is doing it hit me being where disagree dirty noticeably hurt. And I aren't game and many. You don't Clark Kerr one of the things that we were talking about here the other pages. As were seen this shift. Happening with that the president was saying on one day in between the next day he is just the constant fear. They goes through for any family whether it's at themselves Cleveland no people that are currently in this situation. I'm curious you know just for an organization like yours what are some of the services that you have offered. Families thus far are those that are find themselves in these situations that are in these facilities or. Relatives they know they have somebody maybe don't wanna this even mean things are free for themselves what can you and the folksy Human Rights Watch do. Is primarily teens and documenting human rights abuses. And working together. Many partners for EUS. Attorney and mother. I or sit there were documents conditions. I don't I just decided. And numbers. And we're gonna start trying to protect and started using our cell phones you call it is not a research to track I am in numbers. How our numbers are Stockard apps. I think when I spoke rich hat. Aaron plastic bracelet with the words US Terrance and number written in permanent marker number. Topped an apparent he had no idea how. Well but I think think they had some online viewing your came there'd actually find that child called the number let them know that. They were okay. That's part of what's really concerning about the sad by some estimation is that there are that up to 70% of these children actually have. A US sponsor somebody who lives in this is. The country right now that he's willing to take them on what we heard from CD key they say that they are strapped they are apple is taxed to the Max because. They have limited resource as they cannot care and for all of these children and they're trying to do their best but yeah. They need to be moved out of these facilities and by law they're only allowed to be there for seven. I'm they sit atop even routine and done such great work on this one if you wanna go on her website you've got to read the story that Lana Serena and the rest virtue done. The headline on the doctors compare conditions for unaccompanied children immigrant holding centers to torture facilities it is a really. Really important Reid and Lana thank you thank you to us. Thank you very much car along with senior human rights country appreciated. Thank you car we're gonna switch gears here in the briefing room were moving to 20/20. We are getting ready for the debates you've got to imagine immigration is going to be a big topic the Democrats face off for two nights. Down in Miami Florida hosted by our friends at NBC news but right now we were better for him with us ABC's political director Rick Klein. His right here you ready go to Miami should be number one you pat trouble we want to destroy all of Florida you can come and why not why I don't get. In the united citizen of last two nights in a row and all of them all the candidates or one placed twenty candidates over tonight's there any like he had not going to be 12 stage to the one candidate everyone is talking about right now mayor Pete booted yet she is certainly having a moment and trying to figure out how it is to be a presidential candidate while also having his day job let's bring in ABC's Justin Gomez he is on. The campaign trail for a belief at the airport getting ready to head down in my hand he was the rest of our team Johnston mayor Pete had eight town hall in Indiana. A little bit of morale couple days for him. Yeah that's putting had a little lightly it's been than a pretty pretty bad week for mayor week here at home. It all started last Sunday with the shooting death affairs Logan is a black man is killed by a white police officer. Yasser claims that Logan had a knife when he was approached. And it really just set off a lot of anger here in the community for the past week mere keep had to cancel some events early on. About six events in California and Nevada New York City. Then he pulled out of represented tabor high Barnes fish fry on Friday and returned to South Bend to participate in the protest and a march. And then yesterday it really came through or rise but that. That town hall the they anger the frustration. It was so tense in that room mayor Pete was really the bullseye in there that the community was going for he was a target and so is the the police chief. And they just really let out all the anger that they've been holding that's really gone on more than just me or Pete's tenure here in the city. Yet and doesn't he is still playing the head down the Florida for this first debate right. Yeah his campaign confirms that he is leaving to Florida today. They'll be heading to Miami and he's supposed to have some grass or fundraisers and for a lot one grassroots. Fundraiser and Fort Lauderdale and night so he is he's leaving south and despite that tense town hall last night. And break you know for any of these Kennedy's right. Now obviously it's tough to juggle their day jobs like mayor Pete some are not in office anymore. But how do they break out. Honest the age of ten people that is not easy. Knowing it's interesting I think about this that you can you can categorize but well all the different tiers. One way to think about it is you've got the candidates who make news by virtue of who they are just doing things we others who need something dramatic Amir. The challenge for the other folks is tipped to find a moment because this is the biggest visibility they're going to happen. And you have seen the field begin to struck by where there's only heavily candidates who by themselves take 6065%. Of the vote. So do you do by attacking do you do with equipped with a one liner it's a high risk strategy to go out there a national television and hope that's going to be your mom and the stand. King of these did beats you know it's funny because you look at 92 and certainly. Looks like. That the front runners are all on the second. It was a totally fair drawing pairing we understand was held over at 30 Rock but. For 91. Elizabeth Warren who's been slowly having this peering up and up and up. That's actually pretty good fair. It bomb if I'm Elizabeth Warren I like the draw I like the fact that she's got her night basically to herself with among top tier candidates. She's the candidate big ideas and to be able to talk forthrightly about those if there's some rescue that your overshadowed by the second night there's also some risk that you you're target but. I think she likes the fact that she has an opportunity to go out there make. Her case and speaking of the big ideas we've seen a lot of candidates they roll out various policy proposals. Getting ready for that first debate you sent the political team on a mission to tell us what those policy proposals are from their candidates. Take a listen to RE BC news and that its. Armada. CIA cover Bernie Sanders is campaign for ABC news live to center today released its most sweeping proposal that tackle student dead today. He is proposing wiping out the one point six trillion dollars a student debt held by nearly 45 million Americans. Now this triple part of a larger package that also covers tuition free universities that 2.2 trillion dollar plan. Would be paid for by installing new taxes on Wall Street including a point 5% tax on stock transactions. In a point 1% tax on bonds. The plan would also cover all private and graduate school debt. That would senator Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders neck and neck and some national polls. This proposal may be another way for Sanderson distinguish himself from the rest of the presidential contenders ahead of the dignity that comes in just two days. Even though some of them have made up their own plans to tackle on suited and tuition free college. Senator Warren plan caps that would be my household income off birdies Saturday that would apply to all Americans regardless of commerce and made. Not this is hardly different finance tackled on the subject it's been me component of hope that his. Had gathered a lot of criticism from both the left and the right for his ambitious. And expensive proposals. I'm Molly Natal for ABC news life covering Joseph Biden's campaign. Now former president got his hand for immigration policy reform today and a new iPad for the Miami Herald. In the south that he lays out the broad strokes of his immigration policy which would include congress giving citizenship to trainers. He would also advocated for strengthening and streamlining our current asylum systems me in the US. Our new technology trends Wear clothes and we're long American empire also need to address the cruelest immigration should not fight increasing security Jeanne increasing inequality. And strengthening economic opportunities in Central America talking credit quite a bit about how America's foreign policy as it relates Latin America. Fashion now Biden is sure of one thing in his that he hits the president president trump and his administration. For their immigration policy is as he's doesn't many times on the trail. One thing that's not included in items up ahead a London he tell about how he would accomplish these broad proposals. I asked buying campaign about those details and they said that more details on his policy will be released a statement. I am Sasha has it reporting with the instinct campaign for ABC news live today the governor of Washington. Really taking aim at B fossil fuel industry. Rolling out. Part four of an already expensive benefits to combat climate change this when he says on Dave wind of the news the White House he would sign an executive. Order banning all new fossil fuel leasing on federal. Lands and offer waters he's calling for a climate litmus test as well that would make sure that on an infrastructure projects. I would meet clean energy goals as well as calling for eliminating nearly twenty billion dollars. I and subsidies for coal oil and gas I really builds on a pass to read parts of his proposal. To make sure that not only are we phasing out ball bounces didn't care of the people and communities. That have a light on it for so long. He wrote up this morning in Miami in the Everglades. Right in the backyard of where the first. Democratic primary debate is set to be on Wednesday day in an area where actually they've started a few explore the idea of reeling even though and millions of people depend on that water. For their drinking supplies it also comes after some friction with the DNC is leaves hat after they rejected his push to have a climate. Centric could be so we'll see if any of that. Plays out on stage. On Wednesday. Sasha Molly and Armond thank you three very much we are all getting ready for the first degree you can see ABC news live coverage beginning Wednesday night at 11 PM that is going to be anchored by Devin Dwyer and the team and they're gonna do such a great job on Wednesday and come back for a second night of coverage Thursday night. At 11 PM and they're not going to be sleeping but they're all gonna have a lot of fun. Down in Miami Florida speaking of so much fun DeVon who usually hosts the show has couple side jobs he covers the supreme court for us and every now and again we let him do some cash and reporting so we're gonna bring him in now. For some who. Rulings today from the Supreme Court I had a teacher. I you have Wordock IA IA I loved being on your show I it's your show I just so. Break anything from this is no word I really do you. They so what happened here because this was a pretty stunning decision 63 had a Jewish fashion and a worse. A big word this is a case out on the Los Angeles it is spelled F. You see. T. There it is on the screen we can't say it on the air it is like the have to monitor lizard that I say but believe it or not the Supreme Court justices didn't say the word wow in an hour oral arguments not a single one said they didn't say I'm the decision today but they said it can be. Trademark input on clothing mrs. a story to Los Angeles clothing designer air Brunette yup. Wanted to trademark too were received some pictures of his clothes he wanted to put her on Jack and have the government trademark. Will he actually shoot because his trademark was denied because it was deemed immoral and scandalous losses he's intimately and he can't trademark. Offensive things. And today when a catering to the majorities said 63 said that that violates the First Amendment that you can in fact. Use these one Kurtz. In trademarks and their parents and other words like this had been trademarked are ready and I asked non UK Adams not happy bird that. FDI don't want to offend your sensitive version years' time but. But you can buy T shirt now wow that's been OK we get matching sizes the. Put up with we won't Wear an amount it is interesting because the court has has been hearing a cases like this before this is not the first one to come down but certainly. On a word that we can both agree it's quite collar. Exactly there's there is a big debate out there over what limits the government can set an offensive words in effect Chief Justice John Roberts and think we have. His quote he was in the minority here in the dissent he wrote that. Refusing to register obscene vulgar hopeful theme words. Doesn't offend the First Amendment he said. Those marks king and whether or not they can be registered doesn't affect the extent to which owners. Can use them in commerce to identify goods in other words you can still see the words used the words put it on your advertising all your want. He just said the government does not need should not need to register these words but as we said the majority. Cited debt that they could. This is a big case interest in case has gotten a lot of attention online but the real big case and I venerable house consensus decision whether that citizenship question when is that coming on the census. It's as early as Wednesday a crack at no later than the end of the week slump find out by the end of this week where did the census will include that citizenship question and whether partisan gerrymandering. The drawing of those political districts that look like all different sorts of shapes Ali that can be an constitution. Only because you're here and also I have a few minutes seconds to vamp com. You know every time we get to the and the Supreme Court term there are the rumors that somebody going to be retired at 45 seconds to answer quick. Anybody maybe you well there and there are a rumor is they're always the rumors justice Clarence Thomas turned 71 years old yesterday. He. You used to long rumored as. Possibly looking for an exit. We don't have any reporting that he is all lies on Thomas of course Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her health problems always wanted to watch as well that she's determined assault thank you for watching I can't wait for my teacher. Thanks very much debt and for Devin Dwyer I'm John Santee keep thank you for watching the briefing or make sure to download BBC news zapped for any news any time you are watching ABC news.

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