President Trump in legal, financial jeopardy after leaving office

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the many legal and financial vulnerabilities President Donald Trump faces after his term ends, and whether he can pardon himself before leaving the White House.
7:15 | 11/14/20

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Transcript for President Trump in legal, financial jeopardy after leaving office
When president trump leaves office in just 68 days he'll return of the world of average citizen in a world without special privileges and immunities of the presidency and while president trump has often been at the center Boris laws in each so take a closer look at a wave of a legal jeopardy could be on the horizon sure why controversial potentials self parting. Might not solve every coming legal test. Here's to us and wire. We Donald John. Problem for years Donald Trump his use the presidency as a legal shield. Raster. It history but outside the White House a new reality awaits he's an ordinary citizen. Gold stock ID we we actually had an entire revolution. Against the idea of keenly prerogative. And the idea that it sees a ball law. No former president has ever been criminally investigated or charged with a crime for trump will leave office implicated in multiple active investigations. The personal conduct from before the presidency. There are credible allegations that don't trump hasn't eased in. Tax floor. Bankruptcy for. True beat Ford and that's unprecedented we'd never had. An allegation. Of free presidential criminal conduct. Follow a president after he leads sol. A New York Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance is leading a criminal probe into Trump's business practices. Paul Vance is not spelled out specific allegations of wrongdoing. He seeking eight years of Trump's tax returns last summer the US Supreme Court said trump did not have immunity from subpoenas. There's no reason. Or at that. Presidents accounting firm may stars to our former accounting firm to resist those subpoenas anymore how critical are those documents what could they show the tax returns would be important. Out beside the stands to explore but. Probably triangulate in those tax returns and other sources of financial information. It he's been able to obtain or is still trying. A. Trump is the first president in forty years to refuse to release his taxes. According to the New York Times decades of Tribe's tax return data it obtained. Appears to show the billionaire businessman paid no federal income tax in ten of the last fifteen years. And starting in 2010 claimed an income tax refund of 72 point nine million which a times says is now at the center of an IRS audit. Actually pay tax but can listen that officials might actually transcend it gets under orders they've been underwater for a long time. The IRS does not troop morale. The times also reported trump has more than 300 million dollars in debt coming due in the next four years. On top of 100 million dollar tax payment due in 20/20 two and potentially 100 million dollars more. He loses his refund battle with the IRS he amounts of money 400 million dollars is a few. Know when it's a burger law. And Aaron our investigations had nothing to do with politics but more in Peru quit G. Their aggressiveness. In seeking additional information. Is indicative of all the seriousness. With which they're treating the allegations and all there are conviction. The investment of resources will prove work why. Legal experts say truffle soon likely face new subpoenas for documents and testimony he last gave a deposition in twenty sixteenths just before winning office. In the civil case he brought against a former business partner do. Well you simply is no immunization for a former president whatsoever. That we could actually see something we have never seen before. In this country which is the criminal trial of former president. And Trump's also facing fallout from allegations of sexual misconduct dating back decades. No charges were brought but after president trump accused Carroll of line she sued for defamation. A federal judge this week said the case can go forward. I have no idea who this woman. No woman who is also accused the other man have things you know. It is day totally false accusation. I say his lawyers are slipped the attraction in coming years. Any. Criminal sodomy between Luis and. Who searched. There's also a new lawsuit from within his own family. Niece Mary trump filing suit in September. Alleging her uncle Donald fraudulently kept her from a financial stake in the family's business the president has called his niece an opportunistic disgrace. To be. Dis inherited. TBE. Shut out entirely. From the welfare family was to be told quite explicitly. That you don't count and you are not life. As he enters the post presidency Donald Trump facing an unprecedented array of legal challenges. But one big unanswered question whether the Biden administration will pile on. I will not interfere with the just a partner's judgment of whether or not they physician pursue. Prosecution. Of anyone that they think is violated the law. I do believe that Justice Department will be very eerie. Pretty prosecutions that former president especially when the results of the election. Seven passes. Buying that horrible president. Regardless president trumpets floated the idea of preemptively pardon mean himself as. I'd rather that. Myself a right not spelled out in the constitution and never tried before. It also does not apply to state investigations. But the criminal probe in New York. Criminal cases and Mara who similar corker are home and they're the ones are worth at least. Four. So apartment. Well. I'm himself or Clemens vice president we don't know just sensible. To exonerating him are immunized seeing him against those state. Legal proceedings proceedings now gaining steam this trumps former hometown becomes ground zero for his legal battles in the days ahead. For ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington. Our thanks to Devin.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the many legal and financial vulnerabilities President Donald Trump faces after his term ends, and whether he can pardon himself before leaving the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74203191","title":"President Trump in legal, financial jeopardy after leaving office","url":"/Politics/video/president-trump-legal-financial-jeopardy-leaving-office-74203191"}