'We're putting them on notice today': Trump threatens to defund Democratic

Kenosha and cities across the U.S. try to heal following months of protests as President Trump threatens to defund Democrat-led cities with the campaign heating up.
5:48 | 09/03/20

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Transcript for 'We're putting them on notice today': Trump threatens to defund Democratic
But we begin with president trump ordering the federal government to begin the process of DC Seattle and Portland. He claims local leaders there have allowed quote lot list protests this is Joseph Biden is set to visit Kenosha Wisconsin today where he'll meet with Jacob Blake's family. Mary Bruce is in Washington with the latest. It's an extraordinary political move it is certain to be challenged in court. Overnight president trump ordering officials to find ways to cut federal funding to Democrat controlled cities. Claiming local leaders of a loud places like New York City Washington DC Seattle and Portland to descend into quote anarchy during protests for racial justice. Trump tweeting my administration will do everything in its power to prevent week mayors and lawless cities from taking federal dollars. While they let anarchy is harmed people burned buildings and ruin lives and businesses. We're putting them on notice today New York governor Andrew Cuomo outraged calling it a political stunt. Normally. If he thinks he's gonna walk down the street in New York she can have enough bodyguards. A walk through New York City. The move wouldn't jeopardize billions of dollars in aid that could be used to help recover from the pandemic. Trailing in the polls the president has been eager to change the subject casting himself as the law and order candidate I am your president of law and order but his opponent Joseph Biden says trump is only making the unrest across the country worse. On wooden incites violence. I can determine when occurred in his first campaign trip to the key state of Wisconsin today Biden will visit with the family of Jacob Blake shot seven times in the back by police something trumped did not do when he was in Wisconsin earlier this week. We gotta. Keel got to put things together bring people together and so my purpose in going will be to do just that. And when asked did the officer involved should be charged. I think we should let the there's judicial system. Work its way I do think there's a minimum need to be charged. Campaigning in North Carolina Wednesday. The president who has been baseless we sowing doubt about mail in voting suggested voters try to vote twice which is illegal. So let him send it then and let him go vote. Head of this system is as good as they say it is then obviously there won't be a live out David isn't tabulated they'll be able to vote so that's still way it is and that's what they should do. Under the battleground states law convincing another person to vote twice is also a felony. The attorney general then trying to explain. It seems to me what he's saying is he's trying to make the point. That. Could be it is the ability to monitor this system is because it is not good in the NFL was so good she tried to vote a second time you would be caught. If you voted in person. Now both candidates are stepping up their campaigning but in starkly different ways take a look at this Joseph biting yesterday speaking with reporters maintaining. A strict social distance while the president was down in North Carolina talking with his supporters who are tightly packed in standing shoulder. To shoulder many with out masks the president though. Kept his distance Diane. Primary Bruce forest in Washington thanks Mary. And arrange size on the ground in Kenosha Wisconsin as Serena want to talk to them about what's going on there have you seen. Any changes there since president Trump's visit. Good morning Diane you Italian there haven't been any of those tense clashes. Since a last Tuesday a lot of people I spoke to over this weekend during that big protest that happened here. They never had this in for trump and biking is politicians in general to come to their statements that he really want to focus on their own healing. Even the State's own democratic governor said he felt the Trump's visit would hinder healing. He said it was a wake critical resource is from people who need is here is the most but look we NT that in the last two days there had not been any of those. Those violent those tense clashes. And you even some of these businesses that were initially boarded up but we're closed we're seeing them starting to reopen an. The curfew has been lifted and that is not expected to change. I look good to see at least some progress on that front there missourian and also Joseph Biden is going to be visiting there today what's on his agenda. Heat expects to meet with community leaders here he wants to focus on healing he told reporters yesterday that he even has a ten to come to Wisconsin. If he felt it would interfere with healing that's going on here in the state. And then of course he is expected to meet with the Blake. Family. And I know that you spoke into the family what are they hoping to get out of this meeting with Joseph Biden. Eight what they said that they had a tough time get getting through to president Trevor speaking to him at least but he did speak to Joseph Biden spoke to the uncle twice this weekend he was enthusiastic about Biden coming to town. He really emphasized the word justice every time I asked him what his message was. He said that he want to see justice he wants to see the police were involved in Blake shooting behind bars and it's easy to get lost in the politics on the spent at the heart of this. Is this shooting what's the latest on the investigation. To attorney general has thirty days since the shooting to conduct their investigation to deal all of their interviews and still bark since at least Saturday. They have conducted 88 witness interviews wielded over a hundred evidence items. Collected 26 videos dedicated 600 hours to working on this investigation. Once they're done wasn't thirty days are done they will pass on the case to the DA at that point that it being DA will make a decision. On charges of course this is expected to get incredibly heated Diana we are only 61 days. From the election. Getting closer range shot forests in Kenosha Wisconsin thanks serene.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Kenosha and cities across the U.S. try to heal following months of protests as President Trump threatens to defund Democrat-led cities with the campaign heating up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"72797111","title":"'We're putting them on notice today': Trump threatens to defund Democratic ","url":"/Politics/video/putting-notice-today-trump-threatens-defund-democratic-72797111"}