President Trump’s historic refusal to concede

Why President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn election results are unprecedented in U.S. history.
4:25 | 11/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Trump’s historic refusal to concede
Are there to give it is still bombarding supporters. Looking for money. Claiming progress and its legal fight saying things like this election is far from over and were gaining momentum. But read the fine print 60% of each contribution does not go to his legal team but first to save American that's the new political action committee. And presenter of himself has set up. So for more on this let's bring in Brandeis University history professor Leo Wright or gor professor thanks again for being here how. Unprecedented. Is what we're seeing play out right now with his election. Certainly unprecedented and recent history and and I mean that can use rate possible. We you know we've had and contesting. Elections or we've had bitter election's more of the closest to something that we seem at its recent in the recent moment it's bush or in two als and even and that moment. Eat the outcome of that election when it became clear that not this election no viable. -- court had ruled against. The lord incidents. We know that gore conceded that he did so relatively quickly so weak deed. This session we're seeing right now is something really different we're seeing Donald Trump average news we knowledge that Joseph Biden and president elect him what I'd even knowing don't have evidence and even knowing you losing in court so that kind of bridging is it is very different and Marion center. And only about a man ask you this. 20/20 LX has been called by the government's top election security official the most secure in US history and present terms trying to overturn obviously has lost. Stated Michigan is now a key target Wayne county Republicans initially refusing to certify. The vote citing unbalanced returns but I only wanted to part of Wayne county. Not certify does Detroit obviously predominantly. A minority city even though some of the white suburbs had higher rates of those under house returns that's those are the facts so. What you call that. Voter suppression at least attempted motors and interesting about this is backed other instance in the voters' passion I know a lot of people point to suck like tossing people's names voter rolls. Like you know I'm driver's license and I eased and discrepancies shot and polling places. This is an exquisite and buried knee or a boaters action like we've really seen since you know the into the voting rights act in 1960. I mean we're being human error level voters actually could be idea here is simply to get rid of boats you don't like 'cause com and Detroit and becomes a com dominant we black. Area trends damage. So how do you think this is this all affects our democratic process in general and how do we move forward from this. You know it. It this kind of thing that were able to succeed and were able to find song by Campbell. You retaining the presidency while costing out millions of boats. Impacts and of democracy in the United States. This isn't even week ride on the screen and there a lot and in their representation. On. Every vote matters. Including lack including Latino vote no boats including Asian American it is. All no matter what we're seeing right now is an attempt at the United States hostels and the boats. So the end of democracy. How do you were bought. In Milan is at the norms and I ninety. Barriers are usually end and might even car journey postings common place. In short of its smooth and that it there and we seen a lot of that lead this is I. Selection secure election that we had I you know in in recent US history we see those kinds of also I think what is important to meet me is that president elect Katrina is in the country keep a steady a steady hand and keep moving toward honest and went you know when wind it's time the electors to about December they do the right honored the boat voices of the people. And that ultimately will be the deciding factor professor Leo Wright were gore thank you as always. Yeah.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Why President Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn election results are unprecedented in U.S. history. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74326694","title":"President Trump’s historic refusal to concede","url":"/Politics/video/president-trumps-historic-refusal-concede-74326694"}