President's Day protests from New York City

ABC News' Charli James is outside Trump International Hotel as protesters gather against President Trump.
25:35 | 02/20/17

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Transcript for President's Day protests from New York City
Thank you president. Thing not my president. Rally. Yeah. Basin and on the theory. That once I'm. It's. Here didn't get. About me tentatively. Yeah player who. And Al and well yeah. And I think that it's. The only I'm here because they are not many people work and I'm in New England the only your. And my homework and that is being held here. It they. Extreme. He went on yeah you from here but hate. Right. The England also offering. Do you want him. It went right here in the amount they are pending home now. Knowing bill I'm here. Yeah. Compared. Out permanent impairment is war. Yeah. That up all. These movements were it not me. Ruth mark yeah. The rally. Yeah look at the political football but there are gold it was a big losses. These. Good poker authority decided at the table is covered in the decision and they're like hey we're busy you know. That started at 40%. Who deserves. The Clinton administration that it can't be volatile movements and their overhead is reasonableness. Though did not. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I'm and Whitney yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let's not drain and another good. We've been. Yeah. No I don't yeah. The this unique. Yeah humidity hasn't. Been in any event in and I mean by that is how different. That include hockey. I. Duncan and I'm president I didn't. Yeah. Up busy. It's true that this is only. Little news yeah. And aren't Clinton or it may. And and feeding your community that this huge news event drew. Yeah. You can see these and as. It's here yeah. Oh yeah. On it and eat the only one here and yeah. You I didn't. There is always entered. Into an inning ending home I don't with the independent yeah. Yeah. And. An okay. And the positives and let me get you have to be listening and I think the. Okay. Oh yeah. It didn't tiny that we went into the the beauty happy to you went hey I live on the and. Yeah. Yeah. We'll yeah. You. 82 the U. Review and people like it's my money. I it comes out it will either. And yeah. I think Canadians who I. I think we have bouncing. Right on the she added I'm yeah. Yeah. However here and I'm trying to see how this is on the. On the issue the US is among minority view that is. It's. Yeah. Season I'm. I don't know you know is right. But we'll hear me even. The business into being and it's. Okay if you like he's accurate it is and it doesn't look yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm 89. We eat your boot who live and learn everything here yeah. At. Yeah. Let's without their hand now we'll see a lot of you know it is on the banks put him there is hope that. Continued rumor and brilliantly that you and I went yeah. Yeah. Actually. Yeah. Yeah it was and we didn't agree that the eyewitness. The race and human equivalent. Of and familiar it isn't creating this. Well I don't want to send them hesitated. America has always been remain there and you look at the guys you guys isn't contributions of people living rooms. Relates. Now an accident I decidedly. I look at it we can't do the it's. Making its. Target and we were legally everybody in the immediately who didn't. Yeah people didn't mean he. That you and I remembered the that that little yeah. The. OK. Give. I felt like I think it is I read it and everything good that have been involved Obama right now Bradley that although even around the White House. I don't. While he's on the outlook currently in the news five ring behind the. Okay. You thinking. And Italy. And then you'd think. I'm opinions and. He didn't know the looting was cool yeah Britain he. Yeah. And okay. Yeah. And he. It yeah. Palin may finally somebody reluctantly let us. You know. Okay. Good. The American people who are yeah. Bullet in him. If you. You know. And no. Okay. Did not have my moment. It's anything but would not prevent him and I'm eating it and then not. Does this blog include business that you. A. And oh yeah okay. But yeah. And then didn't let me remind. And a million little. Related blog you bill and it being yeah. Thank you OK. Yeah. My actions have on record and integrity. Of the eighties they didn't. And he. But hey look it's another sign that. The hook us. Yeah. And the Clinton Hillary in Honolulu does that mean that yeah. Are you yeah okay. Yeah. Yeah yeah I'm down here on. The rigs tonight. Doing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah and belittling. Yeah. Its yeah. And we look. Yeah. Man and another friend of the elements that I think the movement not the end. I'm glad I'm here yeah. Create an invalid and not the pregnant around you yeah. We'll hear. Merit and yeah. Okay. Three months where you recall the the loaded. Did little good. Hello I'm. It. Really anger. Okay. President. Because we believe we couldn't knock. We didn't really didn't want nothing. And. Good luck and. Yeah. Yeah I don't let him anything but he worries me is I didn't say hi remain vigilant and Thanksgiving. Positive. I'm I didn't. And then we are. Freezer in his book and you passed. Playing not just an interview that things are playing on. Hillary Clinton Campaign though there is an apparent that ends and hello who yeah and on and yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And a lot of yeah. Infancy want and it really. Yeah yeah. I think it's moving into the U. Yeah. Cool. And you. I. Think innocent me. Three in the mirror quietly and it's because we'll. We'll certainly doesn't make you. He doesn't think the good name yeah. Yeah. When he leaned yeah we community and yeah you really. Want. Me. Homer raises new questions unit it. Yeah. Everything right will help her really well it may be used yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Please keep your community. Yeah. And I. Yeah. An. Old man. I eat cookies also yeah. And boom that. Mile tonight yet and I. Right tackle and he really. I'm and don't even really. Yeah. Yeah yeah group amendment. Yeah. I'm good yeah. I don't like. Brian thank. Yeah. Yeah. Go. Yeah. You make. Yeah NASDAQ anything yeah. It's great. They're we regularly even talking about it careful how much actually. Yeah we'll look at length of repealing. Concerned about public toilet. Here and you are. Leading Democrat. And his. January. I don't think times is he. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah. Oh yeah I. What parent wouldn't be where and who need help there. Including his the only yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The Aaron our generation and what new movie. Yeah. An injury. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. Pretty. Yeah thank you yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Engineer on an out. The yeah. Killers and who is coming home damaged and human. And I think. The windsors Keenan. Election. And when you're not really do. There really anything really really. Millions. Yeah yeah. We can't paint and anger and I knew who I mean and lean like UY August 8 and remains hanging on line. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Differently yeah. Our tax. I don't know what else payment you can handling only an inning reliever and it's really it's. Immediately. Turned. I learned. Opening yeah. Yeah. Friends and only. Okay let me. Here. Nothing can. And it's. Neat us. Me yeah. New lawyer. Yeah. And yeah. Yeah. Team yeah. Yeah. Can yeah you're really doing here yeah. Yeah. Monday yeah. Yeah Mooney who do. You really. And yeah. I need to write yeah. Yeah you love. It's. Right here three. Yeah. You're feeling Hayley yeah. OK yeah. Monahan apparently. Yeah. And we'll yeah. More young niece and I'm here and I. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah here but then when it's. Stream in. Oh okay every little bit it's. And the yeah yeah. Yeah yeah I'm down in its OK here. I. Yeah. Okay. Amazing. The U. Okay. Instead he and then you're okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Named yeah. Yeah. Dressed in my. The questions I was taken and that's why. Yeah yeah. Ingrid as people thought it. They're and onetime head hunting and patient on. Want to just let them all the reason why. Dangerous and it's strange because they're dangerous yeah everybody's going to be paying attention and Democrats like yeah term. And we can't do that minimized. Administration. Tired and he public and congress cut their past. Electing a client and then we'll have an Atlantic. And the shelled jamming thank you. Okay. Here at the end of then. And in the end here and another in. Starting bringing down here in the 63 street can't hear the program that much down here and know that sounds like. We'll have been hearing that the crowd here we go on the ground into inning. Doing and chant that creating your. Yeah. And down here this spillover in. Our current currently there right behind the market there continues to eat Torres. This is enjoying the day off. Here in the park crowd carried going around with an off yeah here. In view park last. What is really complain. The yeah me. Oh yeah. And. Here Pennsylvania yeah. I went well and yeah. Spontaneous yeah. Eight organization behind them. Today here. In entirely I moments here. And it came together very giving yeah cinnamon didn't didn't. Leniently. And Colin. Or. The president paying. And yeah. It's. Good. Here.

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{"duration":"25:35","description":"ABC News' Charli James is outside Trump International Hotel as protesters gather against President Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45617440","title":"President's Day protests from New York City","url":"/Politics/video/presidents-day-protests-york-city-45617440"}