Protesters Gather During Inaugural Parade

ABC News' Charli James reports from Washington, D.C. where protesters are gathering during inaugural parade.
16:24 | 01/20/17

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Transcript for Protesters Gather During Inaugural Parade
He's back here in Washington DC. Students wearing K street thirteenth and fourteenth street and Ali that limousine being lit on fire right here behind the police. Please really came on in part to hear that area and you see right here creating a parent came home on them manor where. Human being as funny side. But that has not stopped the protesters from getting right up here on this line. Right here just feet from each other. Right. The sealed comment. So far it. Pretty calm right here. Let a lot of people and one people still coming up. And joining the crowd some of them are protesters some people want lots and others are actually some supporters that are leaving the parade festivities. And we'll see people in that make America great hands mix. As well congress and walk around and give you an idea what it looked like now if things did get pretty. He did. In this area right here definitely. After a limousine that had been previously just nasty. People were standing on it that's the moment. And it was lit on fire and really. I don't blame and that is when the police and firemen. Shut down an area. You can see it's sold it is all they hear making seven. Through that area. Hanna is actually right in front of the Washington. Post office. If we want to. And then. Scene of protesters here. I'm happy there's been going around. All day. I'm certainly going down here down. You see here what trash can mean. A number audience violently. 68. And holed up in the street lamps lit on fire here people burning trash burning pavement. And no one really not people aren't going to make her victory as its head and earning. So people congregating near right. They're standing. And then also down here on fourteenth street as well we'll lockdown parents. Behind you might be hearing some music in the background and not start it up. Maybe a little less than an hour ago. Some sort of contact thing on here. It's protests. So there's still a few hundred people out here is. In the square but everyone comes to read out. Across the clock on K street between thirteen fourteen. We're live from the White House. Around the block from where some of the inaugural balls will be dying on. Nice. Here we can see another one of those trash cans and lit on fire. People surrounding him. And I'm here I'm. Okay. We. Okay. There are busy in Vietnam then. It's. Well organize. Now we've got them. Sitting in the middle then expect from him. Retirement my time. Please don't care. That it. I look. Okay. Men now. Okay. Yeah. I. They've electric. Look like that I didn't even lit up again and that means that's. News. Now this intersection hearing KM fourteen. Terrible pain people moving away event from. I'm. Let unveiling few. And I am. Only here at fourteen. I didn't let up again it's unknowingly. Let people are growing more. They've seen some of them. Paper yeah. The. They are wondering. Okay. And if you're just joining us now I am looking at the scene fourteen. Okay here in Washington DC and tonight president Donald Trump protests from higher there. And that's what. The plane's maintenance plan on fire. In the middle of the street here. Otherwise time they have few hundred people. Gathered in the area around this plan. Protests in. Very positive signs for various things but all. And tonight from protesters.

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{"duration":"16:24","description":"ABC News' Charli James reports from Washington, D.C. where protesters are gathering during inaugural parade.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44936424","title":"Protesters Gather During Inaugural Parade","url":"/Politics/video/protesters-gather-inaugural-parade-44936424"}