Protests Heat Up Outside Republican Gathering in Philadelphia

ABC News' Josh Haskell is with the protesters gathered outside the Republican retreat in Philadelphia, where President Trump has just concluded his remarks.
19:00 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Protests Heat Up Outside Republican Gathering in Philadelphia
We're live on the streets of Philadelphia right now that's a protest happening with the GOP retreat to behind those barricades over there and I'm also just if you sense of where and that's Philadelphia City Hall right behind me all the roads in this area have been completely closed all day not just because of protesters. The president of the United States Donald Trump. It was here he spoke. In was inside for about two hours just left about twenty minutes ago the prime minister of the United Kingdom's recent days inside. Peyton Manning is speaking tonight who remains there speaker of the house Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell a number of holly. Imported leaders for the Republican Party have all gathered here. And as I mentioned so have protesters there was about a thousand total that I've seen on the street so far this group is about 250. Something that it's interesting that just happened within the last few minutes. A man came up there he's at the front he has agreed sign it says that liberals. Is it disease. One of the protesters to acknowledge that Donald Trump is our president. He was screaming president trump the protesters. Acknowledged that Donald Trump didn't lose the popular vote so there's a shouting match and now that it. In the forefront of those protesters over there and you basically have 250 protesters person with strong supporter they're very loud right now that's the scene. And protesters kind of continue to. Converge on this area they're coming from. All of the streets here that are closed down and talk with the protestor trying to put this daily mole in the context for us and can't tell you little bit more about what's been happening. I guess yeah. Online. Came the area right Josh Haskell he. Live right now on the jury doctor exceeded crowd here protesting. Viewers' favorite. Here. The affordable care. That's cracks a number of my right. None of the Affordable Care Act it's primarily. Personally. You know people who are home helped paint and are not able to look forward answer otherwise don't like Medicaid I've diagnosed. Marion and yeah I'm dying yet only answer my aunt. Numerous patients had a guy and he's not pirate. Phone so I think it's really really important working more convenient to have access compound. Syria not sure you're aware about that GOP retreat going on right behind those barricades a big part of that today's to come up with a replacement. World bombing. All right next to you this morning we'll repeal no doubt about does that concern you. Send me in terms of the wild hair might. And have accidents and I carefully. And so you're out hearing you have your cell lines mirror. Joined by some of your colleagues. This mess. Share this message and other. No Republican leadership know that obamacare is helping your patients. You know I'm here I vote I encourage my. I donate to politicians that support access to health care and and frank rightly. I know that they play and good days this isn't instantly and earnings. Instilled. Right corporate Obama left off him or spoke to leaders his own party saying he. Tell the stories. Of your constituents who can help by walking get out there have been many rallies like this. Skating. I'm very concerned it may not yeah and we're winning everything we can't help again. Getting this right Jason. Yeah it's me I'm just had yet to dance scene. Many many people I'm sharing their parents or eight I'm Obama can't help them I'm gain access to lifesaving treatment it not. It's really moving to see what we can do when we. I'm together to care about the well being of our analysts and then and it's very fair minded eat out of it. You tell us little about what kind of doctors York and I'm guessing you receive anything you know. I'm not actually worse work for a federally qualified health. I'm certain issues I turn Medicare and an important here. And in accounts around at university hospital. Many universities in downtown Philadelphia. Many great hospitals reason why mention candies you're wearing a. I am I Donald trumps all the longer. Now I am a lot of tea and now I'm had to be out there fighting for the final acts I want and act now and done. I'm proud to be air has applicant needs. Silk tells us a little bit about what kind of here today. And he got pretty it is different backgrounds and a large contingent of people here because of the Portland. You're getting a little bit of everything. I'm at several folks would benefit. I'm a mom Karen medical conditions treated but the announcement I just arrived I just finished drowning in the hospital he came down yeah. And you can really maybe not stories and I thought I have a young man named him on the on the vehicle and inner on the parties. And thank. Should Obama can't help track statement American. And we unhappy as he. There's no such thing as. I'm it just breaks my pregnancy. Patience is. Tell me. My name is tomorrow morning and make your doctor kitty and let's not me and mark. Turning to get dark I'm Gary yeah. I would think you guys so much talk. Other people but that's another keynote here. Taking. Great break from work coming down here joining the roughly 250. Growth. That are out here at this particular intersection we are out market street. And thirteen thirteenth and market in downtown. Philadelphia to give you sort of a sense of the different signs that we're seeing. Eddie Munster of Paul Ryan folks here not just going after. Donald Trump our new president they are going after an all Republican. They feel like Republican leadership. To get a better idea of the global character who benefited let me bring you. If right now. Show you what's happening with the close. Here with Michael. Son Michael. We will silent. We brought you out here. I'm not okay with the harmless days communism in about it. And president's room just glad he was down here speaking to youth leadership in just a block away side. Now. You want to send them I want to let them know that we're hearing a loud and tell them what we need him. It's about this protest right here lot of chance lot of later she. How to tighten. Higher about a month. One picture that that in apparently. Got yeah. Tell us what's happening right there. Want it. Freddie yeah right that I didn't actually might like him because. But it seems like a little tense. Maybe a little bit but it seems pretty good in Portland. And good thing that it. We haven't. Call it. Still there. I'm okay I. Other I don't. Now water is life Chandler yeah student you were here on. Groups here again. Heard who apparently changed and I am I. And I. But I can't thank you so what they're babies and yeah. Where do. Yeah lives. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Do you. I'm delight. I want to sell yeah. We had never stagnant. I. I yeah yeah. Because if he's not pleased. Yeah. Little ten year we protesters. Troops from supporters here towards the elections are over there's still a lot of talk about Hillary Clinton the gentleman here that supporting Donald Trump was saying. Kept bringing up Hillary Clinton you just heard about the protesters say it's not about Hillary. Back at work right now pond and offer you guys backing him. And I'm humbled some friendly and police officers here lately. And in keeping guard and aggressive barred today. I don't know if you could hear me said it's been wonderful it's been great gonna bring you back in. Come on what I. Okay. I don't just an honor and yeah. I had another question. When I. I'm. I yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. You have to admit it. Quick turn. Going back to. We're here at thirteenth and market I constraints it. Write your son down here. Tell us what brings you. Barricade eats right outside view you treat your old. Here's me every. Yeah. The money coming. They Maki. What's your sons nick van Derrick just heard some clapping from the crowd and you to start clapping here. Philadelphia we do. So how did you hear about this gathering and GO Europe's. Do lots of friends. Repairing its. Peers and help people help on the I did investigate if you. Anyone. Or any agreement don't. Trump has only been president for a few days. What have you seen so far. Make you feel like you need to be here. I mean. It's again removing hair what happening. This isn't bad that he. I heard him. I could not be seated at. Just treated like human people three. Animals better than the going on now. Well lots of questions for you is bright sun down. This election year going forward what role is he playing your big. You vote for. Your decision to come out here and protests. I mean we're just penalties. As we know our life threatening ample. Seating others and in fact and look. I'm. We're not see. You know. Partied based I'm just. Kennedy cousin didn't live another look life. We'll I want to thank you so much for talking you don't want your sons you love words. Straight to borrow but it's kinda rare that you get off. Philadelphia so. Barricades up. Just taking advantage of bad. The scene right now outside the GOP retreat a real diverse group of people. Representing many different causes as I mentioned earlier a heavy. Emphasis on. People who want the affordable care rack to stay they say it's working those doctors that we spoke to visit their patience. When it upon it doctors coming straight from the hospital down here because that you that senators and members. And house representatives have been out here meeting Donald Trump of course hope to recently announced so. By next. Live stream from here it's gonna focus a little bit about what's going on inside those meetings we've done our best to gather reporting. But for now omen a sign off from the scene outside of the GOP. Retreat in Philadelphia.

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{"duration":"19:00","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell is with the protesters gathered outside the Republican retreat in Philadelphia, where President Trump has just concluded his remarks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45070595","title":"Protests Heat Up Outside Republican Gathering in Philadelphia","url":"/Politics/video/protests-heat-republican-gathering-philadelphia-45070595"}