Rabbi talks anti-Semitism, rebounding from tragedy

Rabbi Ron Symons of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh discusses how a faith community rebounds from tragedies like the synagogue shootings in San Diego and Pittsburgh.
4:03 | 04/29/19

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Transcript for Rabbi talks anti-Semitism, rebounding from tragedy
On bring into the conversation rabbi Ron Simmons from Pittsburgh. A community that knows. Tax on houses of worship very well unfortunately. Rabbi Simmons great to see you sir. As we all know it back in October tree of life synagogue in. Pittsburgh was the site and one of these attacks eleven were killed there. How does how does a faith community you rebound from something like that how's yours doing right now. Well it's such trying to heart attack in San Diego came just six months debate. Tackle recruit white building door. And these new lights and a dog. And armed people for. New York currently earns. That this. Roland what do you expect summit on witches and services arm. And also. A larger hatred is giving more license in public discourse so that people can talk about it people print about it. Act on our job earth to eat the thieves to meet center greater Pittsburgh back to the lobby partners and civic engagement. Is to everyone understand. That on meet audit firm for. From eight epic terms of moral concept so that we can all be impetus to get. An attack on any one minority an attack on any once that meet or community. Is an attack on all of us and we all feel what deep down in. It's and take that that that that ethos one step further I mean how do you who. Carrying that that mind set forward how do you confront. Threats. Lurking in lone wolves and rats. A violent whites or white nationalism and white supremacy how how do you do that. So I'm not an expert or law enforcement and I don't claim to be anyways all. What I do clay game to dabbling. In the ability to commit people's one another. And to help them understand but just because someone looks different and you. Or praise different and you. Or low gripping you or lives in an Akron neighborhood they knew or comes to our country of origin venue or ethnicity they knew that doesn't make a difference. That we are all its one another whether you believe that that is a god given. Connectedness. Or that is simply are shared and earn. Residents of the United States of America we have a responsibility. To ensure that we can clear support each other our belief. That the more that we spread that message the more exposure. The more attitudes will change and the more the behaviors will change its. We have to be sitting down at peoples with people who come from different places. In a what shall. Virtually. Emotionally. And physically from aux. I'm well said. I you mentioned that national discourse earlier how what are your opinion on Washington and politicians right now. He like you're getting adequate response aura had even more in the politicians are exacerbated his problem. Well we all know that a port. I'm the weight system is supposed to work. Is that the people that we harder to represent us in Washington DC and in our state capitals are. Our local city capitals. Ports will be doing the work of the people. I'm all right would encourage. Every lawmaker on every local no matter or political their court and Ortiz. Stand up and not only to see the right words at the rights aren't. But should begin to pass the legislation. That is going to ensure that. People can be seek. Can be emotionally say can be economically say thank you because at least. Reverend Ron Simmons thank you so much chef for joining us from for those very poignant thoughts important thoughts.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Rabbi Ron Symons of the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh discusses how a faith community rebounds from tragedies like the synagogue shootings in San Diego and Pittsburgh.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62713514","title":"Rabbi talks anti-Semitism, rebounding from tragedy ","url":"/Politics/video/rabbi-talks-anti-semitism-rebounding-tragedy-62713514"}