New record number of immigrants stopped at southern border

More than 109,000 migrants were apprehended or deemed inadmissible at the border in April.
4:01 | 05/08/19

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Transcript for New record number of immigrants stopped at southern border
New record number. Of immigrants showing up and stopped at the southern border was just released by the trump administration here it is. 109000. Immigrants were stopped trying to aunt in the United States in April alone that number. Has now surpassed the entire total of the year last seven months and also every year since 2009. I'm really big deal join number immigration reporter a quick known has been tracking all this from the beginning Quinn. That's really a shocker. And in GQ do you get the sense that win that is the services that number sort of resonates throughout this town that did it may prompt some action. Well it's definitely a milestone as you said it's though we've now surpassed the total for all of last year and every year in the past decade. So it's that it is CBP is taking this very seriously. And they're trying to respond best they can but as we've been reported on this show before. It's the nature of the people that are coming across that are presenting themselves and making a silent places cases that's proving such a difficulty. During the Bush Administration we did see a large number. Primarily Mexican nationals crossing the border. And now we've got a lot of CBP is using countering a lot of families and children that are coming across. And they of course require a lot more resources to handle and eventually process and encode go through with their immigration cases. Robert Conchita crews and the conversations she's with the asylum seeker advocacy program a group that. I've got a lot of outreach with families and immigrants that are Seeking Asylum in the United States Conchita great to see you joining us from New York. Why is it that so many people continue to come continue to show up at the southern border. Despite. President trumps bluster of the troops sent there the threat to send people back it's just stunning that the numbers continue to climb on his watch. Well this administration has attempted to deter a Central American asylum seekers from seeking refuge at the US Mexico border but. What elected officials need to understand and government officials need to understand is that. Families who are seeking refuge in the United States are fleeing because. They don't feel that they have an option. If they were to stay in Central America they would die and so they have to go up they have to try to seek refuge not just for themselves. But for the children that they are taking care out for their families. And so a silent seekers are fleeing Central America may be because. They have been witnesses to murders or because gang members have tried to recruit them or a child to join a gang. And then when individuals. Don't do what they're told by drug traffickers or gang members. They end up having to flee because the obviously if they were to stand Central America they would be murdered that's what they're hearing back from gang members from. Individuals and their communities they're seeing it for themselves when people don't listen to. Gangs when they don't listen to transnational criminal networks they're celts and so they don't want to see that for themselves and they don't wanna tune up for their children. In a senior since Conchita based on in your contacts with a lot of these migrants that the situation has been getting worse just in the past year down in Central America. The situation is not getting batter and so what has happened is that as individuals are coming to the United States. Met other individuals and Central America are becoming targets so. If one individual leaves because they didn't want to join a gang or because they refuse to pay extortion to a gang more because they witnessed a murder. And comes the United States may be the annual target another family member where the gang will go after someone else and so. What's happening it's not so much that it's getting works as much that it's not getting fatter and individuals who are taking care of children in Central America. Watson actually protect those children so whether it's a grandmother who is taking care of grand child or an aunt an uncle taking care of a niece and nephew or mother taking care for child. Individuals feel that they need to protect the people and their care and need to bring them to safety and this is the only way that they they can.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"More than 109,000 migrants were apprehended or deemed inadmissible at the border in April. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62916262","title":"New record number of immigrants stopped at southern border","url":"/Politics/video/record-number-immigrants-stopped-southern-border-62916262"}