Rep. Deb Haaland discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren's debate performance

Congresswoman Haaland tells ABC News Live, "I believe in Elizabeth Warren," and in Warren's vision for America.
2:22 | 10/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Deb Haaland discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren's debate performance
How do you think Elizabeth mourned its nice she shuts your heat tonight got to do great Russian held her own. I thought I did she believes in what she's talking events she believes in her plans she believes. And net her ideas for our fighting for working families dreaming big and fighting hard. And I think they came across very clearly tonight rivers. Talking about this question of middle class taxes. And her health care proposal and there was that moment win Bernie Sanders came out and said my plan will raise taxes on about class let's just say and keep booted sheds jumped in there. I'm why does she stick to the answer that she does and do you think she needs to be so. Bernie cat she can reassure people that cup health care costs will yes they'll go up four. The richest people on the big corporations. Costs will go down for working families and followed suit you know she spent her back she spent much of her career studying. Why people go bankrupt in this country you've heard the story before. Why people go bankrupt and the largest. The biggest reason is because of health care costs that is causing. People to go bankrupt in this country and lose everything they have right now in my district alone. Children are suffering from type two diabetes. Their parents can't afford insulin right if this is a lifesaving drugs she understands that needs. He leaves day that those costs can come down Alaska's bridge as her surrogate continued could you guarantee middle class families worried about all this listening to Bernie Sanders that. Summit ended today the net expense to them. Out of their pocket will be less with the tax increase in the cost reductions in her plan I had. They won't be pay more out of pocket at the end of the day no I don't think they will be paying more out of pocket. You know no many can do. Never I am a parent I'm I can't guarantee anything but I believe in senator Moran. I believe in her I believe in what end in the planted she has for this country. I believe that the biggest the richest. People in the big corporations they should pay their fair share and of those of us look like myself to single mom on food stands prior did you know this. Yes Alan they regional money last representative of the great city New Mexico on the half loses more I think he source for joining us think he's.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Congresswoman Haaland tells ABC News Live, \"I believe in Elizabeth Warren,\" and in Warren's vision for America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66308384","title":"Rep. Deb Haaland discusses Sen. Elizabeth Warren's debate performance","url":"/Politics/video/rep-deb-haaland-discusses-sen-elizabeth-warrens-debate-66308384"}