Rep. Maxine Waters on whether she'd run for president in 2020

Waters says, "I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump!"
6:00 | 08/04/17

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Transcript for Rep. Maxine Waters on whether she'd run for president in 2020
Congresswoman Maxine Waters as we Levy may refer to her as. Anti Maxine and I want ask you couple weeks ago ABC news and Washington both came out with appalling yes this is it historically unpopular president. But in this Paul. Us 60% of Americans also says that the Democrats are obstructionists that they don't stand for anything they just want to obstruct this presidency that's quite an indictment for Democrats are you guys looking in the near aren't thinking. We can't just stand against the president we have to stand for something and what do you guys stand for. Well you know we just put I don't know publication. That talks about a better deal out and we attempted to describe what we're fighting for what we've been fighting for because we heard that criticism. And while it's not true that we spending all of our topic Dillon who chopped don't forget we have led the fight to save health care in this country ask. We found widely held all the Democrats together. And of course we Republicans came overall understanding goodness we're going lady zeal that I thought McCain had not only. That traditionally Democrats have been about job creation. We've been about building this economy and strengthening the economy. We've been about putting a saint in that under poor people. Taking care of seniors honoring our veterans and so we have to Reese play that. And. That's probably all of us have to opt stumble wanna bet that deals to barn they need to come up with something fabulously. Even as did what he. OK so tell me to call rate was RD useless not that I know what nothing. The guys say isn't make America great again now I did on American morning in America they get excited have been zero. I know. And some of the younger people we're talking about a bit boring title and that what what would you like do the right thing something like that's good second letter I. Dad outlining what it's. You know not a big I was saying that because of the gerrymandering which is labeled as redistricting. It's really of the Republicans favor. That the Democrats really meant I'd even win the 2018 because of where they are. Yeah but what do you do about that. Well first of all you know President Obama. Is leading the charge to deal with Jeremy and drag. As an Exelon. And so it requires a lot of research Belichick Dana Edwards center but we're not. Thinking that nothing has to be done. About German drug and we are not afraid it. That the content you're bedroom we can't which we're going into Republican districts. We have forgotten they are Democrats who live in minute these Republican district who have not been touched at all to what he. Years and we are going in just as we've done with the town on the not good don't forget with the town halls we've gone into Republican district with educated them on what that anything it was all about because we have people saying well I like the eighteen day but Cadillac Obama can't they did note was one in the thigh grading. Do the right thing for yourself and your neighbors saw a lot like that. I thought they could people are self interested they believe there are communications director but again. Does your records I hated they would understand rumors that he might run for president in 22 money on hearing here and then is there anything you want to make an announcement here today firmament. That's simply a role that everybody. I I'm not running for anything except the impeachment of job I'm. I think emphatic view let's talk about heated exchange you batting with the Treasury Secretary Paul yet the Internet went crazy. The mean does not fly and did you think that moment would blow up as big as it alone not at all as a matter of fact I'm so surprised. About the way the Berlin eels in particular have connected with me. And it's is it I think I think they. Afraid that if you have been in service public service and over that what I find you its head and now you're being rediscovered and it's wonderful did you actually. One thing that I saw what but gospel clip of recently claiming Mike time and I am yeah. Take a look at. Oh. Really. I said I can't believe first of all that he's a good thing you eczema. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

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{"duration":"6:00","description":"Waters says, \"I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump!\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"49038545","title":"Rep. Maxine Waters on whether she'd run for president in 2020","url":"/Politics/video/rep-maxine-waters-shed-run-president-2020-49038545"}