Reverend Jesse Jackson Delivers Speech at the Democratic National Convention

The civil rights leader declares "when women win, children win."
6:35 | 07/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reverend Jesse Jackson Delivers Speech at the Democratic National Convention
Thank you. Thank you very much. Not a stand proudly support the next president would run and please Hillary Rodham Clinton. Let me also congratulated burn defendants put in the death in this campaign to invite you both. The burn. Must never broke cold. Oh. Home to the wants where hang in the balance. Low most abound even more. We're feel bound hope most of battle and even Malone. In this pharmacy is a violent campaign rhetoric. Were called to be spent in the face all the whirlwind. Of the total wall Plummer goes so. We'll look at the choice. Ticked down walls separate and field and hundreds of hope and unity. Love most appropriate and what's. And three. And hatred and violence. We love on the one victim rolling filled anonymous who live behind we've learned. Survival Pope must now learn to live together as Brothers and sisters. I might feel good decades ago in the bill of Arkansas. Delivering the group but fixable will people who built of that region. We brand her trust it. And tested and track. Hillary can't be trusted to report in the press supreme court. Of skilled administrator in including Amanda played Lex of the Tom Kane. Can be trusted to bail assault weapons. To Iraq where that the the killing fields. What went through all the shots in Chicago with the Kia. Know that the women took the field this year alone. Abandoning these assault weapons now. You've been trusted saw a little more progressive platform. Up bought has ever had. She'll never get out pain she will never forget. NAFTA bell for the Colombian people feel illiterate. More blacks incarcerated and relatively college yes god that must be a change. He'll understand they've brought the mention of of the activated. Holt went from of the black lives Mather. She's no fuss because a mass suffering. Improve on mock in democracy brown called them sterling. And both them and they'll lose the students of young black men must stop. We deeply regret the killing a police officer who toppled assault weapon. Beirut later in the mouth flew both beliefs should still alive that they. Ban assault weapons now. We must use reconciliation. Over television route Vince today. In Southwick and we can trust children about consult. I have spent and they Booth. We've shipped without them out the border with Mexico but I'm they revived her own label. The trip more Mexico that would do well China and Japan every day stop insulting Hispanics. Stop insulting Muslims now. We depressed and not the Mathieu port fifteen million people and disrupt our family is now. There's ran African trade and development. To support his struck the black colleges. Group wanted to percent of op collected the bills come from and pictures and the load is. So Brad and delivered though myth that President Obama. More adult he came over we lost. Given the thousands that we have now also singled off. A single month since what rock has been president. Joseph Slade that drive the empty the hope alive. We'll never lost the battle that we followed. Never won a battle that's involved. That's proved again that night they the point 88. We built a winning coalition on the rainbow coalition. Reds again topping may have the bulldoze. This of the bill doing. Someone out the window loans and the primary and now we've begun the primary if that was his. Super Bowl time as mobile way it is suitable bowl time if another day. But we're at ranks where they deported do the very. Few blacks register and vote in great numbers progressive. Whites win. It's always do when. They're blacks in the back Hispanics voting great number of women win. When women to win that showed little win. Would women and showed little wind muddled win. We must all come together and the wind and fight the whole. We broke off well but not backer of Rea this land is land. We all come together. Red and yellow brown black and white. Repressive God's sight. It's healing time. His whole time. It's Miller time. I know it gets stopped some time. But the morning comment. The law does not lie and now salvation. Whom Shelby Brea. Don't let opposition break through spirit. It's healing time. Is hope time. It's still her time. The privilege says that my people. Will call Obama named. Well I'm themselves in glory and seek my face. And her and delivered to wage then I would give them bread and forgive us live and heal the land it's healing time it's poll. It's no good time it's healing time. Is well planned it's no good time. It's healing time it's both. It's still good time. If stealing time this whole time if you Olympics without another good healing time is well. It's no good time. It's healing time is both. If you'll have time people who love government.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The civil rights leader declares \"when women win, children win.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40939003","title":"Reverend Jesse Jackson Delivers Speech at the Democratic National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/reverend-jesse-jackson-delivers-speech-democratic-national-convention-40939003"}