Richard Nixon: America Must 'Reduce the Hatred'

Nixon says that Kennedy's death is "the final chapter" in the president's "profile of courage."
3:00 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for Richard Nixon: America Must 'Reduce the Hatred'
President Kennedy yesterday. Broke the title -- latest chapter in his profiles -- -- The day millions of people throughout the world are trying to find words. Adequate to express. Their grief and their sympathy to his death. The greatest tribute. We could all paid to his memory. Would be in our everyday lives that do everything we possibly can. -- -- -- -- hatred. That drives men. Terrible --

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{"id":20637582,"title":"Richard Nixon: America Must 'Reduce the Hatred'","duration":"3:00","description":"Nixon says that Kennedy's death is \"the final chapter\" in the president's \"profile of courage.\"","url":"/Politics/video/richard-nixon-reacts-president-kennedys-death-20637582","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}