Rudy Giuliani bashes Stormy Daniels at Tel Aviv appearance

President Trump's personal attorney didn't hold back in his criticism of the adult-film star.
4:37 | 06/06/18

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Transcript for Rudy Giuliani bashes Stormy Daniels at Tel Aviv appearance
Well at this percent of out Lehman. But I went blood within about my little women. What's about when I read up and I respect women I love women. I have a daughter that you want to of course he does is done out does expect Lehman. Go ask his daughter Eva Ibaka. Don't ask me if they get a woman so I can't talent yes of course he respects women and on for thirty years these are true gentleman. His daughter is one of the most important things in this life. He loves -- Haniyeh and he has a great relationship with his formal ones which I can't say about everybody. And with that shows is even validates separated. At happens unfortunately in modern world they have great respect each other. Those children wouldn't be the way they wore if he and Nevada. Didn't respect each other fees in respect you. And all of this. You've heard nothing. From his ex to ex wives nothing bad about not at all angles but DeLeon and we liked the only then Ian. All. Very very credible source. Army. Stormy the porn star every porn person can't be a star. I never heard of before. Now I don't really look at warned please get that down I don't look. I would say that. The debt that's about the same credibility as her lawyer. Who bases got thrown out of the case. I don't trust I don't police don't you know we can ask an adult or I don't know. So at least army I don't believe but if you don't believe how come it was money paid. To her to keep her silent because I've done that I've done that for clients you you send a money was repaid by the president's going to lose federal cases. You settle cases. To protect people's reputation whether it's true or not because if she said it actually had people will believe it whether it's true enough. Can I settled I settled cases for companies. When I know. It's not true. But I know if we go the full limit it may cost ten times as much to one liked it when that no. Do I do it because it's practically right yes so you can't find case. Different situation lawyers haven't done. That's the part that's hard to explain to people. And I would tell you by the amount of money that was paid tells me it's not true. If she had acts. Claimed to be true. Should've gotten millions not hundreds at a 140. Roger totally out expects. We can that's just like nuisance. Things get get rid of it can you tell us. We've seen them online and hearing Israeli move very impressed by her gracious man Aaron her. You know such elegant and really. Comity and kick out of how does she feel of those days we've all the stormy Daniel fair is going on in the background. And she's nuts. Spent enough time I can't speak for four. Narnia. If you your personal friends I I am I've. She believes in a husband she notes on true. I don't even accuses slight suspicion as to when you. Student when you look at stormy ankles. I know Donald Trump and and it him look at history wise right beautiful women classy women. Women of great substance on. So I think she would ever expect them if they gently. Yes I respect points or. Don't your respect point stars what do you think at a sports stars desecrate when do you think that porn stars don't respect women. And the efforts sell their bodies. So yes I respect all human beings. I even have to respect you know criminals. I'm sorry I don't respective points are the way I respect a career woman or woman of substance. Or a woman who has great respect for itself as a woman. And as a person and isn't gonna sell her body for sexual exploitation. So stormy you want to bring a case let me cross examine. Because. The business you were in entitles you to know. Degree of keeping their credibility any any way and secondly I explained to me how she could be damaged. She has no reputation. Governors tell your body for money just don't have a reputation. Maybe all fashion.

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{"duration":"4:37","description":"President Trump's personal attorney didn't hold back in his criticism of the adult-film star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55699653","title":"Rudy Giuliani bashes Stormy Daniels at Tel Aviv appearance","url":"/Politics/video/rudy-giuliani-bashes-stormy-daniels-tel-aviv-appearance-55699653"}