Sanders highlights health care plan after debate

Sen. Bernie Sanders explains the key differences between his proposed health care plan and other Democratic candidates' plans.
5:53 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Sanders highlights health care plan after debate
And welcome to the ABC news bud post debate show live from Houston we are inside the spin room right now with our power house panel and one special guest you just up the debate stage but still going strong right now senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont. -- Sanders tonight eaten try to make a clear difference between you would Vice President Biden you can dribble to do that. Well I hope so funeral Joseph was a good friend of mine. I liked him very much she's a very decent human being. But Joseph and I have a very different voting record and a very different vision for this country. You know Joseph voted for the war in Iraq on vigorously oppose that. Oh he voted for the disastrous trade agreements like enough strength against the off which cost us over four million jobs he voted for the Wall Street bailout. Are you voted for a very bad bankruptcy bill. And Jill that's not the way our look at the world and I think I would vision for the future is also very different I happen to believe. That is absurd that we continue to spend twice as much. Person on health care is that the people many of the nation quote 87 million are uninsured or underinsured and we continue to be ripped off. Like the drug companies who charge just like for the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs on the strong advocate. The Medicare for all we all gonna take on the health care industry made a hundred billion bucks in profit last year and that is the future I believe. The health care in America. But senator Sanders were the main moments from this debate early on was when Vice President Biden pressed US senator Warren on how you would pay for Medicare for all aren't. And here was taxes go on the middle class what's the answer yes or no. The answer is that the average American will be paying substantially less than healthcare that he or she is just like a Republican to occupy our you can raise taxes it's not. When we got what you all are here to question because that's what you know but here's the other point. We're gonna do away with all premiums if you pay a thousand dollars a month putting you call them. It's not attacks took the insurance companies what would you call it. Art white knuckled attacks let's gone. How much you've been out of pocket that's gone from the chipping co payments gone. How much pain for prescription drugs under Medicare fool you won't be more than 200 policy afford the prescription drugs unity. At the end of who they of course we're gonna paper like Gabriel the major country out of the general. Taxpayers of course we will likely take the military spending he will be funded progressively the upper income people capable on the gonna tell you that average people adopting more. But they will not be paying premiums co payments out of pocket expenses they won't be spending less on health care than they currently do so I got a little bit of side. You know this is told to some. You all my god somebody's going to be paying more in taxes. Now normal premiums noble co payments don't what deductibles spending less on health care than you currently do let's face up to die every night I spoke with the help your CEO last nights and we're we're gonna talk about this. He cheesy but responsible for a chain of hospitals. Across United States and he told me Medicare right now has a problem going to 226. How do we get a pay for all that's how we appear to positions howdy to pay the hospitals this where's it go from here. We'll be repeated gym open. We are spending twice as much per person on health care as any of the country are Canada. Manner just a couple all of their people. Do you get purple heart transplant in Canada and in the hospital for months do you home cheaply when you leave the hospital you know tell me nothing not to say. There's been an half this much per person and they managed to couple pull all their people. I'm mix a little distance Ambilight the way on the my bill we've got a couple home health camp. It's well known for of that and we and a brazen and over four year period do you think right now this is a battle for the soul. Of the Democratic Party is easy it seems to be a match up which you know senator Warren. And Joseph Biden right now in this three way race is the battle for the soul of the party well it is salute battle is still whose to take on. Wall Street who was prepared to take on the health care industry let's be clear. Health care industry made a hundred billion dollars in profit less the there appetizing than he did see tonight they will spend hundreds of millions of dollars and trying to be. The C Medicare fooled so there's CEOs can make huge compensation packages although I wanna do. It's what every all the major country on earth Dulles. And that is the guarantee healthcare to every man woman and child as a right and save the average person significant sums of money and help get your supporters are loyal they've stood by you. So why should people supporting senator Warren. Over your site but only if you compare senator warned that atrocious defense all I can focus on is my campaign I have been there. Four years ago. I made a decision though I did not want to democratic. Primary to simply be a primary. In which the needs of working people we're not we're presented and I can into the primary I took on the whole bloody establishment. And at the end of the day not only tonight when 22 states. And thirteen million votes we changed the political conversation and America. So but now people ought to walking in passing fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage what they can public colleges and universities tuition free or wolf this country. Medicare for all people live to pull its now popular. Climate change for years voice that climate change. It was a national security issue people left to me ain't laughing at you right now so I think we have laid the template out there to say that we need. To take on. The very powerful corporate will be. Which is only greedy they are actually corrupt and you look at the drug companies would talk about actual price fixing and corruption are prepared to take him on final. Question you've been down the stance before do you see a scenario if the remains a three way race where US senator Warren come descent to some type of power. Act and say it's either meter you to take on Joseph Biden if it comes down to that. I think we over in this race to win senator Warren will speak for herself with feeling really good. About Iowa New Hampshire and South Carolina and California. And if I don't we feel real good with it could win this thing OK senator Bernie Sanders thank you for your time we appreciate it thank you.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"Sen. Bernie Sanders explains the key differences between his proposed health care plan and other Democratic candidates' plans.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65584565","title":"Sanders highlights health care plan after debate","url":"/Politics/video/sanders-highlights-health-care-plan-debate-65584565"}