Behind The Scenes of Debate Hall Setup

ABC News' Charli James shows what the debate hall prep looks like from the inside.
4:28 | 12/20/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind The Scenes of Debate Hall Setup
Speaking of behind the scenes coverage about risk taking we live now inside the debate hall. The site tonight's showdown between the democratic candidates ABC news is Charlie James. Is there for S Charlie you and that's. I yes I'm here and right behind me are there three podiums where those democratic candidate. We'll be standing and just take a couple of hours. The energy is really starting to pick up here in the debate on the doors and opens in the audience and every line is really explain it. They start security is also very tight here. His. Secret Service it. Every fact every pocket using metal detectors they're sniffing dog though the security is really tight here as well. 630. Here on the east where about ninety minutes away from the start of the actual debate hosted by ABC news. What did he seeing going on at this stage of the game. Our have to go what's happening inside the hall. So final preparations for just being made as break open the doors open to the audience. They were just vacuuming that carpet behind me on the stage to make sure that it was nice rest and that I have to point out that. Actually at that college chimney and everything here has been totally bills by the eight. We're going up from hanging up these light fades to this. Lovely star podium here what are people asking questions across every single thing. It brought in here and that's normally you can Fiat. Them on the side and basketball and stop normally is where we have got to click play and not Wear it today our health. But the ABC crew did such an amazing job of transforming event. CNN into the debate. And a host this big events. At times have you seen any of the candidates from using mark review that are all of it what is what's it like right in the. So the candidates to walk and is currently. Our audience end zone earlier today. Of the candidates and candidate staff came through. The debate on everything I'm not sure yet if the tenants arrived on site yet but they would be in their green rooms going overlap. Creation to get ready. And those are all pretty close to each other they're in the same area so that's on the lawn of the candidates. We'll run into each other as well down there and then of course before they go on stage they stand it caught in the waiting here. This weighing on the left side of the stage and they all walk out together so there is a very good time they're all sitting there together backstage waiting waiting to go on. I ask people lots in the debates and in Tennessee this stage they're gonna see the candidate at the moderator if they might get an audience honored to. What is people not see you're there on the ground right now and that live camera in your essence looking to tell us behind the scenes that most people probably won't picket the once the actual. Rank well and respect cantv acting. Right that it has the up final preparations that are being Maine you know it's not an hour happily at the start I don't. Dress rehearsal going on I'm George Stephanopoulos was just up flap arm. Behind here over. Overlooking the stage doing some vinyl. Records thing with with some of the contributors they. And let me put up some final these little. There is banners in front of the podium now that weren't there yesterday yesterday there was plastic on on the carpeting to keep it. I think between Hilton and all of these. Aaron look behind you honestly I was shocked most about. It was just the amount. It had not attacked in wires and lights and everything that goes into making. Green in the way and they to me they would do it looks so good on television next twelve months technology behind the go to the Nittany. Look so great. That David is partly games live or at inside the actual debate on that looks. Nothing like what if how they look like just a few days ago.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"ABC News' Charli James shows what the debate hall prep looks like from the inside.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35865146","title":"Behind The Scenes of Debate Hall Setup","url":"/Politics/video/scenes-debate-hall-setup-35865146"}