Sen. Collins: Jeff Sessions Is a 'Fair-Minded' and 'Decent Man'

Sen. Susan Collins says her Senate colleague "is not motivated by racial animus."
5:00 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for Sen. Collins: Jeff Sessions Is a 'Fair-Minded' and 'Decent Man'
In that twenty years cents we have worked closely. On some minutes used. And on opposite sides on others' in fact it would be fair to say that we have head. Our shared. Vigorous debates and policy disagreements. Through these experiences. I've come to know senator sessions per nationally. As a trusted colleague and personally as a good Fran. I can balance confidently. For that act. That Jett says since it's a person of integrity. A principled leader and that dedicated public servant. As a senator Jeff Sessions has worked across the aisle to lead important. Legislative reforms he is worked with senator Dick Durbin tip has. That fair sentencing act a lot that address the on air racial disparity. In crack cocaine sentencing. He worked with Senator Ted Kennedy had passed the prison rape elimination act. And with senator Chris couldn't sound the reauthorization. That victims of child abuse act. An area where senators sessions and I have worked together. Is in old Hosni unfair trade agreements. And practices. That hurt American workers. What I want this committee and the American people to know. Is that Jeff Sessions it's that same genuine. Fair minded person in I'm parted private moments. As he is in the halls of the San. We first came to know each other during dinners with other members of pars and it class. Where we discussed every thing from our politics to Arab families. I have nabbed her. Witnessed anything to suggest. That senator sessions does anyone out there then a dedicated public servant. And a decent man. In 1980. Largo are pouring rain hampered the senate are even dream Ted being attorney general. Jeff Sessions sponsored the first African American members. Of the mobile. Lions club and as US attorney he provided leadership and that successful convictions. Up to Klan members who had murdered an African American teenager. S ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2009. He appointed the first Africana marry and has served as chief counsel to the Republican members my friends. These are not the actions. Of an individual. Who is motivated. By racial animus. In spite of this strong record senator says his nomination has generated controversy. He has had to withstand some very painful attacks on his characters. Both years ago. And again today. With little or no acknowledgment. Of its accomplishments. And actions or at the responses. He is made should be accusations. Levied against him. As this committee did dates its nomination. I quit dry your attention to an important capitalized. To Jeff Sessions nomination. 31 years ago to be a federal jets. The late senator Arlen Specter a Pennsylvania. Was a member at the Judiciary Committee. When the sessions nomination what's considered. In eight in 1986. Senator Specter. Then a re public tender voted against Jeff Sessions. Years later in 2009. Senator Specter had switched parties. He was asked by a reporter. If he reap grant it any of the more than 101000. Votes he would cast. Out of all of those votes. Then democratic. Senators Specter cited just one. It was his vote against confirming Jeff Sessions. Adds that admiralty acts. When asked why senators Specter replied. Quote because I have since found that senator sessions is egalitarian. And while. In other words once senator Specter's served wait Jeff Sessions. And had the opportunity to get to know. He changed his mind.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Sen. Susan Collins says her Senate colleague \"is not motivated by racial animus.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44680462","title":"Sen. Collins: Jeff Sessions Is a 'Fair-Minded' and 'Decent Man'","url":"/Politics/video/sen-collins-jeff-sessions-fair-minded-decent-man-44680462"}