Sen. Cotton questions Jeff Sessions

The attorney general testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.
5:57 | 06/13/17

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Transcript for Sen. Cotton questions Jeff Sessions
Well I am on this side of the diocese. Stock at say a very simple question that should be asked. I am on the side of the dives. That are simple question that should be asked he as. It Donald Trump or any of his associates in the campaign collude with Russia and packing those emails and releasing them to the public that's where restarted six months ago. We've now heard from six of the eight Democrats in this committee and to my knowledge I don't think a single one of them asked that question they've gone down lots of other rabbit trails not that question. Maybe that is because Jim Thome said last week as he said the dollar dropped them three times he assured him he was not under investigation. Maybe it's because multiple Democrats on this committee. Have stated they have seen no evidence thus far after six months of our investigation and came up for eleven months and FBI investigation. Of any such. Pollution are to suggest. What are we think happened at the make flour. From now mr. sessions or are you familiar with what spice called trade craft. A little bit. That involves things like Cooper communications and dead drops and brush pass is right that input is part of do you like spy fiction John electoral right Daniel Silva Jason Matthews. Alan first. Today they ignite office this thing has organized uses but you're like Jason mourner James Bond movies. No gas. Heavy have you ever in any of these fantastical situations. Part of a plot line. So ridiculous that a sitting United States senator an investor of a foreign government polluted. An open setting with hundreds of other people. To pull off the greatest case ever in the history of S. And thank you for saying there senator content it's just like through the looking glass. I mean why is this. I explained how in good faith set I had not met with the Russians. Because there were suggesting I as a surrogate had been meeting continues we were right and that's and I didn't meet with them. And now the next thing you know I'm accused of some reception. Plotting. Some saw influenced campaign for the American election is just beyond my capability to on the stand and I really. Appreciate mr. chairman opting to at least to be able to say publicly. I didn't participate in that and know nothing about. Anna and I I gather that's one reason why you want to testify today in public last week mr. count me in characteristic dramatic and theatrical fashion. Alluded ominously to what you call innuendo. That there was some kind of classified intelligence. That suggested he might have colluded with Russia or that she might have otherwise acted improperly. You've addressed those allegations here today do you understand why. He made that illusion. Actually I'm the not. That's and I know nobody's providing me any information thank you went out of Canada have a lot of questions. Mr. blunt asked you if you had spoken in response to mr. Cummings statement to you after his private meeting the president on February 14 February 5 to. You said that you did respond mr. company mr. Cummings testimony said that she did not do you know why mr. coming would have said. That you did not respond him on that conversation the ohrnberger fourteenth or fifteenth. ID not. There's a little. Conversation not beer long arm but there was a conversation and I did a respond. And to him perhaps not fit everything he asked but he I did respond to and I think inappropriate way. Do you know why. Mr. Khatami. Mistrusted. President dropped from their first meeting on January 6. He stated last week that he did they didn't state. Any thing from that meeting that caused him to have such mistrust to plea I'm not neighbor of Iraq speculate on that. Turned to their potential crimes that we know have happened. Leaks of certain information here's a short list what I have. The contents of alleged transcripts of alleged conversations between mr. plan mr. chisel an act. The contents president trumps phone calls Australian and Mexican leaders the content of mr. Trump's meetings with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador. The leak of Manchester bombing the Manchester bombing suspect's identity in crime scene photos. And last week within twenty minutes of this committee meeting in classified setting Jim come meet the leak of what mr. the base of mr. come as innuendo lies. Are these leaks serious. Threats to our national security and as the Department of Justice taking them with the appropriate degree of seriousness and investigating. And ultimately going to prosecute them the fullest extent of the law. Thank you senator cotton. We have had one successful case very recently in Georgia that person has been denied bail I believe and is being held in custody. But some of these leaks as you well know are extraordinarily. Dined on damaging to the United States security. And we have got to restore I a regular order principles we cannot have. Parsons and our intelligence agencies I investigative agencies aren't congress leaking sensitive matters. On staff. So this is out. I'm afraid will result in this on is already resulting in investigations. And fear that some people might find. That they we say and leaked him. Thank you Matt time expired for the record stated earlier that the Republican platform was weekend on the point of arms for Ukraine that is incorrect the platform was actually strengthened. And I would note that the democratic president who refused repeated bipartisan request of this congress to supply those arms she ranked.

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{"id":48016903,"title":"Sen. Cotton questions Jeff Sessions","duration":"5:57","description":"The attorney general testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.","url":"/Politics/video/sen-cotton-questions-jeff-sessions-48016903","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}