Sen. Durbin says Garland confirmation 'one of the most critical in department history

Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland is questioned about what his involvement will be in the investigations of the Capitol siege, Hunter Biden, and the Russian probe.
4:26 | 02/22/21

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Transcript for Sen. Durbin says Garland confirmation 'one of the most critical in department history
I think we've been watching the confirmation hearing chaired an inviting his nominee for attorney general Merrick Garland let's during an ABC news political director client surveillance more on this Iranian Judiciary Chairman senator Dick Durbin called carlin's nomination. As an one of the most critical in department history and he's just summarized as some clarity for Democrats here including 12 o'clock on we'll do from voting rights and how he will investigate. Capital siege now on the flip side judiciary ranking member Chuck Grassley previewed some Republican priorities including confirming that Garland won't interfere with the special counsel investigation into the origins of the Russian probe. Or the US attorney in Delaware's investigation of president Biden's son Hunter Biden among other issues like lines were snapped the more what did you make of Garland. Answers so far to questions along these lines sensual it on it's also these were careful answers and I think appropriately Caracol and it suggests to me to judge Garland are fully recognizes that at the scene of the external baggage that he brings. A potentially to this role what he inherits from the drug administration in terms investigations in terms protocols. He's very careful I think I'm not prejudged any of the these cases. He was look you Republicans are looking for good it is to say that he would let. The door probe into the origins of the Russian investigation. Do whatever it needs to do immediately she says look I'm I'm about transparency don't wanna know more about it first and I think on the other side his commitment to law even resigning if he was ordered to do something that you got us. Contravene of the law I think was an important odd concession an important statement to meet again as he tries to restore integrity and confidence in his apartment. And either some big topic still left on the table that you're looking at here on him on as the hearing goes on. I'm expecting some more specific questions about how he would handle January 6 sought exchanged Melissa go with into the White House from Rhode Island Democrat. I'm asking de Carlo look upstream out beyond the people that were actually at capital up to the people that might have been behind in terms of funding for instigating the worst Donald Trump we're not uttered as part of the question or the answer but I thought that fact the judge Garland says yes of course is an investigator as a prosecutor that would be exactly what I would do I would be looking to see what not just the people who were there are what drove them to beat their thought that was a critical exchange that I think is gonna. Do you draw a little more scrutiny and I think more broadly on the Republican side you're gonna continue to each year some hits on exactly how that is how the Russian probe began and and more commitments may be more specificity. About how he would allow it to continue because that is something that he inherits a kind of a political football that was punted into his own. Arlen led the Oklahoma City bombing probe in the ninety's also played. A key role in the unabomber and Atlanta Olympics bombing cases. I think that could impact how he tackles some of these investigations particularly January 6 insurrection. Investigation as attorney general. It's silly to think as he was ass right off the bat by chairman Durbin of Illinois if he's easy pass through lines from Oklahoma City through January 6 and whites it would be ideal they're trying to create chaos he went further than that went back to the kkk and white supremacist more broadly and said that there will be continuing threats and I think it's that experience that he had after Oklahoma City with the unabomber other acts of domestic terrorism could define his time actively as attorney general overseeing investigations like that I think these are these are important areas and he's trying to make it clear to the senators who whose confirmation. Bermuda and indeed the decision wrestler Venice where there is confirmed he's making it clear to them that he understands the more awful threat as as the nation's chief law enforcement. And and in the slightly different the US Supreme Court has rejected former presidential house request to shield his taxes. From the Manhattan DA's office how significant is that ruling and I what does that mean moving forward. And this is a big deal we waited for a long time all the way through the election seasons get work in the Supreme Court is whether they would block. The release of these taxes we know that feed the DA there in New York has looking for years worth of taxes for what he said it could be a wide ranging criminal probe we don't want to be tells always looking out and this doesn't mean the public Tennessee's tax returns but it doesn't mean that prosecutors in New York. Are going to see them and do with them what they will and there are a whole lot of areas that we know that his. Business relationships have come under scrutiny in new York and beyond this is not a good ruling quite obviously president trauma it is not what they were looking orphans and or an ABC political director Rick Klein Rick always face talked to thank you.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland is questioned about what his involvement will be in the investigations of the Capitol siege, Hunter Biden, and the Russian probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76049007","title":"Sen. Durbin says Garland confirmation 'one of the most critical in department history","url":"/Politics/video/sen-durbin-garland-confirmation-critical-department-history-76049007"}