Senator Angry About Last-Ditch 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks

South Dakota Republican John Thune says process "grossly mismanaged."
3:07 | 12/31/12

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Transcript for Senator Angry About Last-Ditch 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks
We -- for a whole year. Now got people coming up and say gee I really hope I really wish that these negotiations. We'll get -- to an outcome it's December the 31. January 1 as tomorrow 2013. Taxes go up everybody agrees will be a disaster for the economy. We can't allow that to happen. -- -- the economy. What were well wait we're -- for the past month in the month before that the month before that dealing with. We knew was going to be this very set of circumstances that we that we -- today. And so I I I I just find it really hard. 22 to sit and listen to people come up now and wring their hands. And talk about gee whiz you know I really hope we can get something done here on the last day as we put two people together. Basically. Two results. Now the there was a discussion in fact her -- says well you know these these. The the people that are that are getting together the president was the speaker. One time now it's senator McConnell senator Reid a one time now senator McConnell center and Vice President Biden. But up until Friday. Senator McConnell the Republican leader. Had been consulted had been advised had been involved in any of this. And so he gets the call at the last minute to -- come in and sort of rescue -- us. Starts a negotiation the -- over the weekend and then Saturday night makes it makes a proposal. To the senate Democrats. And that was told that -- reactor proposal by 10 o'clock Sunday morning at 10 o'clock sunny morning passes 11 o'clock noon 1 o'clock 2 o'clock becomes the Florence says. -- we haven't heard back. And then the majority leader comes up and says look we don't have a counter off top we don't have a proposal. -- senator McConnell then gets on the fall -- Vice President Biden and that's now where those discussions are occurring -- occurring between Vice President Biden. And senator McConnell but my point Mr. President is this there are two people in a room. Deciding. Incredibly consequential issues for this country. While. 99 other United States senators and 435 members of the -- of the House of Representatives elected by their constituencies to come here to Washington. And to represent them are on the sidelines. Why didn't we have a bill on the floor of the United States senate that we could actually did. -- What we put something out here under regular order opening up. Allow senators to offer amendments allowed to have amendments voting not voted on. You know I might not like that outcome -- -- wouldn't have bigger could have voted for the final product. But at least we would have had an opportunity to debate this. Instead of waiting now until the eleventh hour. Where two people. Are gathered innate -- her room. Trying to negotiate something that has enormous consequences. For this country and for our economy. We are where we are. Because of this process. Was grossly mismanaged. Up until this point.

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{"id":18101439,"title":"Senator Angry About Last-Ditch 'Fiscal Cliff' Talks","duration":"3:07","description":"South Dakota Republican John Thune says process \"grossly mismanaged.\"","url":"/Politics/video/senator-angry-ditch-fiscal-cliff-talks-18101439","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}