SPECIAL REPORT: Trump orders emergency grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 planes

The U.S. was almost the last nation to order the planes grounded.
8:49 | 03/13/19

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Trump orders emergency grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 planes
This is an ABC news special were. Now reports. David Mueller. Good afternoon I'm David Muir become on the air at this hour because there is breaking news the president announcing just moments ago that there will be an emergency order to ground all of those. 737. Max eight planes or did a lot of concern about this after the crash in Ethiopia. And the craft just months prior involving the same kind of plane as you know these jets. Had been grounded all over the world including the UK Germany and France and again president trump. Moments ago announcing they will ground of those jets right here in the United States let's listen. Thank you much for being here that you open following the terrible tragedy the Ethiopian airlines crashed his plea. Tragic. The FAA is prepared to make any announcement very shortly regarding the new information. And physical evidence that we received from the site and from other locations and through. A couple of other complaints. We. Had a very very details. A group of people working on the 7378. The 7379. Newer place. We're going to be issuing an emergency order of pro ration to ground all slice of these 737. Max faith and B 737. Max nine and plans associated with that line. So there you have it presidential for the White House just a short time ago announcing that here in the United States. They are issuing an order to ground all of the Boeing 737. Max eight and nine jets you're seeing. One of those jets right there in that video there had been concern. Here in the US because those jets were still flying despite the fact that. Those passenger jets have been grounded elsewhere as I mentioned the top in the UK France Germany and and other countries. Obviously all of this fall those the deadly crash in Ethiopia everyone on board killed including several Americans. Who were on board that flight of course the lion air a crash that came just months prior we very similar descriptions of what might have happened. That brought those jets down I want to bring in ABC's David Curley covers aviation forest and David you've been reporting on this for days now. And pressure had been mounting on president trump and on the administration to do something especially given the fact that other governments around the world to take an action. There was a lot of pub. Look pressure to do something about this the FAA said though that he was basing its decision not to ground on evidence. Candidate just was the latest to ground the aircraft earlier today. And that ministering Canada suggested there is new evidence from satellite data he didn't see what that data is that suggesting some kind of pattern that they see between these two accidents the president saying that it had information from the site and elsewhere and complaints. And that's why this emergency order it's unclear to me whether the FAA has decided to do this because of evidence based decisions are where the president has ordered it. Because he wants to calm the public and take care of this there are 72 these aircraft flying in the United States of America. 34 by southwest 24 by U American. And fourteen of the nines which is a slightly longer version that united is flying and so home. All of those will now go to run out basically means the entire fleet. Of that brand new 737. Max's have been grounded just a couple of weeks ago 8500. Flights a week. By these aircraft David so we'll have some impact on airlines are gonna have to find aircraft. From other parts bring them out a maintenance or whatever in order to deal with their schedules that they have but this is a the emergency. Order according to the president and as I say it's unclear whether it's coming from the White House. And told the FAA or the FAA's decided there is evidence that they need to ground. It would but that that's the key point there David as you point out the president saying that there is evidence now leading to this decision to ground. The Boeing 737 the new Max eight and nine planes it's the newest jet the fastest selling. Of all their models and David. As all this has been playing out there's also been news of an update for that particular jet involving the computer system in the cop if that was coming anyway. Right so if you go back to the first accident which was in Indonesia you was a series of events that happened. There was a sensor that was installed incorrectly gave bad data to the computer. The computer thought it was in a stall and so it nose down the aircraft to get out of that stall. And what Boeing it done in this new aircraft was made the stick go up a little bit stronger when it goes into that protective mode. But that entire protective mode was based on just one data point. And sold Boeing is updating the software so it'll be more than just one data point. That will determine whether or not this plane gets four snows down. That's the software update that is coming and David I should should add as well. That this grounding is coming as we are waiting for the data from the black boxes and that's what's gonna tell us. Really whether these are connected these two accidents are connected or not. The Ethiopians have finally agreed to send the boxes outside of Ethiopia they don't have the equipment to read them they're going to Europe. Most likely I would guess is the United Kingdom to readout that data and that will tell us within hours. Whether or not these two accidents are related if there's something wrong with this aircraft. In this grounding is justified but in the meantime David Curley stay with us here as we continue to breaking coverage of one of the back up on the screen for viewers at home the three airlines here in the United States this affects. American Airlines Southwest Airlines and United Airlines all fly. Either the new 737 Max eight for the Max nine we know in our reporting on world news tonight that viewers have been concerned. Wondering if they're going to be getting out one of those flights they should now know the president trump moments ago ordered the grounding of those. New jets I do want to bring in colonel Steven gander to pick up an appointed David Corley mentioned moments ago that software update. After the lion air crash that I was connected to an error from a particular sensor. That would in effect cause that jet to do sort of ate a nosedive and now in this latest crash. A very similar description as of yet of course we await the black boxes. But that would seem to be evidence in and of itself that there was a correction on the way Stevens. He he would dare to think that the key point here is that the that the correction that polling is putting and it's really it is Connecticut correction this finger would have saved the lion air flight is just adhering to the procedures. It is 737 and has had three years and years and years so. But they also note about the sensor that was giving him improper important liner crashed she is it that aircraft flew for four flights without being fixed properly so there was maintenance malpractice involved. The airplane should have never gone down it to profess our culture chips followed procedures so. It appears with Boeing is doing is putting in a software fix that will prevent anybody from making mistakes. But we go back to this the at the crash and Ethiopia. And we still have zero evidence of anything related to the vaccine eight so we oftentimes politics has driven by fear and driven by emotion. I think that's what we're seeing here because beat the public's fears that sort of grown around the world due to the similarities between the two mishaps. Has brought this sub brought this to a head but there is no logical reason there is no evidence that they he had this airplane was brought down because no problem with this snack plate aircraft. Yet no public evidence yet but the president did address the fact that he said this is based on. Evidence that he has received or the FAA has received at this point not an abundance of caution. It's a cruel guinier thanks to you or things to David Corley and again the breaking headline at this hour president trump a short time ago. And now grounding those jets Boeing 737 Max eight Max nine planes as colonel Kennard pointed out. At least publicly not until now had there been any evidence provided on that Ethiopia of crashed just a couple of days ago. That would have led to this grounding of these jets although we do know that there was growing public pressure. And leaders around the world and taken this action and in several countries the UK. Germany France and now Canada today among the list of growing list of countries and now the US. Adding to that list president trump grounding those jets will have much more continuing coverage and ABC news live. Abcnews.com. And of course policy was short time from now on world news tonight told. This has been a special. For me.

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{"duration":"8:49","description":"The U.S. was almost the last nation to order the planes grounded. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61661248","title":"SPECIAL REPORT: Trump orders emergency grounding of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 planes","url":"/Politics/video/special-report-trump-orders-emergency-grounding-boeing-737-61661248"}