Spotlight on early voting in NC

President Donald Trump visits North Carolina as the state begins early voting with long lines.
3:42 | 10/15/20

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Transcript for Spotlight on early voting in NC
Win a little over two weeks ago until Election Day we know that seventeen million people have already cast their ballots breaking records. For early voting in North Carolina are early voting started today and it's probably no coincidence president trump. Held a rally there this afternoon Tim pulling him from our rally Durham station joins us now from Greenville high ten. I get any chance saw Air Force One told. Pull away yeah he had built a lead trump supporters interacting with counter protesters. Who are yelling vote him now they are saying. Vote him and re elect him so he hasn't been a lot of energy. Here in Greenville, North Carolina early voting started today it lasts for seventeen days and lines have been long people have been surging. Going to these polls are ready to make their voice heard. Outlets and officials are asking them you know put it off like they are too because we are seeing uncontrollable. Along the lines of people have time to vote if they just wait a few days we have this going on until October 31 I am. Then people who live music and having when there has a lot of energy clearly that also means energy to get to the polls but I know you also spoke to some. Supporters at that rally for the president is there overall message to come and drag you heard from the people they talk to. No Diana it ranges side struck some supporters who run the gamut so they are college educated. And they are un educated and talking with them sometimes it's hard to kind of get through. And understand exactly why they want to support him but for those that aren't able to articulate it. They say that is the economy got before Kobe at nineteen. Unemployment rate was down among blacks and Latinos that he. Really did well would deregulate sand and they say that he's doing well. With Kobe at nineteen but with the rule voter which hearing Greenfield there are a lot of ruled strong supporters it's very difficult to understand their support and so a lot of times they'll sit too. What we want to mix of heat protects the water partly about his personality they loved how he gets things done. But they don't really go into detail. But we've also seen we now know that part of come on come on harris' team tested positive with covad nineteen as well as a flight staff member who travel with them so her campaign travels halted for awhile. We know what happened at the White House the president himself got voted nineteen to hire you seem different precautions at the rally given all that. Unfortunately Diane the people that I interact with the people that I saw headed to the airport they were not wearing their mass. President stumps say during the rally that you know I do see mask right that is not. What we saw a net isn't really of concern because right now we have 23. New Colgate nineteen cases in North Carolina and that is a new daily record. Sixteen new deaths so cases are surging here there's a lot of concern but you have some top supporters that are not willing to Wear the masks. And Tim didn't really quickly what's your by the seeing. Early voting today Dey wanna North Carolina. Paul Amanda and the lines are longer I do know from election officials that they have hired extra security Jim workers to try to managed. That flow early this morning it was just a lot of people stretched out waiting. Four hours a boat which is understandable but again. Election officials are asking people it's we have seventeen days. Early voting ends October 31 spread it out and go to a polling location that she might not always go to bed may have more of a lower turnout. Thanks Brett loved him fully and we appreciate it thank you.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"President Donald Trump visits North Carolina as the state begins early voting with long lines. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73640252","title":"Spotlight on early voting in NC","url":"/Politics/video/spotlight-early-voting-nc-73640252"}