Stacey Abrams reflects on campaign loss

After losing the race for governor of Georgia, Abrams says she does "not regret a thing [she] said."
1:35 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for Stacey Abrams reflects on campaign loss
I did not become the governor George on January 14 but I do not regret a thing I said. I do not regret the campaign Irene. More than once I've been asked well what would you do differently. Nice index. With a campaign that we Ramey turned out one point nine million. Voters. 800000 of whom it never thought about voting in the mid term election. We turn them out and communities where they've never seen a candidate. And we did it in a way that treated them with authenticity and respect the value their voices and gave them a real choice in this election and it worked. Except for voter suppression. Now I ran against the my opponent was not only contestant but he was the score keeper and the refereed. And here's the thing about voter suppression. Voter suppression is legal in the United States right now. We're used to fighting against enemies that are supposed to be unlawful but the problem with a lot of what they do is they take. Legal actions and bastard died from the manipulate them until the rights that they are supposed to protect are no longer visible. The insidious nature of voter suppression is that it looks normal. We know voter fraud at the met but they talk about a so frequently some of us actually believe it's the truth. We have enough time hard time getting 55% people to vote who is trying to do it three time.

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{"duration":"1:35","description":"After losing the race for governor of Georgia, Abrams says she does \"not regret a thing [she] said.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61110367","title":"Stacey Abrams reflects on campaign loss","url":"/Politics/video/stacey-abrams-reflects-campaign-loss-61110367"}