State of the Union fact-checking and analysis

President Trump delivered his second State of the Union address to a divided Congress.
28:29 | 02/06/19

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Transcript for State of the Union fact-checking and analysis
All right our thanks to George the conversation continues right now here and ABC news live on Devin Dwyer Washington weather deputy political director Mary Alice parks where else. I give Mr. Big picture take on on this looking edit through the political prism. 20/20 hanging over this speech as we mentioned at the start of the show today a lot of 20/20 contenders democratic contenders watching this from the chamber. What did you take away tonight in its you that runs. In some ways it was an old speech to a brand new audience the president sounded like he has since she first took office. And paying a pretty dark picture of immigration in this country talking a lot about crime. When he sees as Nadine and impacts of undocumented. Immigrants coming to this country can't familiar message on tough tone on the wall but then you had this whole different scene there in the chamber. Women who are running for president already against him challenging him the historic number of women making up that house chamber. Visually striking. In their white and reacting to him in real time in awaited him experience before. Both sides making their statements tonight in their own respective ways and of course hearing from Stacey Abrams as well possibly interest you mines from her on immigration talking about the need to be compassionate at the border. On the southern border doesn't necessarily mean that Democrats support open borders also taking on the president directly. On the idea of a shut down she's called that a start engineered by the president and of course it's sort of the elephant in the room we said it at the beginning of the night. Is the prospect of yet another government shut down ten days from now. The government funding runs out there was seem to be very little movement. From the president on his hardline position as those negotiations. Get under way want to bring in now one of the guests that we had with us at the beginning of the show that this evening Maria rally. She's here from Ford got US which is a bipartisan immigration group are also a dreamer. From Peru came out twenty years ago in 1999 with your family aggressive rat one did you instant reaction. Om and you feel disappointed the president didn't talk about the dreamers tonight. Even known that it has been so much of this conversation about. Immigration and the wall. Yeah I you know I was slightly disappointed he didn't bring up the issue of dreamers and TPS hold parents but also not suppressed with some of the things I hate to elevate. And I think it's important to raise that what he's talking about this. Huge emergency happening southern port parent apprehensions are down at the lead over 80% since to high in the 2000. And security along the border is Mary Mary strong. But what really suppressing listening as talking about legal immigration and because he's talking about wanting this huge numbers illegal immigration and his administration. Has proposed numerous legislative sole solution ends. To dream artists and that legislative acts and bills that actually caught legal in the. I'm right here in there he says he needed limit illegal immigration let's promote legal immigration I want a lot of legal immigrants. In fact just in a few minutes we'll head over to the fact check desk and take a look at that very statement and he has been pulling together some of the numbers that Mary Alice. You know the the immigration discussion. We Lewis has been so politically charged it was charge tonight the president bringing in those guests those families to paint a very dark picture. Marie were saying I don't know. And I want also elevated and they were out a lot exact recipients UPS holders refugees asked gusts of nonferrous soul you can have the president who brought in some of these folks but you also that have a lot of really courageous voices in the audience who had traveled to DC. To be with a members of congress. And you really uplift the stories of the blitz and the stories of the people acts the administration has talked clearly sees value he is talking about a need for unity and I. Partisanship but Manning got that conversation immigration he tablets trickle down on the idea of the law which again Nancy Pelosi stand for her and her party is a nonstarter. In what was your reaction to Stacey Abrams message in do you think that her pitch tonight that compassionate treatment at the border is not the same. And is open borders is that something that do you think it will have some traction resonated with with you know with those independent voters as we head towards the towards re election. I think that it's. Having what does occur speak out about this and also making sure that the facts are out there about the border and the apprehensions and crossings that are occurring entirely significant issue at the American public as. While informed as to what is going on down there. All solid making sure that people understand that we're still living in a crisis where of these individuals who are back recipients and TPS holders of other impact of individualists. A living with Alison certainty because we still have a solution to the problem that that negotiation means. Increasing as the president himself at one point had talked about helping the dreamers as a bipartisan. Initiative just in just about a year ago but the presence that we can come together both sides agree on this a wolves will see if in the next few months they can. Jumpstart the star talks Marie are probably. Great to see your here at this luster I become back next year for the state of the union thinks so much for coming in thinking and or else is gonna stand by here but let me take you guys over right now over tour fact check desk here on the other side of the ABC news bureau we have a team. Up specialize journalists subject matter ask experts we also have. Very well source reporters here from. To our global affairs unit which covers the State Department and the Pentagon sort of pulling back the curtain. Here and ABC news cast that work right now checking some of the statements from both sides tonight and I do want to bring in. Our man leading the show over here Pennsylvania. I'm an air thanks so much dust to dust and special. Heads and the Pennsylvania Avenue unit and you know we're just talking ever hear about. By the immigration Brandon the president miss Lewis this is the big one today and you actually caught this view guest on how. Counted DeVon is as he's watching he's coming over to the fact check team. Telling us so we need to be doing and he's right. I think we do I think let's do you have the sound of the press land making this claim. Talking a little bit about what he feels threatened legal immigrant that tickle us. Yeah I want people. To come into our country. In the largest numbers ever. But they have to come in legally tonight I am asking you to defend. How are very dangerous southern border. Out of love and devotion. To our fellow citizens. And to our country. We're all right so too is false it's thoughts and it's false and why it's well in what he actually did theirs he had lived a little bit from his prepared remarks he he took in just one steps up further he said. I want them to come in immigrants in the largest numbers ever practice he just meeting just took it to the next level. It's and that wasn't in a prepared remark wasn't the hold up the whole statement is simply not true. Tom we know that he has admitted the fewest number of refugees. To date it's really I mean he's he's reduce that cap to 30000 that's down like 980000. From from the previous administration. We know that just last week. He is wrong with a with a small group of people his certain saying people applying for asylum at the southern border need to wait in Mexico. While those claims are processed he has shown a pattern of arms the sort of wanting a reduction in in immigration and look no further than that Supreme Court battle he just one recently this year over his travel. Nancy surrounded himself and the advocates. Yes immigration across the board not just illegal immigration so. That of fact check on the legal claims just official thanks so much and they got to get back to it over here we do now are now joined by John Carlin chief White House correspondent in our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce both of them up on Capitol Hill great to see you guys. So what I ask you about that moment where. The president seemed to incite it complete unity in the chamber with the cheering for all those women in white. Tonight sort of in ember hit prepare. That many of them sort of laughed at the president there are some some some chuckling it would seem perhaps lost on him that. That they had that taken seats away from Republicans what what was your impression of that moment that's. Do you there maybe it was pretty remarkably the president continuing that we thank him. I mean it was it was pretty amazing as it it to it was like a little bit of a two step process. At first you mentioned all of the job growth and noted the percentage of new jobs that have gone to women because it was 58%. And you started to get some applause and com. You know it and he had like. You get some of the Democrats that were determined to sit down for most of the speech look at it hurts. It includes us and I. Got their jobs and the next line was a record number of women in the new congress and of course it is that record number of women in the new congress. That led to the democratic takeover of the com. It's as presenting so many of those women of course ran essentially against Donald Trump and his administration so many of them that. Think might open I think the president needs to be impeached and of course you'll get the numbers you now have this remarkable wave a 127. Women. In congress and only its 21 a Republican. No but what's interesting though is many of those new women this new democratic women. All our of them the moderates who won in in states and in districts. Where Republicans are strong we're trump did well senator cinema. Of a nurse owner really stood out to me during. This speech I don't know how many how often she was caught by the cameras on the cutter ways but she on time after time would stand up. And applauded in times when they're all the Democrats around her remain seated she is very much I think going to carve out a role for herself as a moderate also. You had congressman congresswoman spam burger one in in Virginia beating. Republican Dave Brad she was also one that stood out applauding even applauding as the president came in the chamber but I gotta tell you most Democrats. Did not applaud as he walked in this chamber and as soon as the speech was over all there were many bipartisan applause lines as soon as the speech was over Devin. They ran for the exits. Not a streaming out here and that is not and they think they left the chamber before the president well has not something we're listening. It was it was this you know John and Mary one of the longest state of the union speeches we've ever and now he's just last year when the president thought it was about an hour I was the third longest pizza this what I think clocked in around 120 some one of the longest visit. Before I let you guys got I wanted to ask you about is some of the grumbling and around the edges. We're going to win Nancy Pelosi giving the hand signals they do to keep her caucus in line what was that like his son Adam Opel. Well you know and they there was drama from the store with Pelosi. As as you noticed which he. When the president came up to it's deliver the speech here traditionally see the speaker. Kind of invite him to speak that that did not happen in all joking I didn't jump the gun and the president. And there were some drama about this during the day that I caught on to you DeVon. The president did not can gradually Nancy Pelosi and becoming speaker again and I am told that there were two versions of the speech that we're going around to. Today. One with the congratulations and won without him present and opted for the woman. He had very interest in guys thank you so much that you point us respond John Carlson of course correspondent Merry Christmas to you guys tomorrow morning and Good Morning America thank you so much get some rest. I'm let's go to get the perspective on tonight's speech from the southern border we talked before this. Before the speech tonight with Chris Massey he's a farmer in New Mexico. Who shared his view his first hand experience with illegal immigration coming over that border. I his family's been down their for the past forty years farming are Criss joins us again now Chris give us your quick hot take on what you heard from the president were you satisfied. Did you feel like he went far enough strong enough on immigration. Well as route pretty decent speech I wish you would have gone into a little more retail. About what his plans word for this board won't be closing I personally supported. I like how we talked about the physical bear here and now. Wall do work showing you here Lou San Diego notre sort of that was it. On the floor and rebuttal I felt that. It's kind of annoying to meet that we're not anti immigration. Were anti illegal immigration and there's a difference and that each beat. Really communicated to everybody it's not legal immigration war against its illegal immigration. And that you might take an. Yet Chris in just before we let you go you give us your your first hand opinion. Of a border wall I don't know what wall or fence exists in your area. I did you see that the New Mexico governor has pulled back the National Guard troops who are situated there in your area Davis apparently. Have been sent home but. Do you feel that a wall is the top priority or do you think that it did it's more the holistic pitch that more. Ice agents Border Patrol agents drones and the like are or could could suffice. I don't think wall is a single silver bullet answer and it's not. Walt as a deterrent help slow down that low we need more boots on the ground you need more forward operating bases more than we're actual. But the first step in this process is heating up there that people can just. Can't do more work only thirteen miles of the New Mexico border has more. On all barriers use easily step across the rest do. And the border being seduced mortuary in bar where it's that he can walk across through we're just go right. And it needs to be more intimidating and more imposing barrier so people can use walk straight across north country or draw the legal drugs in. Thank farmer Chris Massey in Al in the New Mexico area near the southern border great to have you with us today really appreciate you. Sharing your perspective sir and we do hope that as these negotiations continue they can come to some sort of common ground around all different sorts of border security measures as they as they seek to put those in place. Thank you so much and we should say I'm here in the ABC news bureau on our fact check room right here a lot happening. Janet's gonna kind of panic camera would get the whole team here and in fact we've got another fact check for you now. Talk we've been talking a lot about immigration. But it's not just immigration the president unleashed a whole number of claims tonight that rained run the gamut from true. Mostly true lacking context and downright false or team has all those factors for you coming in right now on The become an all night as well. Our Catherine fall there's this year she's there White House reporter Catherine rich see you worked so we're taking a look tonight. At one of the president's claims on the tax cut plan and we're gonna play this sound this is a key component of his pitch for between twenty reelection campaign here to us. We passed a massive tax cut. For working families. And doubled the child tax credit we virtually ended the estate tax or death tax. As it is often called. On small businesses. For ranchers. And also for family farmers. Aren't so give us the bottom line on this. So much talk about the tactical plan minutes past the White House said this was all about helping middle class families but it's much more complicated. It is it's very complicated and we rated this one specifically asked. Lacking context because while the president said at his tax plan his tax cuts are helping working families while that's true in the short term. In long term mauled Paul analyses have found that wealthier Americans and corporations will receive. Led the largest benefits over time like four for example many analysis found that. The wealthy Americans and corporations are will receive launches benefits in large part because the corporate tax cuts in the bill were made permanent off the bat but even now include tax cuts were set to expire early exactly the individual attacks that's us act expire in the corporate tax rates. Remained and and Democrats already are jumping on this claim that the president mean come on Harris for example. Authority is tweeting out that the president is leaving those middle class Americans behind so while we while Lee is right in the short term is much more convoluted and complicated and a. Like breaking a little skeptical there's thank you so much what's at the White House tomorrow morning unsure how we're gonna head back over to our set now where we're gonna talk alone and more about some of the. News the president made tonight he did it on a number of fronts including announcing that his next summit. With Kim John un will happen this month in Vietnam but he also. I made a big announcement today on the issue of health care in fact announcing. That aids HIV aids is now on top of his docket he's offering a pretty ambitious goal Mary Alice. To end transmission by 2030 and were joined now. About seem and its admission fee with with the walker Whitman health here in Norwalk and Washington DC which is a great organization been around for forty years. Community health organization just the kind of on the ground level eyes in years working with people. Specializing HIV aids give us your reaction to the president's big announcement today that he says this is going to be a top issue goal for the remainder of his term source. First thank you for having me and on behalf of all women locker in all the folks that we take care of we're so thrilled to be here. I think you know that the issue is going to be an all of the HIV. How that funding comes they're down through his budget is going to be really important for us to pay attention. But I think what the administration's made pretty clear is that he isn't as focused on now as a BT community in fact. He has let it'd administration that's that's sort of hostile towards LG BT community. And many people living with HIV are part of that community. So there we should save for folks at home the sort of caught a lot of people by surprise and when the seam and I were talking. Before the show that the sort of came out of the blue for this president he hasn't paid much attention. To HIV and aids one point one million Americans live with HIV one and seven don't know. That they have according to the CDC. But it's interesting that you raise the issue of what the president is going to spend on it as Mary Alice is you know very well having studied the budget. That this president has actually proposed cuts. Two eight HIV and aids programs and in both domestically and globally and also hasn't been appointed. An officer director of the office of our national HIV aids policy. In ends admitted he's proposing to get hats T tangential organizations and government agency is big cuts to government. Medical research and I each and they cuts at HHS so was inches interaction a few points likeness in the president's speech. We're Democrats felt like they should stand up and applied who wouldn't want to apply such an amazing exciting. And call and a landmark in this country. Seem how Democrats want to applied his hall to lower the price of prescription drugs and pay for paid family if but there's been on the. And as soon for a group like yours. Whitman walker health here in DC specializing. In helping people. That are struggling with HIV and aids. How much does a presidential spotlight help I mean just him saying the words from the podium in the house chamber I imagine. It has some benefit. So I think that the largest benefit as an opportunity like that's right where it's important for folks understand that you can take a pill. Every single day and really of reducing that chances that you'll become HIV positive that's. This unheard of for most people they don't understand the nature of the science and what we've been able to achieve in terms of HIV treatment. And if you are HIV positive know your status. Get in health care engage in health care and the adherents here immense mile Milan healthy life. So was so what's your wishlists the president says he is aiming are sitting in goal for the United States to help eradicate HIV. In twenty years or ten years I guess. Ten years its ambitious. What what do you mean we need from the US government to get that done. Considered a question we absolutely do people are hunting and we need more funding that focuses on the pre exposure prophylaxis cents at one pill once today. We need more funding to support the Affordable Care Act and all the benefits that we had in terms of expanding health care and access points. My is that it's. Because people do with the disease drop from benefits with their health plans or well it's because. People need insurance and the more folks who have insurance more likely there panic at. Engaged in health care and take care of themselves so we really need to focus on keeping people in chaired. They've seen them before we let you go and it's been a long night here for all of us exit do you do you think this is even possible. And indeed the big picture could could we actually come back here in ten years and say wow. Maybe it wasn't all because a president from but he set this benchmark set the wheels in motion and it would be great thing. It would be a great thing that's scientific community in the public health commune near completely aligned. And so from the from those perspectives were ready and we've been ready for a long time to achieve. Really reduce numbers of near rates but we've got a face a social economic socioeconomic disparities that. Played her communities. And help folks especially black folks. Latino members of the community in that LG BT community trans folks really getting patient good health care. He seems sure -- with the Whitman walker health system here in Washington DC great to have you with us and I think so much for common interest. Hot and and as we think about and assume we're gonna overnight or friend Frank Luntz pollster and focus group master. Who join us this afternoon in the briefing room and frank you sort of set the stage for the speech tonight a huge moment for the president. I think he told Mary Alison me this is his last big chance to reshape the narrative headed into the twenties when he campaigned didn't do it. I think he gave a very strong speech to I think he reset the narrative no I don't. I think what he said will be seen very positively by conservatives I think what he said will be seen negatively we'll have no impact in those who opposed to him. And there's only three or 4% of Americans are actually undecided so no I don't think they'll be changed. I do think that he communicated what he needs you in terms of working together unity and cooperation and compromise. And as a wordsmith the language that is used for the most part. Was as good as something as I would've recommended. He's. It will have. Eight. Very positive. Push. For his base but I don't think he won over anyone who wasn't already with him at this point. And frank and we're I think we're gonna play yards and a clip of you're a focus group that you had recently ahead of the student union brought together a whole cross section of Americans. I at your home in Los Angeles for vice news tonight on HBO. It was quite a lively conversation but very telling about the same or politics right now let's take a listen to little bit of that. I really think the shutdowns okay. You re prize. That people are hungry in Washington and that people are not getting paid. And you all think it's okay. I don't think it's okay but I do think it's necessary because we cannot give in to AT and give a toddler two year old and throwing a tantrum because he get what it wants you don't give in. Heat had no authority to shut down the government for a reason. Nancy Pelosi said Null I'm going to call your shots okay. The issue it is. It's Nancy Pelosi commenting an act of reason why I don't get the disappearance of the United States I say this. I don't pickle ball as it is the right solution I do think border security is extremely important. He can continue to shut down over anything that she doesn't get what she walks and that's what this president has shown us that's what concerns me. Sir frank were ten days from another potential government shutdown we didn't hear the president. Take that off the table tonight maybe it's unreasonable to think he would. Hot as he goes into this negotiation but. Do you think that it is did you think he got the message that we heard there from some of those folks who talked to and that that he'll steer clear here headed into this next. Deadline. I listened to that I'd I'm obviously moderated now say that. HBO and vice not only do we have damage here but we had people literally getting up throwing microphones on the ground. Standing their ground against meet with the level of hostility in those people watching tonight. From either side I don't think any of this is going to be positive for them because quite frankly we've become so extreme. And so ugly and so mean and our communication that when a president delivers a speech like he did. And ended in an environment like this I don't take. It has an impact you don't think that it lowers detestable levels and I want to make one point here is I don't know if you views would have noticed his I was in the chamber. How many times Steny Hoyer stood up. And applauded the president and how few times Nancy Pelosi did exactly the same. In fact Reuter was up as much as any other Democrat demonstrating. A willingness to cooperate to compromise to work together. And a lot of the Democrats sat on their hands several leaders certain Republicans. Who were also willing to extend a hand to the Democrats. This is a tough time for this country I do believe it's the right speech at the right time but. That anchors gonna continue. It is who we know you'll be tracking it Frank Luntz great focus group vice news tonight and HBO really great to see hope you come back frank thank you so much. Primary else as we sort of close up our coverage tonight it's we've really enjoyed the conversation happy to have everybody Annie Annie BC news like participating with us. I give us your big picture take away from this one or what do you think of. Where we go from here is are people going to be talking about the speech in Stacey Abrams tomorrow morning is gonna last the rest of the week cores a sort of a flash in the pan. That's in two things there what will for saw kudos for this administration and this news environment. But two things I think he'll continue to talk about why and how much Nancy Pelosi had to say though she sent Aslan nothing at all her ability to. Almost roll her eyes to control her cock against two applied and stand. Poignantly at times but mostly remained seated he really got that sense that she is commanding. Commanding her troops and really am at the Helm there. There's another moment particular one line from president and I do think we'll have legs that feel will continue to talk about. In the days and weeks to come and refer back to as the Democrats there in congress continues there investigations. It was essentially a threat. A threat against those in possible investigations that could threaten his term in his administration president said if there's going to be peace and legislation. There cannot be war and investigation. I think that was a pretty striking line from this. There is also another line they grabbed me as we close tonight the president called on members on both sides to reject what he called the politics of revenge retribution. M resistance and embrace our cooperation very interest in. If that's his measure will others will the public will our viewers will voters hold him to that as he's calling. On an end to those politics we know politics it's messy in this town this thing things around on both sides that certainly is the president tonight. Laid out a new standard will things change. Not going to be cynical here tonight and ABC news live but we shall see an interest in Knight a big night here Washington. The president's second State of the Union Address really appreciate you joining us turn ABC news live while full coverage tomorrow morning on Good Morning America of course constrain us here. Point 47 on ABC news live on all your devices I'll be back with Mary Alice parks tomorrow right here at 3:30 PM eastern time for a full wrap up an analysis in the briefing room. Until then have a great night.

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