Steve McQueen: ‘Celebration is part of our resistance’

Steve McQueen, the Oscar-winning director of "12 Years A Slave," speaks with Linsey Davis about his new anthology “Small Axe,” comprised of five dramatic films about the Black British experience.
8:36 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for Steve McQueen: ‘Celebration is part of our resistance’
US no filmmaker Steve Maclean for his Oscar winning acting twelve years asleep and he's getting a lot tension right now for his new anthology small ax five dramatic films each attribute to the black British experienced the first film mangrove is out right now on Amazon prime take a listen. Intense person who doesn't really and that's what he had done well community and simply providing us. And I haven't novel look what combatant with the comments hit you'll and exchanged views. And present. Down riots and became a best cruelty. But seriously talk and we need to defend ourselves against followed and is rivers of blood nonsense. If what I streamlined its slip solid bill. Steve McClain it joins us now thank you so much for joining us tonight we appreciate it. Thank you yeah. So often in America we talk about the black experience but you very rich eagerly talk in this scenario about. The black British experience how to the two differ. I'm I'm. The fact of the matter is that women relate to I'm dealing we assumed issues which are Kramer's soon. I'm so it's just a situation where are you want to look into. In my own experiences growing up in and along the agents around him is taking an amnesty to get this points. But as long losing your language is an objection to express and now and then and hasn't been. Given enough. Face. He talked about the importance of these films being released now you yourself have said that you didn't know about some of these stories until fifteen years ago I know treat I don't production again pre pandemic in pre modern civil rights movement but the topic certainly feel very relevant why is it important that these stories are told in line now. Well. Yeah it's ongoing. Situation. As we don't know I'm. These these these stories which own. And in the waste let me talk. Mean what you know him you knew or. Some kind of used Jews are middle role I'm team and cotton and social homes and what. Has been during a home within recent British history. Is and how people must in the community are being treated and how I'm Lou. You know we've beaten you commute Shandon and main street influential weekly socially and culturally. Anyway they can endure invest in and Beecham by. I don't Eugene Wilson. Bring them historians suit tomorrow huge huge department. Well when the first two films debuted it can you're dedicated into George Floyd and other black people who've been. The murder scene and un strange how does this year's racial racking since George Floyd's death affected you and you see small acts in front line. Let's be honest review I'm. When George Moore poem to you don't actually happened to them you'll. And Hannibal drought as I imagine Malone back people didn't because he's always one can only. Usually lose your soul into that situation and retirement ocean's chill. Mary you. Praise I imagine why didn't unconsciously. I kind of put away in his life. All. Designed to carry our people want the solution in front of the it SOC events. Arnold should you shall bring our attitude. Is assisting in the Kennedy. A nuisance results. I think what did you read and into what is usually is a mirror. Looking looking you sell them. Other people's arms and and I was very surprised. That is no way. Coping mechanism. And this is Manhattan's east these these payments and has made in Britain on. Our wine trying to do you want. As as human being around me. And that's that's the thing I salute. Our. Surface to meet I think really know how. The mother was a major blow to make Jones was to make Hendrix that's how I think I was with. In a way as announced. A well that's fascinating and that is. We are seeing an immense manifestation none of your coping mechanisms at the majority of these don't steal a very heavy topics and turn around police brutality which. Moments of brevity like the moment in mangrove when they break out into song but. Movies like lovers rock which incorporate so much vibrancy and on how important was it to make sure that one of these films centered around music love and joy. Won't just referring to lost question and Jerusalem. Consulate don't. Again I and I'm unlucky not to salute because of people who. Darn fool me to be hit and you are allowed to do that got away. It was a way of expressing myself hoping we'll do regions to enjoy. Celebration he is well we use them. In the mountains. Seat in west and is. And and Austin American tune back in June as low as we do we do it in in a way to salute YouTube. Because you know must stand and and and we do really remembers more. Because that's what we do and again that is an that is celebration. Is the final celebration. These are our resistance outside it is Mark Jackson and losers do other things. Do celebration. Tall enough to send. To Donaldson's is part of insist. Must now stay healthy. You said in previous interviews that these are British stories they're not foreign or simply west Indian but are part of British history and culture can you expand on that. We'll learn how to British culture because there all along because of problems run. In the bottom line. SMU. You can during the group's number. Stitches and will oh. Whether any current events and history mean we would we didn't. No we shall wolves we. Really really and who. We know we've gotten silly things or order entry and silicon storage sentence and meet our need to comment on them. And I think what it was no way woes we went well into the new. All still making more than what were welcome Melinda. And British home. I'm and therefore we will record will be June. And as you know a lot of taxes and and United States she Victoria's. Disclose when getting opportunities. Here. Among the arsenal. These are British film and sort of bringing British. Again isn't there shouldn't justice and that's what we do we regions and I do justice. And and and mark and Jamal. And these films are feature length movies it could be released in theaters that are being released on a streaming platform with here is closing around the world is going to movies do you think that accepting in the pats or are you optimistic about their future. Unreal. Mr. wiesel Muslim rule these huge rooms and where will remain to television but I I I. I just don't think we ever going your way from cinema is. Home from could you imagine. A toast Monroe. Mean. The whole idea all all going to do movies we elect its. You do need not be viewed at. Homes in the this is Mason tomorrow. I'm going to move resource and to that we all have an accumulate experience and that should be around a regional or. Surma clean thank you so much for your work again and thank you for joining us tonight. Actually brings you.

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{"duration":"8:36","description":"Steve McQueen, the Oscar-winning director of \"12 Years A Slave,\" speaks with Linsey Davis about his new anthology “Small Axe,” comprised of five dramatic films about the Black British experience. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74371374","title":"Steve McQueen: ‘Celebration is part of our resistance’","url":"/Politics/video/steve-mcqueen-celebration-part-resistance-74371374"}