Suburban women voters react to Supreme Court vacancy

Democrats and Republicans raise concerns about the impact of a rushed confirmation battle.
5:45 | 09/28/20

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Transcript for Suburban women voters react to Supreme Court vacancy
Republicans with that argument are already taking a victory lap after president trump. As elected judge Amy Tony Barrett to join the High Court succeeding Ruth Bader Ginsburg the GOP says it's got enough votes to confirm or by Election Day. But how is this fight all this politics playing out in the battleground states and could really impact the vote in November are Devin Dwyer went to Minnesota. For a closer look. The battle over the Supreme Court is already a blockbuster on TV you'll hear noise from extremists about the Supreme Court vacancy. Here are the facts conservative groups rallying the base as Democrats sound the alarm Mitch McConnell Jamie through this every court nomination. Voters in battlegrounds like Minnesota taking it all Lian. I feel like there's a lot of other. Topics they. He was kinda just like old crap you know Ali what's next. It's it's. 20/20. What what crisis is coming down the pipeline you think the battle over. At the Supreme Court will have a severe. His influence on voters in that. I don't think so I think at this point voters have already made up their mind they know they're voting for trump they don't they're voting for Biden. Immediate mobilize when site more than another but what I do think it does is to give trump something else to talk about. The High Court vacancy is prompting dire warnings from the left and abortion gay rights and health care he's our entire lightly. It could be sheets. Biking next. Heat heat or so. Some suburban women voters told us the threat is real but I don't know that anything. Saturated. Three. So it really does worry. Yes Jamie Beck or fin a democratic attorney and mother of two says a rushed confirmation is deeply unsettling. It just sends the message it we don't care about what the right thing. We care about keeping as much power as we can have to ourselves. At the expense of no. Average people lightly. And I am. That's puke that's not okay. But some voters even Democrats we met this week in the Twin Cities suburbs were surprisingly measured Twyla Deng is a podcaster and mother of three teens. It is a tough situation and right now. But I'm of his blood prince in Huntington with stock came from I know the history that's the big difference a lot of history came from I understand it. I have the ability to double down immediately begin involved in stepped up doubts that that peaks. We actually. We're actually in a position of power. Undecided voter in Swenson a retired CPA who calls himself a fiscal conservative and social moderate. Says both parties play politics with the court at their peril I think both parties trust me I believe both parties can play their games. But can it be careful I mean you have to be careful what they do because to city precedent you don't know how history's gonna. You're repeat itself and I think mrs. I can't believe. Four years ago this happen and for years have been out happening again I would never seen this coming. The greatest threat ahead may be to the court's reputation. And join its highest approval rating in more than a decade as Chief Justice John Roberts is trying to keep it out of the partisan fray. A slate of blockbuster opinions last term showed that the justices. Are always rubber stamps for the presidents who appointed them. I understand that Amy will be raider team laughs and you know they're appointed by Republican and democratic presidents that they are titans of eight and and right left or otherwise I trust them to act that way. That trust is now hanging in the balance as more voters head to court to their calculus. Deciding how to cast their ballots this fall. I think there women haven't thought about what the implications of of having. President front seat an additional judge. I think it's ever thought about that until now and now that they're thinking about it it's going to say they're going to be something. For the first I'm thinking oh wait this thing is important to me. And if I'm hoping what it'll do is really just costs have become more engaged in pay attention to the details. And Devin Dwyer joins us now DeVon. Anyways Minnesota nice but it was striking to hear. How measured to use your work measured voters are about the Supreme Court. At a moment when both political campaigns both political parties are just for a fight did that death ramping up the rhetoric to have. Does red hot levels in order to get a victory at all cost voters so I'm very different about the Supreme Court. Yet it was really striking terror and even Republicans. Democrats. And independents were. I we met in the Twin Cities Evers are basically all on the same page they were concerned about the direction in this fight they wanted people to slow down. There was no question that president trump had the right to appoint somebody to the court we heard. A but the impact of this right rushed confirmation is what concerns a lot of people you've heard Jamie backer fined the Democrat in the piece there she talked about fairness but you also saw. Republicans like and Swenson should she was worried about what her party. It was gonna do by way of setting precedent in the shelf fox see there at the end. Worried about the credibility of the court. I asked to turn it really was striking that people were concerned about the institution of the Supreme Court mean they don't like what it might happen here and that bothers Terry. It's almost as if ordinary Americans and voters have greater care and greater understanding of those institutions and traditions than the political leaders and her thoughtful. Devin thank you very much for that are thoughtful report.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Democrats and Republicans raise concerns about the impact of a rushed confirmation battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73298482","title":"Suburban women voters react to Supreme Court vacancy","url":"/Politics/video/suburban-women-voters-react-supreme-court-vacancy-73298482"}