May 22, 1972: President Nixon arrives in Moscow

During this summit with Soviet leaders, Nixon signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty among other agreements.
3:00 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for May 22, 1972: President Nixon arrives in Moscow
Good morning President Nixon has arrived in Moscow you see there Air Force One has already come to a stop at the ramp. They Soviet leadership moving forward to greet the president Howard K Smith is standing by Moscow good morning Howard. Good afternoon practice won't be after the Soviet capital that Pollard case. Jeff Moscow correspondent whether he's going to tell us about Soviet leaders these are members of the central committee is done in the bullet funeral. If you identify these men but the most important thing is the man who is not here I do not see beyond any leads Brezhnev the party's secretary. That right in the front row you see the prime minister of vacant what doesn't but bush would come back that credit. The ending decades bronze 76. It is a red that added written the the there's all crowd out there we haven't had. Can't even we will have a short while but going to take and the president met up back. We begin immediately met. Interpreter it's. Last Borough and points north and south. That it is it is. The. There's time a president of the United States. Soviet capital. Just inside that gate President Nixon and nine saves and thank you very bright you have a 98 down at table forty feet long and eight feet wide and opened a formal negotiate in good morning. Fifth of the big. The Katherine hall billed by the size used now homered for diplomatic talks over bottles of Russian mineral water. The delegations entered from opposite doors and met on the Russian side of the table only two items of their small talk or overheard through history. One resident put going to recommended to President Nixon some Ukrainian cigarettes lying on the table as not bad. And President Nixon replied no facts to whom President Nixon complemented deal ornate chandeliers. And the cream and gold nickel. Brezhnev bone due to his top position as a self assured host with a proprietary air about the occasion. The russians' favorite word about these talks is businesslike. And so it was after a few moments of cat the parties separated to their appointed sides of the table. And the plenary meeting later today to break up into individual groups began. Brezhnev presiding Nixon directly facing him. It was hard to recollect that these affable negotiations began as the two nations taking part we're in a kind of an armed confrontation in the Gulf of Tonkin. Reporters and cameras were allowed only five minutes to watch then the ornate doors closed and from here on we depend on briefings. Last night and has hosted a banquet here at the Kremlin the president noted that always summit meetings always been his spirit. The spirit of Geneva the spirit of that the spirit never last. Is that they wanted substance in this wanted to make sure you've got if you've had some agreements negotiated beforehand. Some of those good time today 88 the White House correspondent bill guilt reports. But first some jurors in the summit conference is set up a system of cooperation in the field of environmental protection. The fruits of research development and technical knowledge will be shared between Washington and Moscow a second agreement provides for the same free exchange of the field of public health. Scientist facing new ways to prevent. You should of the oceans the atmosphere as Bob medical research six cures for major ills including cancer and heart disease. And tonight at Moscow official sources say that far more dramatic agreement to reassured. Limitation of both offensive and defense is strategic weapons will be signed a probably on Friday. Tonight that would put moments chairman Brezhnev still champagne on secretary of state Rogers upset waiters Trace fashion several glasses then declared under Russian custom. This bodes well for our futures. More of these last political agreement will be announced than a hundred little time fashion's phased out over the next several days. Open records from the American heart we do find plenty of success but it earns that authorities are being read as being thoughtful. One White House they did find that psychology rather simply. He says we've been speaking negatively from each other over a period of many years and I've been side and back to stay in. Foreign guests on the masters but the issues before we got around to bring the capital. So far it seems to be working out rather well. Gold hill ABC news and the ground it's a program.

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{"id":47519122,"title":"May 22, 1972: President Nixon arrives in Moscow","duration":"3:00","description":"During this summit with Soviet leaders, Nixon signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty among other agreements.","url":"/Politics/video/summit-soviet-leaders-nixon-signed-strategic-arms-limitation-47519122","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}