Super Tuesday: Donald Trump Projected to Win Georgia

Based on exit polls and our analysis of the vote in so far, ABC News projects that Trump will win the Georgia Republican primary.
2:49 | 03/02/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Super Tuesday: Donald Trump Projected to Win Georgia
A little bit of breaking news want to bring you they'll ABC news can now project that Donald Trump will win the Georgia primary that you're seeing there. Donald Trump at the projected winner in that state. Recline what's your take on that. Well the polls show that this was likely this is actually blow to two other candidates like to witness the crews who had little southern strategy. In Georgia and tomorrow rubio because people talk about him as a strong candidate in the south there's no reason. Georgia Republicans could vote for mark and try to spin this this is a bitter disappointment they talked about. The exact kind of country club suburban and acts are Republicans read the Atlanta metro area. Those should be crews were all. Republicans suggest that he's political action that cuts across all. The fact that polls indicate fiscal trouble between Georgia and now it BC news is projecting out at the argument predicted doesn't make it any less interesting. Because as you say you gotta have full months five months it didn't look that way crews will be expected to win it back then. It is it what this represents is something hypothetical becoming real. That's really. Donald Trump is projected now to win joked that's real it is that's it it's a terrific point. And he's on a real winning streak and he isn't for he is now creating a real delicately. And people were very skeptical about now from the beginning what we even run is he serious that he wanted presently files financials close at every step of the way. And then are these polling numbers real. And where is his ceiling and Kenny actually in states in this deep south and places. That art you know attuned to this New York brash billionaire you know and east of I everyone of those expectations with the exception of Iowa early on came in a close second victory is. He has now won every other context. It's me is if this is happening. And he wins and that's exactly right and you know the the ability to excuse you command of the whole field when you start winning like this it builds on itself and you have momentum you have the the national capacity to message. Donald Trump has been masterful for route and winning a state like Georgia is is a statement again this is not. This isn't the early states this is and his that this is when the campaign because national and there's no built in reason detectors Marco Rubio couldn't win there. 76 delegates up for grabs in Georgia tonight on the Republican side to the win in Georgia means something for trump across the rest of the southern states up for grabs. Well demographically you you'd presume that whatever happened in Georgia is happening elsewhere and when you look at an Alabama we look at Arkansas Tennessee. You can make assumptions about the makeup of the electorate those states are all different Georgia has. Victory on the democratic side Georgia looks a lot different facility some of the other states but. The they share some of the regional sensibilities and the messaging that's worked there does seem to have there seem to carry over.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Based on exit polls and our analysis of the vote in so far, ABC News projects that Trump will win the Georgia Republican primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"37322373","title":"Super Tuesday: Donald Trump Projected to Win Georgia","url":"/Politics/video/super-tuesday-donald-trump-projected-win-georgia-37322373"}