Thousands Attend the Los Angeles Women's March

ABC News's Liz Kreutz, Lesley Messer and Emily Knapp report from the event in downtown LA.
20:01 | 01/22/17

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Transcript for Thousands Attend the Los Angeles Women's March
At list hurry and exactly there corporate users with ABC news port here in downtown Los Angeles for the women's march hearing that this certain parts of the march on Washington happening today. So I thousands of people are gathered here on fifth an olive is where we are and then we're about to march with them to City Hall that's neat. Celebrities and local politicians here to talk. Lots of science lots of them people invoking Hillary Clinton. And not every. It's gonna be at 70000 people RC heat on base but to constant expecting a pretty big turnout and army units nattering about different things. Older people younger people families together. Ever gonna do what we can't get as many of their voices to you along our way. Get your legacy a lot of people in pink hats that's sort of the trademark look that people all across the country our participating in today so I needed let's go. Take out. Okay I just beginning it's just after 10:30 AM here. It's hurting our way to sitting around. Lot's exit means making reference to you that tape that came out about Donald Trump. Talking about women pressure. Rob another thing that people speaking out about issues that matter to them and partners certainly a lot of people talking about women's rights. You are talking about climate changed and people are just people talking about Hillary as well. And really interesting to see it. Light. Issues. Have meet people's. And going off let me just that also there was some criticism that this marks some people have said that maybe it's not inclusive of everybody given that the women's march there was some criticism that their organizers of the march were homes light and work. Women of color involved. That we think I've of the aisles and ask not people men and women of all different races here had at least hearing outweigh the and kids right here yes. It is how Howell area health morning. Wait where you here today. And he came we get that yeah. One ready yet let's let. At the end. The majority will not be ignored it not popular with Donald's run. Nice it did. You feel about cutting down. This is history here. Want him to be. An. Do you who did you want to vote for. Yeah yeah yeah. Clearly there's lots Hillary Clinton supporters here today and actually Hillary Clinton's suite at. Earlier this morning thinking people are coming together she used her campaign for a stronger together than I still believe that we're stronger together. And it actually over 600 marches planned around the country. Part of this women's march LA Chicago DC of course that the main line. Boston missed its second largest one after DC San Francisco. Seattle done I mean every city of their Clinton's matches. Friends you've outlined in London so I think there around Arab world. Pocket pretty slowly here that lots of people simmers definitely inching our way. There is still blocking a lot and has lived and I mentioned before there are families lacking he got there and I actually have. One right here along with their friends. Can you tell me a little bit about what it means you come out together today. I wanted to show the girls that peaceful protest is the thing. And it's really important in our community to. Say how you feel about something and I was just talking to them about maybe this is the one good thing out in. This election is that it's gonna make people who were before fairly placements. Act yet. Become active. You're all wearing white shirt I imagine that act like. Not a coincidence that we all want to let what we were feeling on the shirts and line. My reasons that I'm mark seeing that here made up their us against him. What exactly your shirt and writings youth our. My sense. Not me makes an act took great thing. I don't know I guess and it really meant that night we Sydney showing. Protests CNN principle and not name. And your mind does make America. Love is tightening its really too because. Presidents it's a place Alice and I everyone's choice. And I think we should really. And I and you're the only nailing here. It's like you're out today I'm a woman to. Equal. But I feel like it's you know the whole the whole thing for me as a race issue but it's human race issue. It's all of us together just letting our voices be heard. That's part. Current you aren't. We'll see you again along the lack. London. I am here. You mother daughter couple that have come out there LA area residents that come out today to march tell me your names and where your front. I'm Angeles seared and still beats. And still beat. You eat. Jennifer permanent beats and eats you both Tommy your ten years old right. A basic Tommie Liddell about why you'd figure out here today I. Hear that it be like that. Protesting is important for our future and I feel like that it I can show kids that protesting right. I think older even now be able to make a difference that but yet. Man. Thanks Ed piece is okay. This thing talent in key. Afraid of three breath and he made assigns. Me back frank. Thank you it says I it's about pay tiny tigers back. That. Can Wear you out here today. And let me know out. So what your hats a lot of women are wearing these pink hats can you tell me what they mean to you did you make averaging get. I didn't make them I did I and I didn't yesterday as a matter of fact a suspect saying late into the night. Just. Wanting to see it immediately mentioned that all the rounds going overhead showing our duty of our lady pirates. You say and not a cent in the news. But solidarity and taking part are seeing their hours. And selling that we together can make a difference visually and literally and what does mean. Both are you really what does it mean to be here with your daughter's. I mean it's just passed on to another generation that you know equal rights are everyone's rights. And you don't. They should be here and I think it twenty years and its other children about the customers. In thirty years. What did how did you. Spend your inauguration day yesterday. I totally shut everything down I was home. And it just trying to make peace movement now me Yzerman new reality I didn't want any of the junk comedians that we have it from three zone in our home. I know is sort of it you get inundated by Al of the tweets and everything per share well thank you guys so much and you know good luck with the rest of art's. Parts LA and I am here with fish and Peter and Maggie. Do you fix and there on our act together you voiced their support for the women's march so you tell me what write downs and back. Mainly discuss race and that trump isn't very representative of most Americans and has citizens' summit really disparaging things about women and about immigrants and now the people that we care about and allow them which is that it is sort of make it really clear that we don't accept. And maybe even terrified to so many people believe cricket player to lose their health care. And I work with drug users less than left homeless and extremely vulnerable. And this. I know this administration. And the thing I think that the Fed they're ready to get rid of it but it means so much as seventy hoods of some important news. And you're talking brought your daughter life. That meeting Rock Creek Park group. Dion lake there's a lot and we stand aren't that family. It's it's it's important to have her activity involved in seeing that everybody's waiting with an elixir that she is a good life. That's his game he's safe and making Karadzic's health care and then we're in this together. Maggie what is this been like for you today at this your 1 march. Are you having. What about it did. What do you like about it. Experience. It loud. And and Peter at the Manhattan. Obviously the women's march but your year. What is the experience been like area. Fantastic I mean it's so good to see so many women out and so many men out to sort of Sosa put what the women making their excellent. Thank you so much Bert you let us. And we will return to bet with more interview that the Alley march. Okay I'm here wit princess. Bubble that's when we're calling this right great white. Yeah. You're a very good I think print and it let them eat there she is similar to anything. Scientists. I seen it didn't hurt remotes and I and women in leadership vision and in the right but that's and is holding its client agency didn't giants and you made this Nazi pig and very impressed and I know that's coming up in trying to take pictures and you weren't either you tell your way. How did you make me. I mean my mom's backpacking cream act and the. Around in hopes of the frame. And that's sculptor and nanometers. Based here in LA. So what does that mean for you today it be out here. It means that I'm seeing a lot of really dangerous and got being policy and change and obviously I'm against the current administration and Eleanor at present that. And obviously went so that make a statement issue which witnessed these are. The hot statement about women. Defining there on girls and being in the world and being visible and this is really directed towards. Younger people who I mean it's great any landing responsiveness from very happy about that but I on CDs something that would be CU. Where kids are constantly and everybody in between two. Our interests and in cartoons and comics and angrily that's too. What's happening in the real world it's getting pretty high here but I'd take my jacket absent are you doing in there I'm am seated. Gatling in circulation. Thanks so much by. So that break acted chants and cheers. But I would think now it's about forty minutes that we started walking and crawling on me eat to block snacks it's really moving at a slow pace here but there's also so many people around. Yet there's a lot of stopping and starting it seems that everyone can eat three it seemed everybody started chatting and getting along and so. Any other situation I think whether it that much but traffic you'd expect them shove here apparently really haven't seen any of it's very peaceful protest that's pressure. Hot though. I mean we're taking a jacket. Obviously we're in LA for this to be expected but. You'd think that with the heat the hot weather and spent many people. There might be are getting here there and maybe there are but we certainly happen haven't seen anything like it's not raining. A lot. It had its lights green. A lot of time around. People all it is with their families with their friends. Marching for a budget differently. Again we're Hillary Clinton's apartment. We're trying to cut through get a head to City Hall where march 3. And there's really no way in all directions here there's people flooding in. Right now a lot of elect chanting. This is what democracy looks like and that's chant that I've heard throughout this campaign I covered Hillary Clinton on the campaign trap. And there were a number of people throughout the campaign were protesting her. Anything that chance so its credit champ product in our hands and does a lot of people that want change in general not necessarily that one candidate or the other. Rock and I think that there's another chant we're hearing a lot related women say it my body nights away and men will respond. Her body her choice. If you think you're still the email went that a march that is an expert witness pattern I I it's not necessarily the right thing obviously. But every wanna bomb something different kinds of people aren't here but to parents camp at and so working and I added that it. It has been insisting that they. It's now has kind of moving on in the march asserting that it. Not now but it is spread out I think we can actually block here as you can see people I just for just chanting love trams hates the first time we heard that today that obviously that's chants. That's that reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's campaign that was tagline it's as did a lot of her campaign speeches. And so people are definitely invoking that today as we said a lot of people who are holding signs they women's rights are human rights and other Hillary Clinton line. And you know other quotes run from her. Yeah. Yeah. I think you're now bring on the City Hall area it is. Pretty close to where the ages and congress London is seeking is rallying a crowd here people. All directions around me this time but we're stronger together. Season. Love. A okay. Okay. Everyone agrees with feel like the epicenter of the Marge Derek thousand. People are out. From all walks of life all different ages including a lot of children. These parents told us that they want this to help shape the way they keep politics going forward. God is really no way to they how many people aren't your David definitely thousands of events that he added I think he is baton report said that under. Out that he might show up you're kidding me that it had been a lot of politicians. Speaking. But yet so we are here I know that we're just one part one of many of the protests across the country stay tuned on for more updates from. Marches. Around the states and thanks for watching.

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