Tim Kaine, Mike Pence Debate Presidential Candidates' Trustworthiness, Likability

The vice presidential candidates respond to questions about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's problems with voters.
5:53 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Tim Kaine, Mike Pence Debate Presidential Candidates' Trustworthiness, Likability
Senator Cain on the campaign trail you praise secretary Clinton's character including her commitment to public service. Yen 60% of voters don't think she's trustworthy. Why so many people dis trust her as it because they have questions about her emails in the Clinton foundation. Elaine let me tell you why I trust Hillary Clinton he hears what people should look at is they look at a public servant. Today have a passion and their life that showed up. Before they were in public life and I they held onto that passion throughout their life regardless of whether they were in office are not. Succeeding or failing. Hillary Clinton has that passion from a time as a kid and a Methodist youth group in the suburbs of Chicago. She has been focused on serving others with a special focus on I'm on empowering families and kids. As a civil rights lawyer in the south with the children's defense fund first lady of Arkansas and this country senator. Secretary of state it's always been about putting others first and that's a sharp contrast. With Donald Trump Donald Trump always puts himself first he built a business career. In the words of one of his own campaign staffers off the backs of the little guy and as a candidate he started his campaign with a speech where he called Mexicans rapists and criminals. Yet he has. Pursued the discredited and really outrageous lie the President Obama wasn't born in the United States it is so painful to suggest the week go back to think about these days where an African American could not be a citizen United States and I can't imagine. How governor pens can defend the insult driven. Selfish me first style. Donald Trump governor passed let me ask you you have said Donald Trump is cloaked thoughtful compassionate and steady. It's 67% of voters feel he is a risky choice and 65% feel he does not have the right kind of temperament to be president. Why so many Americans think mr. trump is simply to Iraq. Well let me know me say first and foremost that. Senator you and Hillary Clinton would know a lot about an insult driven campaign. And it really is remarkable. At a at a time when literally in in the wake of Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state. Where she was the architect of the Obama administration's foreign policy we see entire portions of the world particularly the wider Middle East literally spinning out of control. In the situation we're watching hour by hour in Syria today is he is a result of the failed foreign policy in the week foreign policy that Hillary Clinton. Helped lead in this administration and create. The newly newly emboldened the aggression of Russian whether it was in. I Ukraine or not you're not as he loved Russian feet YouTube or heavy handed approach you both have said Vladimir well isn't generally no surprise in just a moment that but I do want to get back to that it emits in the Alicea Melinda thank you thank government thank you thank you senator Ellis praised Vladimir Putin has an hour later how. Senator really don't have that coming up here but in the meantime the questions let's Alison running idea Alison hit a nerve in my because in net. Send a time of great challenge in the life of this nation. Where we've we've weakened America's place in the world stifled America's economy. The campaign of Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine has been an avalanche. Of insults look to get to get to your question about trust reports Donald Trump has built a business. Through hard times and through good times he's brought an extraordinary in business acumen. He's employed tens of thousands of people in this country and campaign will you live acts and literal Austin million dollars a year and why the disconnect with your running mate but there's there's a reason why people. The question the trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton and that's because they're paying attention. I mean the reality is when she was secretary of state senator become law she she had Clinton foundation accepting contributions from foreign governments can't. Lower Donald Trump I don't I'm supremacist. Let me talk about designers they I think they still alive and well I think art does in this discussion this is our -- does it let's about the well is stayed up late let me interrupt not. Not let me interrupt you know finish my sentence if I can't finish listen foundation accepted foreign. Contributions from foreign governments. And foreign donors while she was separate OK now I can lay had a private L server I get to weigh in I was just say over I didn't raise you. I hate that Haley played US topic Japanese government out of reach of government depends. Doesn't think the world's gone so well he you know I was gonna say it's everybody do you let me tell you that's. When Hillary Clinton became secretary of state governor pence you know that Osama bin Laden was alive. Yes you know that we had a 175000. Troops deployed in the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan. Do you know that Iran was racing toward a nuclear weapon in Russia was expanding its stockpile. Under secretary Clinton's leadership she was part of a national team public safety team. That one after and revive the dormant how to get spam laden and white to mock the face of the earth. She worked a deal with the Russians to reduce their chemical weapons stockpile she worked a tough negotiation with nations around the world. Two. Eliminate the Iran and nuclear weapons program without firing a shot eliminate the Iran and that who absolutely without firing a shot. And has set a 175000. American troops deployed overseas we now have fifteen that right end you are very very in Iraq has been overrun by crisis could well as Hillary Clinton you failed to literally goes aren't more American sure Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton's failed to renegotiate. The status of forces agree on that as a permanent slowly removed we removed all of our troops from Iraq in ice. Likely Enron's you don't in the backyard and I'd like to been overrun vast areas governor or President Bush said we would leave Iraq at the end of 2011. And I'll mind. Iraq didn't want our troops to stay and they wouldn't give us the protection for our troops and guess what if a nation where our troops are serving. Does not want us to stay and we're not gonna stay without even being failure of the ship and materials the governor on top of an orchard Barack not Iraq wondering.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"The vice presidential candidates respond to questions about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's problems with voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42572894","title":"Tim Kaine, Mike Pence Debate Presidential Candidates' Trustworthiness, Likability","url":"/Politics/video/tim-kaine-mike-pence-debate-presidential-candidates-trustworthiness-42572894"}