Trump announces nominee for DHS secretary

The president said he will nominate White House principal deputy chief of staff Kirstjen Nielsen to lead the Department of Homeland Security
4:58 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for Trump announces nominee for DHS secretary
Hi everyone I'm ABC's Katherine potter thanks for joining us that was presidents from there in the east room. Announcing his new pick up for the department. Of Homeland Security a position that has of course remained a vacant since sag chief of staff John Kelly a left that post combat the Department of Homeland Security we cut acting secretary Elaine duke over there. Filling that role on until now Anne and Johnny nudity announced today will. Now in outs Pearson Nielsen who was actually one of John Kelly's deputies John Kelly. You know his old job done. The Homeland Security secretary. And it's interesting you know he saw a lot of Kelly today he keep big surprise appearance at the briefing that was you know one of the percent to sort of scene and answering those questions from news adjusting to get his perspective on a lot of these are qualities hot topic. And a lot of talk about a kitchen isn't for a second here since she was on Kelly's a deputy you're over at the department of homeland security and and when John Kelly last. I'm after rice preakness resigned as chief of staff. I'm he brought. Houston over whip hand interesting about this appointment though and and and what's raising a lot of questions here is. She kind of viewed as a hardliner in the White House I'm John Kelly of course has brought on order to the president's schedule. It's much more structured in the White House but she considered to be in the the powerhouse. Behind this and of course there's some speculation that on them. With her taking this job general Kelley was it giving her soft landing before maybe even sell departed but. We know today I'm from general Kelley that that is. Not true that he says he says he's not pretty today -- different today by the way I think that's choice words because it's not Friday John great harm pregnant. Exactly Susan not getting fired today that's speculation that is false he he is happy in his job in the president he said there he just over the present the president for the isn't any part. So I'm not present speculation behind behind Houston Kelly saying and not. Necessarily true but the president said and that today it in his remarks that he was sad to see her leave the White House and he specifically mentioned them. You know he hopes the senate confirms her and that and puts politics dies he said he has full faith and confidence of course with her and it and you know a really important time for this department receipt been very involved in a hurricane response acting secretary. Alain du. Has been on the ground has visited of the what the president. Yeah how little about that yeah and and going to took a little bit of criticism. During their sponsor her greenery as she said it was like a good news stories you sort of took some flak for that so. You can tell that their response to this is is a really important thing and it is it's a crucial time. For DHS there's a poll that came out today it. That said that the term administration got high marks for their responses. Two hurricanes on and Harvey but less so for hurricane Maria and that's still a mean he saw the president. Tweet about Puerto Rico today it's still obviously some and that's that's on his mind and it's going to be sort of along also it's it's it's really important time for DH Johnson. And you know did it's it's it's interesting to see him announcement that. And he's been relatively happy with the way I'm probably do cows responded to these. Today's disasters he said she's done a pretty good job so far but we know about Christian is. During her. You know she knows the department that's how sources have described that she knows the department in an out across the board from her time as chief of staff under Kelly and she won't need much time adjusting to the position. The president said they're TO event it deputy secretary. What would be Elaine Duke's silly it seems like a pretty good choice over all right Johnny. Yet sadly there's going to be some pretty solid continuity and mean and end up leave you need your Kelly today and she's obviously. Very close to kind of caliber work with the very close seated just when he was an apartment so. You know it seems like you know president trump is pretty comfortable with this pick just based on its trust of general Khaled. And I think that makes a lot of sense to oyster you know the president speak for decline we have general Khaled so. It makes this this pick makes sense and then like we're talking about it's it's a crucial time for DHS has a lot of challenges. And definitely will be interesting to watch that she if if confirmed that she at. I'm adjusts to her new role and how one general Kelley an intention work across. I'm the department in the White House and in seeing it that structure still remains in place that's something. Well obviously be following over and the coming once again M. With John neighborhood event here in the ABC news DC bureau you just saw president trump announces new pick for the Department of Homeland Security will be. Following updates on mountains stay tuned for more.

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{"id":50445516,"title":"Trump announces nominee for DHS secretary","duration":"4:58","description":"The president said he will nominate White House principal deputy chief of staff Kirstjen Nielsen to lead the Department of Homeland Security","url":"/Politics/video/trump-announces-nominee-dhs-secretary-50445516","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}