Trump to bring 'America First' agenda to Davos summit

National Economic Council director Gary Cohn and national security adviser H.R. McMaster answered questions at the daily White House briefing.
16:42 | 01/23/18

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Transcript for Trump to bring 'America First' agenda to Davos summit
Hi everyone I'm Mary Alice parks you've been watching. The White House briefing there it just rats were gonna break it all down for you and and at my colleague type Republicans also political reporter with me. And our senior justice correspondent. Stephanie today to talk about. Might a lot of headlines. With the Justice Department with the FBI with the Russian investigation Jack got it thank you so much for being aired it again today. If an accident and satellites high typically get back to your phone aunt and your source apartment stuff out. But help it out so the president today said he's not concerned. Attorney general talks to investigators but isn't big deal that attorney general sat with owners team. Well you know what you're getting at. Official. You know wreaking. Administration. Opposed the trip inner circle Jeff Sessions with wit. President front throughout the campaign you lose this early early supporter says. And you know he was in on some of the meetings regarding. Port policy Hughes chair where policy committee in the campaign to. He along right. Truck train he's he's he's been there what. But I don't I I. No because he's the center. The firing came home. He court met with president with Ruth Epstein. Written some memos related to the firing can be seduced. Either that element the investigation is being reviewed by the council. So it would make sense it you'd be interviewed. Eventually the timing here it's happening now. Might suggest that. That element of the investigation part of investigation Bassett is starting to reach vision as you beat your top of the chain people want to. Talk to you about that. Means they're gates of that upper Echelon. But Jeff Sessions is in the news for another reason today there's been talks in rumors that he was pressuring the head of the FBI interest rates and eighty clean house. Why we know about that as they're concerned that this is another example of the top administration interfering with my personal. That's right it's not unusual for a and handed me the agency whether the Secret Service the FBI. Do you. To bring in some of his own people that happens in government. However it appears it. Jeff Sessions was encouraging new FBI director to clean house to bring it. Meet people and and that would mean. Get critical layer of executives network to quote. Particular. There there's any tape we've been so controversial. President for tweeting about it. And if it so. He's resisted that he said you know I'm running this agency and it effectively he could. Do you think he's gonna do us no timetable. Texas and you and you heard Sarah say they're that the White House has a 100% confidence and in directorate to make those decisions that seems like they're standing by him and those those decisions it's. Let him decide who is an isn't on his staff but other big headline. Out of the Justice Department or at least the present making it big story tweeting today. I and there's there is getting questions there about missing text messages. So that. Let's let's greatest out a little bit the senate investigators have been asking for any more information on those two FBI agents and lawyers who were basically dismissed. From Muller's team. Out because the exchanged text messages and even look a rather politically cited sort of bashing the president in these text messages but it seems like. Investigators didn't turn over all the text message to. The senate investigators ands that's causing concern. So there's there's the debt so this would happen is not being stored with one of the top FBI agents tested the -- team. Before that he worked out Hillary Clinton email pro. In. He. Had text messages between him and another FBI attorney who were special counsel's office at least page those two. Another relationship outside of work but as far as these text message to scope. The that the text messages that were shared. About 300 pages of expenses were previously turned over. What would happen on Friday is another tranche of text messages came over but also review for the profound that it huge gap I look at it. The text messages and the FBI and adjust our state because of a glitch in their phones and in this FBI assistant that retains these text messages so. The period from about December 13 through. This the couple days after Moeller was appointed on taxes that we are not sure what their time and that are people. In the senate and house that are very happy that sort. Right now at I think he'll look like understatement but it really isn't really upset about it today and is upstairs editors there I think she hoped that investigators look and it worked look at it. Colin pretense parent even think there might be evidence of inappropriate behavior and possibly. Activity. To work. That that which it described it. Put them destitute and imperial it was sort quickly to upgrade its upward book so. You know the place Latvia V everybody. You know purely she cellphone. Some people have different than let's sentenced him that's him. Oh. Pete Stewart and Lisa page book five's and the backers stopped working a certain period of time. We've upgraded the sentence he started getting text messages story so that's that's why they started after they said. All right well we appreciate you trying to it's the bottom of all of these stories we know the you have to read because there's more according to view of world news. That's it for going at it but I don't have Karen Travers on the White House lawn. Care about what he's questions to. We are just talking about. Those missing text messages from the FBI. You're and it's got a few questions and she thinks sounding alarm doubling down on the president's tweets calling for. Incidents what did you make. Yes essentially saying to reporters you guys are so it's asked with collusion when it comes to president trump. How about the potential for collision when it comes to these senior staffers have been there so you know nothing eight. Moving the ball forward from there is an but it certainly give her a bit of a soft bought it lot of it right back and say you guys need to be looking into this more than you are right now. In another big story at a White House and the president was signing tariffs on a few different. Serve products brought in from our Ron that we had here Cohen there at the top of the press briefing talking about the president's economic agenda yet. You know I guess we shouldn't be surprised at these tariffs that's brilliant line wit. The president's campaign rhetoric but this is a big departure from traditional Republican. Values and I yet she expects low backer pushed back from other Republicans. Yeah. An area out its RD started senator and Sasser Nebraska has said that this is gonna hurt that moms and dads who were going out to buy a washing machine because now. The prices will be higher on those that are imported from overseas so it isn't what the president did today in. I deliver on the promised Harris on products coming in from overseas course you can focus on China. And Korea. And it's an order to protect products made here the president has certainly been itching for a trade war but today he said there won't be a trade war but. You can look at this almost as the first battle that he's launching here there are critics who say note that wit these parents spend it becomes. Attacks and American consumers because now. Any product that you would buy from those countries that are meet overseas and imported into the US if it's going to be more expensive now the option of course for the White House is by the American companies product but there certainly will be criticism of that. Mary Alice interesting factored all of this of what east Harris are doing. To the US solar energy industry in real divide here so you have some companies that manufacture parts here in the US they are really excited about this because now there will be terrorist. On the solar panels in parts that are made overseas this is going to help them it's. It's gonna certainly give them more business because their products will be cheaper. There are other companies here in the US that unity installation. Of solar panels they buy their products overseas because they're cheaper and they are saying this is going to raise their prices if we hurt demand. And hurt their business so in the industry like you say departure here for the president Republican politics but there's one industry news. He seems to stand to gain but very divided about having an impact. Yeah I think it's interesting and I think we can expect a lot more response. From Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill Karen payment that's it you can't is that really curious to ask you about the president's coming trip to dot us. But I most don't want to get to our congressional reporter who's I think witness. A lot of illnesses discussed in the White House briefing not only some of these trade questions but obviously a lot of conversation about the short. Shut down over the weekend he's upstairs interesting teams take a little bit of a victory lap on that is that. Sort of dessert. And her house could see you again today. Well I think that really the the focus now is turning pass the shut down we've got another shutdown that could potentially be happening in and seventeen days. So in order to reach some sort of comprehensive immigration agreement that's gonna deal some of these underlying issues. We really need to get these bipartisan discussions. Reignited. So we saw today that senator Dick Durbin he thought that his bipartisan negotiations would really be the best way forward. But in the house. It sounds like there's enough support coming around good lot bill that's really going to be. We're all the momentum is going to be down there in the lower chamber. So I think at this point. You know we saw that secretary Nielsen from the Department of Homeland Security. She was back here in the capital she told me that bipartisan negotiations are reigniting. But not so much at the level of the number to use that we heard about last week they haven't met since last Thursday. And those discussions are really put on hold right now of the house is on recess this week. So Kevin McCarthy who's been in or go to those conversations is expected to travel to Diallo's. We've seen that Steny Hoyer still is kind of waiting around in and he's also been critical of between these negotiations. And as you mentioned there's really just a short time line coming up here to get a finalist loose on this or face another shutdown. Net interest in the hands sixteen days and sixty dozens. Missed messages from Sarah we you know on the one hand she was came out right up that I and that that that dirt until it this time about his. Dead on arrival as ours she was concerned but that much and I'll ask it would actually get things done she said she didn't think met negotiators that are part right. It sort of seems like the way passes it's trying to play both sides but on this and some are describes their standards as conciliatory. And the briefing which I'm not exactly sure that and that's your record I'm not sure exactly. But I think you do see that along the sides on this and some pretty tough positions you saw senator Schumer. Minority leader in the senate about it and that he's taken his deal off the table to opera ball funding for through a permanent solution through to the docket entry to streamers. And you know the White House hearing you at seventeen days to figure out these these four incredibly crucial buckets. And right now you announcers Andersons are not that are part it seems like you have a couple different proposals floating around and it's a little bit unclear. Pretty big ticket at a time. Well I think that there's really going to be some complications if you look at the schedule over the next few days he could count it up that there's only twelve legislative days in the senate. There's less in the house with them and Ian out the rest that we. But you also have these policy retreats that they plan. At the beginning of every you're really going really set the next year's agenda and the house Republicans and senate Republicans are scheduled to meet. That day after the state of the union which will also. I think delay any sort of real progress as far as getting legislation on the for an advancement through sausage making process here. I make really good point because while Republicans are gonna going on their retreat and ends annually on their retreat. They're not sort of retreating to gather in what you essentially needed more time with all of them. Behind close doors making anti off. But he got it we really appreciate all of your party and I guess the free go I'm just curious you've been up there on Capitol Hill for a long time you see an ups and downs he's really busy few days what wasn't like there. It was definitely a fast pace I think that there was a lot of disappointment when the government did shut down. And at that point once that deadline passed there was an earnest I think effort from Republicans and Democrats up here. To and that right there instead of just having this talk about who's to blame Republicans Democrats the president. I think that there were enough lawmakers appear that were looking for a serious listen to this and figure out a path forward. I think that the path forward really is gonna have to be. Some sort of comprehensive. A deal to. Lifts the spending caps to get disaster relief and there and then also find a solution for the dreamers. All that stuff really has to come together. And otherwise you're gonna be seen these continuing resolutions over and over and over time says from George. Time looking you keep on it reporting and you'll get a lot of didn't say when he traveled some of those retreats thanks so much hope we sot Karen. At the White House because it's a big week for the president is about to. Jet at a town tell us more we know about his trip coming up. At a residence leaving tomorrow night for the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland which certainly doesn't seem to it Nash with his America first policies that Gary collins' top economic advisor. Mary Alice says it's America first not America alone so this is a chance they say the president ago. Meet with other world leaders he's gonna have a sit down the British prime minister. The Israeli prime minister as well as the president Havel Wanda. Harry Allison Donnie look for the president to be in Davos for about a day and a half. And essentially doing a big sales pitch for the United States he's gonna talk about the tax cut he's gonna talk about GDP growth he's gonna talk about the stock market when of his favorite topics of course. And this is and it's hands according to the White House for him to you sell the United States to say were open for business. And try and locked in companies based in Europe or other parts of the world to do business with the United States now there are things in question where somebody noted that last year China's president she went adopt us and and seemed to be trying to leverage China's power compared to the United States stepping into this uncertain back you when president from Phoenix the White House. And Gary cones asked if by the tropic try to do that. Gerber rebuttal to that from last year. No I mean this is really going to be him is battling all of his policies in Atlantic economic victory lap Mary house. You know I think that's everyone here will be watching. Mostly because you're out like about ten objectives ten possible agenda items for the president is team to accomplish. For what you say the pretty short amount of time it actually have there on the ground Karen thanks so much we always appreciate all of your insane expertise. From the White House and giant my head spinning a little bit a lot of news. I don't. What don't wanna add eleven to Karen's less than ten but one thing when questioned about sound briefing with Rupert a reporter about the relationship between the United States the United Kingdom and accurate count in any turning master talk a lot about prioritizing that meeting with prime minister made. I'm very curious to see what comes out of that meeting there's presence postponed district the United Kingdom and that's that's a key perhaps the most key relationship finances can't solve pictures. You. Frightening just another headline. And if parents went up thank you so much. I'm Mary Alice parks and giant or haven't you been watching the briefing room at ABC news.

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