Trump on unemployment numbers: 'It's nobody's fault'

The president spoke about how Americans need to return to work to restart the nation's shutdown economy, saying the time would come "pretty quickly” during a White House briefing.
52:41 | 03/27/20

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Transcript for Trump on unemployment numbers: 'It's nobody's fault'
This is an ABC news special report. Now reported. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon welcome on the air right now because president trump is about to appear in the White House briefing room where this corona virus task force there you see doctor Anthony fashioning. Failures leading expert on infectious disease also doctor Deborah Burks. Who's the coordinator in the White House for this corona virus test scores were waiting the president. On a day win the pandemic continues to accelerate more than 500000 cases. Well why right now almost 24000. Deaths 122000 people have recover here in the United States. A milestone today topping a thousand deaths. As president trump enters the briefing room now would vice president pence let's listen. Thank you which. Beautiful day. Very. Good what you're doing with an illness. In key states. It is seen it like that. Bush world how the world has changed how the world has changed. But it's gonna end up being better than ever. I want to thank you very much for being here and it like to update you on the steps we're taking. Well and our ongoing fight to defeat the virus this morning at 755. I spoke to the leaders of the G-20. Had a great meeting you and we have a lot of different ideas lot of good ideas were working together the leaders gathered. Virtually around the world to discuss. The whole subject of the problem that. Right now 151 nations. Have got we had president Alberto Fernandez of Argentina. Prime minister Scott Morrison of Australia. President and chair of also morrow of Brazil. Prime minister Justin Trudeau of Canada's. President GO of China. President Emanuel the crone of France. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Prime minister. Moody of India. President. Would dollar bill of Indonesian. Prime minister. Giuseppe country of Italy. Prime ministership is OIBM. Japan congratulations. To Japan or make any great decision. When the Olympics could make it next year when he 21. President Andres. Manuel. Lopez overdue. Of Mexico I want to thank the president. Mexico for having done such. A great job with respect to the military we have 27000. Mexican soldiers on our southern border and very few people are getting flu like can tell you that we gotta keep it that way. And we have a great relationship with Mexico now President. Putin of Russia. Okay. Saudi Arabia. President. Graham post oh south African. President moon. As you know. A country that we spend a lot of time in South Korea were working very hard and then. Prime minister Sanchez of Spain. President or to get out of Turkey prime minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. President of the European Commission Ers who have vendors sit and president of the European council chose. To scale. United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres. World Health Organization director kid goes and how disarm. World Bank president David Mel pass. And the International Monetary Fund managing director. Crystalline. QG of them. So that's a big group but it's a great group it's. And they were all there every on of them and we talked about the problem. And hopefully won't be a problem foods too much longer the United States is working with our friends and partners around the world to stop. To spread of the virus and coordinator efforts. We discuss how vitally important is for all of our nations to immediately share information and data. And we've been doing that to a large extent but we'll. Do it even more so in to inform our. I guess you could save former each of us on the fight that. We've got going one way or the other it's a little bit different but we're handling it a little bit in different ways. But there is a great uniformity I think we had it was a terrific reading. Tremendous spirit among all of those countries yet corny countries plus the other. People that I mentioned and tremendous spirit to get this over Lewis. After the meeting with the world leaders I spoke with the governors of our fifty states and territories. Our team. Has. But he constant communication with the governor's and we had it. We had a terrific ratings somebody in the fake news said that one of the governor said oh we need town radius of. He let that are positive ways said we need Tom Brady. We gonna do let any mention very positive labored to that they took it differently they think Tom Brady. Should be leading the effort. That's only fake news and I like Tom Brady spoke to be of the day it's great guy. But I wish the news could be. Could be real wish you could be honest I wish it weren't corrupt. But so much of it is so sad to see just so sad to say we had a great meeting I do work. I'm chip tapes of the meeting should that you were able to get tapes seriously C a fifty governors plus. And be had tapes you'd see it was really am and there's no contention I would say virtually none. I would say maybe one person there was did a tiny bit of their regime of the voice a little wise wise guys a little bit. But he usually a big boys got a not so much anymore. Reseller to it that he wouldn't be so much anymore but he is. We headed I mean I would grade Mike was there a lot of folks in the back where there. And it was a it was a great meeting took place at about 12 o'clock. So we went from the G-8 warning to the governor's. We also spoke about the economic relief with the governors in the package that were moving through congress to deliver much needed financial assistance. Two hardworking families and small businesses. Or thank Democrats and Republicans in the senate. For unanimously passed in the largest financial relief package in American history. 96 to zero and I have to say it's the largest by far. And I'm profoundly grateful that both parties came together to provide. Relief for American workers and families in this hour of need. The House of Representatives must now pass this bill hopefully without delay. I think it's got tremendous support. When you're at 96 to nothing then as you know a couple of those people are quarantined in one Rand Paul is. He's actually got it but he'll he'll be bettors he's been a great guys did a great friend of mine actually. The massive 2.2 trillion dollar relief package includes job retention loans to small businesses with loan forgiveness. Available for businesses that keep their workers on the payroll it's pretty good loan forgiveness keep the workers on the payroll it's pretty good. Direct cash payments will be available to American citizens earning. Less than 99000 dollars per year 3400. Dollars for the typical family of four. Expanded unemployment benefits the average worker who is lost his or her job will receive. 100%. Of their salary for up to. Four full months deserves things at. By the way we have plenty more to go and but the things that. Nobody is ever had any package like this and I just wanna think. Them hopefully we'll get approved equally. Easily in the house really I think it will go through pretty well from what I hear. Virtually everybody they could be one blue one blue one grand stander maybe you might have one grand stander. And for that we'll have to come back and take a little more time and it'll pass it and just take a little longer. But let's see whether or not we have a grand stander. Critical support for the hardest hit investor is with a ban on corporate stock buybacks. And tough new safeguards to prevent executive compensation it is. Over 100 billion dollars for amazing doctors nurses and hospitals. 45 billion dollars for the disaster relief fund of more than doubling the amount available this is tremendous stuff. 27 billion dollars for the corona virus response including sixteen billion dollars to build. These strategic national stockpile. With critical supplies including masks respirators. And all sorts of pharmaceuticals. 3.5 billion dollars to expand assistance. To child care providers and child care benefits to. Health care workers first responders and others on the front lines of the crisis and he's a really brave incredible people have to say. And some of them are getting sick and some of them are getting very sick and some of them don't even recover. They're incredible people one billion dollars for defense production act procurement. We are as you know using the act but we use it only when necessary. We use it as leverage we generally don't have to uses them to. Accomplish what we want to accomplish. As of today FEMA has shipped over 9000000 and 95 masks. Twenty median face masks three point one million face shields. Nearly 6000 ventilator is two point six million gallons. Fourteen point six million gloves. And we're sending more every day and we've got tremendous. Amounts of equipment coming in a lot of great companies are making equipment right now the mental it is obviously they take. A little longer to make but we have a lot of companies make him. And we're going to be in great shape we took over an empty shelf we took over. The very depleted place in a lot of ways. As you know the testing is going very very well. And that was obsolete and broken and we fixed it and it's been going really good. And I think very importantly the the stockpiles. We're really filling it up and we fill it up rapidly but we get it out sometimes we haven't sent directly to the states instead. And again the state has to be doing this kind of a thing also was sort of a we we look we look from behind a little bit and we look at how are they doing and if they need help we do it but it's their first responsibility. Sometimes they just can't get it but we loaded up and we said that output of we can we haven't sent directly to the state. We wanted to go directly to the point will we want it. I can now announce something that I think is incredible what they've done in the navy. Because these incredible. Naval. Hospital ship the US NS comfort which is incredible actually when you see it inside. Will be under way to New York City on Saturday. So it's going to be leaving on Saturday rather than. Three weeks from now. Today he had did the maintenance quickly and there was going to be there for quite awhile longer than the three or four weeks and it should be arriving until the governor of twenty minutes ago Governor Cuomo that they ship will be arriving at New York Harbor. On Monday. I think I'm going to go out and now. A kiss it goodbye I'll go. I'll go to it's in Virginia has you know. And I will go and will be waiting together because I suspect the media. We'll be following Jenny going to be maybe in a room answer or great ship its a great vessels right. So if you wanna go policy in there to be you know that's okay. After being fully loaded with medical supplies it's going to be it's loaded up to the top. And dad is over at the dot org naval base. That's where departs. It is expected then to. Lou we're saving about three to four weeks by the incredible work done by the navy. And and actually look forward to Saturday to see it go. The ship will arrive and I believe it's gonna get a little bit of the Sarah Lawrence is something very beautiful about it it's incredible. Piece of work. Going to be landing at pier ninety in Manhattan to provide a hospital surge capacity. For the New York metropolitan areas such a surge capacity they may use it for this or they may have other people coming in from hospitals. Unrelated to the virus and then they use those hospitals. On land. That he is those hospital for the virus but will CO they did they could use do it either way one way or the other whichever what is best. But it could because it set up so well for a regular hospital that they may take people out of hospitals and then use those rooms for the voters. The national institute of health and the private sector. Working closely with the FDA continue to collaborate to discover and tests treatments and therapies. That can effectively reduce the duration and symptoms of the virus and help. Very much help people to recover. And am firmly committed to bringing these treatments. To market very quickly we have a we have a lot of protests going on with regard to different medicines. And I hope I hope we get lucky I hope we hit a lot of talented. Scientists and doctors are working on therapeutics. Fuel. Vaccines. I think we're doing very workable well Tony may speak to that a little bit later but I think we're doing very well with regard to the vaccines I think we're doing. Well with regard to a lot of the things I just mentioned but we'll have to see what happens we're. Or no fairly soon about a lot of them. But it's very advanced and the vaccines are very events prior to as you know fairly reasonably long test period of in that case over a year every American should be proud of the incredible spirit our country is brought to this effort it's been incredible. Citizens from all walks of life of come together to turn the tide and his battle. We're witnessing the extraordinary power of American unity like a lot of people have never seen even getting a vote you're talking about trillions of dollars and you get a a vote of 96 to nothing. We are waging war in this virus using every financial scientific medical. Pharmaceutical. And military resource to halt its spread and protect our citizens. I want to express our tremendous things to the American people were continuing to practice social. Distancing like you people practicing right here's I don't know that you may never be the same. Maintaining good hygiene and follow government guidelines. Vice president pencil of sub that card every time. And some very complicated. But. Hopefully you can do that. And your commitment will make all the difference in the world and that's one of the big ones will be. For a while staying home just relax stay home. Making a lot of progress as we continue to gather more information and accelerate the testing. Where we're doing record numbers of tests now far more than any other country is done. I told you yesterday eight days. Here because you heard so much about South Korea this. The media kept out of South Korea South Korea would have a great relationship with prison and moon's South Korea. But when I hear so much about South Korea is so big gains in eight days we do more testing than they did in eight weeks. And it's just very highly sophisticated test and we'll be able to deploy even more data driven and targeted approaches to. Slow the ultimately. You know what's it very devastating thing but. We will vanquish this virus and its. Lot of progress has been man. That's why earlier today I sent a letter to America's governors describing how we will be using the data. Two update existing guidance on social distancing which will be developed in close coordination within our nation's public health officials and scientists. Because of the sacrifices. Of our great doctors and nurses and health care professionals the brilliance of our scientists and researchers. And the goodness and generosity of our people. I know that we will achieve victory in quickly returned to the path of exceptional health safety and prosperity for all of us citizens. We have to get back to work our people want to work they want to go back. Have to go back and we're going to be talking about dates we're going to be talking. With a lot of great professionals. Let this country that was built on. Getting it done. And our people want to go back to work I'm hearing I'm hearing it loud and clear from everybody. So we'll see what what happens we're gonna have a lot more information. Early next week and we'll be reporting that back. I just believe that with you we have to go back. This the United States of America they don't want to sit around him. Wait and they'll be practicing and by the way a lot of people misinterpret when I say go back they're going to be practicing. As much as you can social distancing. And washing your hands and not shaking hands and all of the things that we talk about so much but they have to go back to work our country has to go back our country is. Based on that and I think it's gonna happen. Pretty quickly. I think it's gonna happen pretty quickly lot of progress is made but we gotta go back to work we may take. Sections of our country we may take large sections of our country that I'm so. Seriously affected and we may do it that way but. And we've got to suck the press has pretty soon so well we'll be talking feeling a bit more about that next week. And with that if you have any questions you could ask and then I'm gonna have vice president and stay behind. And he's going to take questions. Also. Introduce some of the people you could ask them some questions plans. Board members. 3.3 1000050. Not a surprise. But still staggering number. Alex. Nobody's fault strictly not. In this country nobody's fault we got very lucky when we made a decision not to allow people in from China at a very early data say that because. Some people. Don't want to accept that this was a great decision made by our country. Or there's the numbers are deducted about where big country to be. If far greater far. For a bigger. So when I heard the number and I heard it could be six million could be seven million its 3.3. 03 point two. But it's a lot of jabs but I think we'll come back grew strongest sooner we get back to work you know every day that we stay at a gets harder to bring it back very quickly. And people don't wanna stay and so I I know those numbers jump but I think you'll see a very fast turnaround once we have a victory over the they hidden enemy as I say it's a hidden enemy sometimes hidden enemies slap tougher than somebody that stage in the face or. So. We'll see what happens but I mean they're fully expected numbers at least at least save lives. Cool stories of troops along. That's why is that there are always have a very strong. Deployments on the southern border as you know. With Mexico and we had some troops up the next Canada but I find out about them. I guess it's equal justice to a certain extent. But in Canada we have we do have troops. Along the border there we have a lot of things coming in from Canada we have. Trade some illegal prayed that we don't like. We have very strong. Sanctions and so I'm we have very strong tariffs. Dumping steel. And we don't like steel coming to a border that's been dumped. In Canada so they can avoid the tariff united Georgia lot of tariff for the steel and it's been great for steel companies because now they can. Really do you look at what's happened with steel it's been pretty incredible but we've taken in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs on steel. And much of it comes in from China but they can come through the Canadian border to so we're always watching for them. Now I think it's a tribute to our testing. You know number one you know what the numbers are in China China does your numbers in London. I'm speaking to prison and she tonight I believe we'll have a good conversation pure. But you just don't know you know what are the numbers but I think it's a tribute to the testing protesting tremendous. Numbers of people and every day the way the system works and I want to thank especially Roche has been fantastic. Great company. They've done a tremendous amount Debra was somebody before that they were really they've really stepped up to the plate and and Rick as have other of the companies but it seems that they're really doing a particularly well. So it you know we'll see what happens there but it's a tribute to the amount of testing that would we're doing tremendous assessing. And I'm sure you're not able to tell what China is testing they're not testing and I think that's a little. 3.3. When he's just 67. Billion below those were her eyes. You as soon as said some people were projecting that would be six or seven and it's I believe 3.3. Record. Millions of Americans out of work some of them will be losing their insurance. Watch for my big shirts or don't follow your you just mentioned that base station are you going to parts of the subsidies for somebody season. Car care expand Medicaid will be considerable blow. I mean the things I just read you are being considered and other things are being considered. People who going to be getting. Paychecks and it's it's nothing before what happened to them is not their fault so we're doing. We're doing a lot of different things on health insurance we have meetings on it today we're taking care of our people. This is not their fault what happened and we're taking care we're starting off by sending them very big checks I think for a family of Ford's about 3000 dollars. And we're taking care of our people were taking care of oil workers. This was not. You know as I say this was on a financial crisis is was a health crisis a medical crisis. We're gonna take care of a people's lives. Please. We restaurant. Mr. She. Projection. Wouldn't say Hoover's. Who is looking at news and she thinks and thinks he has roads and an expert it is what I. I hate to enter the business very well I understand the restaurant business a very delicate business it's a business that that it's not easy. In Iowa Sarah assemblies as you can save thirty great meals to the person or family and they love it. One bed meal number 31 they never come back again. It's a very tough business but I they're great people that run restaurants. And I've heard 3% could be lost and you could go as high as ten or 11% but feel welcome back and one former and that that might be a different restaurant but. It's going to be great business were a lot of people and we're making it easy for people to look what we're doing. What we're doing in terms of loans what we're doing in terms of salaries. They'll all come back it may not be the same restaurant may not be the same ownership but there will be back. Yes or please. Him. Thanks for American companies who provides supplies. It didn't visit get three 81000 feet in the US invasion three. UC Davis production. Well I talked about the defense production act a lot and I've you know I've been activities I have I can do it with a pen. And we have actually used it on to minor occasions and then we could withdraw. But for the most put the companies we don't need it we say we need this. And they say don't bother with a utility mean we would dealing with poor General Motors 3M would deal with great companies. They want to do this they want to do this they're doing things at. That frankly they don't need somebody to walk over there with a with a hammer and say. Do what they are getting it done it would who did making tremendous amounts of equipment tremendous amounts. And when this is over will there be fully stockpiled which they would have never been except for a circumstances was. This was something that nobody has ever. Thought could happen to this country I'm not even blaming look we inherited a broken situation but I don't totally blame the people that were before me and this administration. Nobody would've ever thought a thing like this could have happened. But. The production act defense production act it's a wonderful thing but I just haven't heard is that they know it's activated. They know I can use it may be that frightens them a little bit you know it's got tremendous power. But I haven't had to please. Question for me her question your loving person my colleagues were so we'll. The move. Kennedy hadn't. First question has to do with fact requires like. They want it's really okay. Worry if you can stay offshore. I'm on my experience my cup qualifier so wholly aesthetic vision. Move back United States. Were they get a check do you agree. Should they pay US taxes. To get US taxpayer money. So I'm a big fan of senator Ali. And I also liked the idea. There were some senators and didn't want to do anything like carnival great company. But they're based in different places I won't tell you I could tell you exactly where their base but I won't do that. But they based it actually more than one places you don't ships are registered a different locations. I do like the concept of perhaps. Coming in and registering here. Coming into the United States it's you know it's very tough to make alone does a company when they're based in a different country flatly that being said. If thousands and thousands of people that work there and may be almost as importantly that work on shore filling these ships with goods and products. In the cruise line business is very important and I know carnival what a great job they did do Vickie Harrison. And I would think that. We can stick with center Hawley and may be really look at that very seriously. Look it's a big business it's a great businesses think it's a business that. Employees tremendous of no number of people outside of the ship itself I mean you look you look at these ports it's loaded up with. Shops and and and people that are involved with the ship self. Whether it worked very hard on the cruise line business and whether it trying to work something that but I like that got to get that. Sir. The senate bill includes pay and certainly tied the airlines. And since before the end. Following bizarre is suffering from temple Wallace's seven various New Hampshire winds. Do you think it's appropriate she uses legislation to sort of provide them. Seventeen billion dollars and pay talk you know 25 billion and he could qualify for as a passenger. So the airline business a very tough business over many years it's been very very tough. It's got everything it's got laborers got very strong powerful you know. You look at the cost of these airliners everything is tough very highly technological. You look at how complicated how complex. It's got unions it's got everything the airline business generally speak and has changed it's a very tough this is always been a great at business. Without being said we have to keep our airlines going. And we're going to be using sound now maybe we'll take a piece of the airlines for the country for a country where we loaned money we take a piece with a tool fully ready we're ready to go. But it we didn't do that would end up with no airlines that we can do that the airline business is very vital to our country. It's a tough business we have to understand that so not I mean I could to any other businesses that are. Different kinds of business they're very good businesses but airlines have always been very very deft post. Yeah I didn't political just channel them. On Monday he would did you speak with you and I'm Bloomberg yeah. Mark partners Michael. Mr. President. On Monday. Did you speak with Chinese president she. Before you urged Americans and I blame Asian American sport that he qualifiers. We noticed that she backed off that language and speaking with the war. I can do them tonight. It's scheduled to go tonight co president and chief China. And very good relationship no I didn't like when they. Came up and and and it wasn't him somebody at a lower level mid level we found that pretty much but they made a statement that our soldiers. Brought it into Chapman that came from Chang. And if you know. We just signed a very big deal was China. They're paying this a lot of money in tariffs and other things in the pistons since that China has taken advantage of the United States until I came here. With. Sleepy Joseph Biden and Obama and bush and everybody else I'm not blaming. Then I'm blaming everybody they were allowed to 500 billion dollars a year they were taking them. We have trade deficits. That were so large nobody has ever seen anything like it. And we've changed his look now it taken and billions of dollars and we gave some to a farmers because China you know they targeted our farmers. And our farmers are very happy and and our farmers got to have very rough period because of what I was able to do it took the money from China and gave it to the farmers and we had plenty left over after that. Now we're going into a phase two negotiation with China. But look getting 25%. Or 250 billion dollars in the way getting a lot on money after that. So we've never had to deal with China that China took advantage of the United States and you know what I don't blame China for that I blame the people that were right here. Because they should have never allowed it to happen. But the relationship with John has been very good when Jack was spread the presidency ask you sort of took home. Yeah gross income somebody might have. Spoken somebody but nobody spoke to me about. A rigorous on them because you know. I joke about the Chinese buyers. And an imminent this what came from you know if you look at Ebola if you look at all aligned right lyme Connecticut you look at all these different. Horrible diseases they seem to come with the name with the location. And this was. Chinese matters but. I don't have to say if they feel so strongly about it policy but you know we have. We just made a great deal with China's great hopefully for both parties but we've made a deal with China and within an end to an otherwise looks like they wanna do it very badly. Maybe they'll want to wait like Iran they wanna wait to see whether or not trump gets beat in the election because when they loved to negotiate with Biden or somebody else other than me that would love it this pedestrian in the world. So many others so. There are some that may be an in a waiting until after November 3 Election Day. But I think we're doing very well. It would be sad if we blew all of the advantages that we have right now because we've been unbelievable trade deals whether it's Mexico Canada. Japan South Korea. China and others. We have we have changed the whole thing around. Please earlier today sent a notification letter Q the nation's governors say it shouldn't promote new guidelines. Social distancing and other items he hadn't skating yet. To suggest which specific areas of the country may have. There are guidelines relax which areas of the country may have does. I think you'll look about that Antonia a few minutes but I think we'll start talking about that because we have to open up. We can't say let's close people don't wanna closed. I see it again and again the reason I do because I want you to report it eventually. Go ahead Steve. Because. President Clinton. It's his call I mean I'll talk to him whatever he wants to him and you know we'll have. I think it very. Fruitful call with the Cole and tonight at 9 o'clock please. So yeah. I will be talking about the idea we'll be talking about the yeah yeah and the back for a place famous. Residents. By the jobless claim numbers contained the market rallied again I think over 1000 points the last three games here again. Now her life insurance since 1931. Do you think that he economic concerns. No not yet it doesn't pass but has come a long way I think they think we're doing a really good job in terms of running this whole situation having to do with the the virus. I think they feel that. I think they feel the administration myself from the administration of doing did you have what people keeping very important people informed. Because it was a great fear. And a lot of good things happen in the mortality rate is at I in my opinion you have to speak to shepherd Tony. All of the others but in my opinion. It's way way down and that takes a lot of fear you know it's one thing to happen it's another thing to die. You know when I first got involved I was being told numbers that were much much higher than. The number that seems to be and remember that people that. Have that many people haven't had just spoken to people they had if they get born to a doctor they had it absolutely had to but they never went to a doctor. They never went to any that they they reported. You have thousands and hundreds of thousands of cases like that so you have to add that to the caseload also. And the people that actually die. That percentages is a much lower percentage than I have a thought that's one of the reasons I say look we're gonna beat this and we're gonna get back to work. This place. Administration today DOJ announced charges against Nicholas that Euro for drug trafficking Baghdad detonated. I was an early. It's also expected Venezuela's that you really hard hot corona virus does the administration see this as a weak points but well. We don't look at awake when this is serious problem for over a 115 nations that Irish I would say this. The giro. And Venezuela were watching it very closely we'll see what happens but that is correct this judges were made please. That some minor. We will give you that notification bulletin okay. Question about. Classify her. I'm a lot of these areas. Yeah it's safe to say if current guidelines we'll be extended. In. When you. You really cute changed I want to leave happy. Yes. I want those guidelines to go even when we're open and fully operational and frankly. Much of the guidelines like shaking hands and may be people are going to be shaken Henson. You know. Tony had mentioned to me Tony changed and the other day that. I don't think he was would be too upset with the concept of not shaking hands you saying that the flu would cut down the regular flu because recordable. If we didn't do that if we didn't shake hands into the regular flu of which we have a lot of deaths so a lot of problems with a do so I think a lot of a lot of great things when we're open just say justified when we're open. As soon as we open that's assuming it is up with the guidelines you'll still try and distance yourself maybe not to the same extent because you have to legal life but I think the time is coming up. One more question go ahead in the factory. These relentless hustle to questions because asking how we have before us as well. So one domestic question on the national domestic. He just tweeted the daisy. It's very important that we told Politico Asian American. Spears and it is very important to me. I feel you hear what really have to we have to protect our Asian Americans. It's very it's a very importers are important tweaked to me because I didn't like things that I was here please go ahead plus plus plus complimentary that you. He I don't know I knows us. Asian Americans our country doing fantastically well I'm very close to them as you know. And in doing fantastically well and I think they appreciate the job would but I did want to put that statement the social media statement. Because to me Asian Americans agree part of our country thank you all very much we'll see you soon thank you. President shut down leaving the White House briefing room. Main message that you heard it and say is several times America's got to get back to work he wants to open up the country again. For about the possibility really relaxing guidelines released some parts. Of the country to present also has to respond to those new jobs numbers today the worst. Weekly jobs report in American history nearly 3.3 million people out of work in the last week its first response is nobody's fault also said. He believes those jobs will come back quickly particularly because of the help. That massive economic rescue package which is poised. To pass the house so sometime before the weekend although there is at least one Republican member of congress who is now threatening to hold up the bill the president reference that. During the briefing as well. We want to talk about first what happened with the corona virus today the president was asked about the fact that America now has more cases. And China have. He said the that is in large part because of the progress we're making testing oughta bring that first to Dr. Jenna hatch and our chief medical of course and we have been making some progress. In testing. Doctor Jan but we've also seen a rapid acceleration. In the number of cases here. Right George and I think what we need to remember is that what we're seeing in New York City today what we're seeing in the state of Louisiana today. Wrapped presents. Viral transmission and actions that either occurred or didn't occur weeks ago in some cases possibly months ago. That is why this strategy of widespread testing and social distancing to flatten a curve has to go on locally. Regionally and nationally because to be clear. A month ago we were all eyes were on Washington State now all eyes are on New York State starting to look at Louisiana. Next week it'll be another state so right now we need more testing in order to do that contact tracing and isolation that you hear doctor couch she mentioned again and again and again. Both the governors of new York and Louisiana Governor Cuomo and governor governor John Bell Edwards. Had a sober tone today of 40% increase masters civilizations. In New York overnight wheels are the Louisiana governor say that the Schechter he's seen in his state rivals Italy and Spain. Rape charge at the numbers coming out of Louisiana are staggering and it up as recently as today. What the department of health released that really got my attention. 35%. Of the hospitalized patients in the state of Louisiana. Are on mechanical ventilation in an icu that as a staggering number date forecast that if the rate continues. By the first week in April which is just a few days away they will be out of ventilator so. Again is really speaks to these vulnerable states. Vulnerable regions and cluster is up transmission they can really wallop an area. Okay Jan thanks commercial Spina chief global affairs anchor mark threats because markets and they did not come up again today. At a press briefing but a pretty serious situation. USS Roosevelt a major United States aircraft carrier several. Sailors onboard diagnosed with cope in nineteen. It at least 23. On board that aircraft carrier it is now in port in Guam. Those sailors have been taken off the ship and are now quarantined. And the navy said they will. Test every single sailor. Onboard that aircraft carrier that's 5000. Sailor. But when you're on those ships it is an. Unbelievable. Tight quarters there there is some sleeping areas where there are a hundred sailors together three and four. Stacked high. So the transmission. Availability. Is just huge that this is going to be a massive challenge to contain that on that ship. Now in port in Guam they won't be allowed to leaves appear so they're staying on that ship and continue to be tested. The good news is George they weren't very mild symptoms for the sailors who did who were in fact. Thank you thank goodness for that we said the defense surgery if she sees can it stop the movement for sixty days of US troops. Overseas they I was also struck a towards the end of the day today. Where the Pentagon said there are no longer going to be giving out this information day by day granular information about Covert nineteen in the military explain why. Well I I think what of the major reasons is they don't want America's enemies to know. That how many people are on board those ships are getting infected. It poses a real problem when you are down one carrier there are only two US aircraft carriers. Under way right now around the world and one of them. Is in dock it and want so what makes us vulnerable the navy says they will do everything they possibly can they say. Look we can accomplish our mission no matter what. But if it is something we really do have to watch. And one found that would you mark they came up at the press briefing. This report that there is that guy tussle now between the president the prime minister of Canada prime minister Trudeau over the possible. I dispatch of deployment of a thousand US military to the northern border the United States. Yeah I US official is telling us they have received that request from ths of the thousand soldiers to goaded the border. But Justin Trudeau said he does not like that I did he does not want any military. Are trying to stop people coming in. From Canada. OK Martha Raddatz thanks for us history and our chief White House correspondent Jon Karl on John as they sit at the top here the presence major message we've got to get back to work. And he's trying to come up with his team with his plan that would open up different parts of the country at different rates. Yet he's he's talked about this now for several days the idea that some parts of the country are hit very bad obviously California Washington State Louisiana now. New York but that other parts of the country the president says have not been a hit anywhere near as badly. And did those parts of the country they can can begin to reopen earlier of course that. Raises The Who what when issuing that is you don't know where the virus is going next. We we don't know where the next growth rate we the next hot spot a but the president has repeatedly over the last several days expressed optimism that at least. Parts of the country can get back to work so. And John so clear the president is really wanted to those themes of these press coverage has been that the media's not reporting accurately what's going on did today say said he took on this calling it with the governor's. And I have. A discussion here when governor Jay in the Washington State it was reported. Two said in the phone call you know we we don't just want backup from the federal government we need to Tom Brady in there we need a quarterback the president clearly didn't like. The fact that reporting got out. Yet so so George this was a report in the Washington Post. And it and it said that the president had told the governors that water we're here to be your back up you know you've got to get what you need to what you need to do. And we're here to be the back up and according to this report in the Washington Post. Governor in Italy are quite firmly responded saying we don't need to back up we need Tom Brady. And the president said this was a false report although he did confirm even as he said that fits. That a governor he didn't mention Tinsley by name but he said there was one of the governor that was a bit of a problem for him and it did invokes Tom Brady but did in a positive way. Here's where I can tell you about this George. We have what we have seen notes up on this call with the governors. We have multiple sources on this. The Washington Post report is entirely accurate. Ins league did not like the idea. Of the yup president talking about the federal government as a back up and he did say that we don't need a backup we need Tom Brady he said this is a way. To toot toot invaded the federal government needs to have a more muscular response to this and take more of a leading role the report in the Washington Post. Which the president in parts denied it and confirmed is a 100% accurate. OK one final question if you the president is also repeated it several these briefings and nobody could have ever seen a pandemic like this happening in fact there have been several government. Exercises over several years warning of a pandemic like this including a major briefing for the president's entire national security team. One week before that he inauguration. Absolutely George and and you know in our own Tom Voss are so it was the president's national. Homeland Security. Advisor. It was was it was was part of these efforts and and we know that for years the idea of a pandemic is something. That the national security world prepares for anticipates. Talks about this is this is. You know when it happens it's it's it's a global event that has to be reacted to. But it is not something that is out of the blue. The notion of a pandemic these are things that have happened of course nineteen. Eighteen. Spanish flu pandemic. Other than pandemic so throughout history. This is not an alien concept not something that nobody can anticipate may be. Nobody could of precisely anticipated where this one would come from how it would unfold but the idea of a pandemic. And a pandemic that was spread like this cult crook corona virus pandemic spread. Is something that. Those in the national security world have prepared for four years. Jon Karl thanks for much of station I would wrecker drivers are chief business and economics correspondent. And Rebecca wants you to do some explaining. As well I think a lot of people look at what happened today at the beginning of today the worst. Weekly jobs report in American history nearly 3.3 million people out of work the response from Wall Street is to cap off the best. Three day streak on Wall Street since 1933. It's really difficult Jorge to square. What happened on Wall Street with the reality that is happening on main street but let's take it from here. First of all 3283000. Americans at least lost their jobs last week. That is nearly five times the worst week of job losses. Since we've seen since that Great Recession in the Great Recession the worst week with 665000. That is. A really gigantic number and it is unprecedented. At the same time we have another gigantic unprecedented number and that is the two trillion dollars. In stimulus money that the government will very likely be passing tomorrow and the idea on Wall Street is that at least fer now. They are is the sense that this whole this gigantic hole. That we are now witnessing in our economy because of the lock downs because of the closures. Can be plugged George with that stimulus money so that small businesses can get a lifeline so that Americans who are out of work. And knocking pay we'll get a lifeline they will have those wages cover it. Least for some time and one other thing I bet the president his team members of congress of all make clear. The chairman of the Federal Reserve that if indeed this is not enough this package they'll come back for more. That they are ready willing and able George not only the Federal Reserve which really acts as a backstop to our banking system to make sure that. Loans that are outstanding. Don't go belly up at the same time we're hearing it not just here in the United States but there is. That coordinated action now because this is an international issue because the international economy has been feeling mess there is now coordination. Between international the major economic powers to try to. Mitigate the economic impact of this but you even heard the president talk about it in the press conference here. There is that question. That as the virus itself becomes an issue longer and longer as the shot down last longer and longer. The ability to turn the economy back on. Gets more and more complicated. And this conversation which has started a few days ago and now continues between. This public health question. And in the economic question. Is continuing to be something that's at the forefront of the conversation right now I've been talking to a number of CEOs and executives about how they are planning and thinking ahead. And I spoke with the CEO of Starbucks earlier today and he told me that this idea that parts of the United States could be turned back on. Is part of what they're thinking is and they're basing that thinking on what they did in China where. They went out and they opened some stores in China they didn't open every store in China and that's something that we might see George down the road here in the United States. President promised more details on them actually Rebecca Jarvis thanks very much we are to return after a regular programming as we leave you Burnett take a look there is Times Square. Not what it usually looks like it's 6:18. In the evening in suburban street in New Orleans completely empty right now a true sign of the times. Wheel news that would give yours coming right. This has been a special report. From ABC news.

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