Vice President Mike Pence speaks at CPAC

The Republican leader touted the success of the Trump presidency at the Conservative Political Action Conference.
8:12 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for Vice President Mike Pence speaks at CPAC
I bring greetings from a friend month. The man who restore American leadership at home and abroad and a man who can't. Wait to be with you tomorrow I bring greetings from the 45 president. Of America. President Donald Trump. You know it's the greatest honor my life to service vice president. Through a president who gets every day and fights to keep the promises that he made to the American people. I mean think about. This president promised to get this economy moving again. And working with a Republican majorities in the congress. In our first two years president trump is cut more federal red tape and Annie. President in American history. We've unleashed American energy. And now the United States is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. Under the president's strong leadership we forge new trade deals that finally put. American jobs and American workers first and with the support of this generation of conservative. President trump. Signed the largest tax cut and tax reform in American history that's promises. And promises cash. We cut taxes across the board for working Americans. For American businesses. And we cut out the core of Obama care the individual mandate is gone. And the results have been amazed that I stand before you today. The American economy is booming. In just over two years. Businesses large and small have created five point three million new jobs including over 480000. Good. Paying manufacturing. Jobs that the other side said would never come back. Unemployment has hit a fifty year low and more Americans are working today than ever before. In the history of this country. He. Unemployment rate for women has hit a 55 year hello. In the unemployment rate for Asian Americans Hispanic Americans and African Americans has reached the lowest level ever recorded. American history. Okay. And the wages of working Americans. Are rising at a faster pace than they have in more than a decade. Under president Donald Trump. Working Americans. Are winning again. The forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no ball. Everywhere you look. Confidence is back. Jobs are coming back in a word. America is back and we're just getting started. But. For all the progress we've met. President trump has no higher priority than safety and security the American people and from the first days of this administration. This president has worked to make the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still. And last year president trump signed the largest investment in our national defense since the days of Ronald Reagan. We're modernizing our nuclear arsenal. Updating missile defense and before the year is out. President trump will launch the sixth branch of our armed forces the united states space sports. It. Under this commander in chief will make sure that America is as dominant in space. As we are on land a new currency. So we're rebuilding our military. We're restoring the arsenal of democracy. And we're once again giving our soldiers sailors airmen Marines and Coast Guard. The resources they need to accomplish their mission and come home say. And we're also standing with our veterans and all the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States and we've restored accountability. To the VNA. We're finally giving our heroes access. For the world class health care. That they earned. In the uniform. Of the United States better choice is here. And in this administration were also standing every day. With the brave men and women of law enforcement. And we've been giving all those who stand on the thin blue line the resources. And the respect. That they deserve every. Day. An inning. Clues the courageous men and women of customs and border. Protection. Until. Every single. Under this president and this administration we will never abolish alliance. I. Now as the president has said many times if you don't have a border you know the country. Since day one of our administration. We've been working to remove dangerous criminals from our streets in record numbers enforcing our immigration laws and working to secure our board. And we've already start. To build that wall. It. And I'll make your promise before. We're done. We're gonna build a dome.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"The Republican leader touted the success of the Trump presidency at the Conservative Political Action Conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61411345","title":"Vice President Mike Pence speaks at CPAC","url":"/Politics/video/vice-president-mike-pence-speaks-cpac-61411345"}