VIDEO: Democrats get ready for 6th debate

Seven candidates will make the debate stage in Los Angeles to talk healthcare, taxes and the impeachment of President Trump
4:46 | 12/19/19

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Transcript for VIDEO: Democrats get ready for 6th debate
Well as we receive health care that number one issue on voters' minds will it likely will be a topic center stage tonight at the sixth. Yes this sixth democratic presidential primary debate out in Los Angeles tonight. On PBS that's where political correspondent Lindsey Davis and deputy political director Mary Alice parks are standing by guys great to see you. So Lindsay it's sort of the surreal that we are headed back to the debate stage after everything that's been going on this week. A hot it will be a smaller event tonight tell us about it. Right I think that's going to be one of the big difference is that only seven people made the cut and that might be added a chance for some of the out liars like Andrea saying Amy Klobuchar. Tops Dyer to kind of make their names known because you have that of course the usual suspects in the front runners of course former vice president Joseph Biden senators Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders. And and mayor Pete booted yet I'm interested to see tonight if he's able to make a connection with the nonwhite voters I think about something he's struggled due in the past and also as we were discussing. If they're going to be some sharp elbows as far as you know people who are concerned about his recent momentum in Iowa New Hampshire for to do your talking about senator Warren. Senator Warren has been much more on the offensive lately she's been willing to go after. Biden meet some of the other candidates she's going to be standing next to mayor Pete footage as the two of them have been treating jabs so we expect some fireworks there. And there else. You taught you talk about this front runners new CNN poll out judges this afternoon showing Joseph Biden still holding steady. After all these weeks all these debates what do you make of the new numbers. Yet right now we've seen a field that seems to be a little stagnant. Look this is the last debate of the year could be the last debate before voting begins. And what's remarkable is how the field has pretty much. Stayed the same throughout be seen those front runners really tried to do no harm. In these past debates left at those on the wings at Lindsey said try to get their own headlines and so we'll see if Joseph Biden is able to continue to do no harm to his campaign. And stick with his tops your number. I think I know a thing that's interesting this particular I'll go ahead Evans are I was is that you guys surprised to see Mike Bloomberg someone who won't be on stage tonight but. Has been in this race less than a month already registering in the middle of the pack in some of these national polls. Right but I don't know where ever gonna seal on the debate sanctioned us the DNC changes that rolls right because you have to have a certain number of donor Contra. Ins and he's saying actually I'm not accept any of those donations. I think it's an interesting also to see if he is discussed. Because you know he's still looms large in this election even though he's not going to be on that state and I think that there's a lot of concern and we'll see if his name gets mentioned on the debate stage I imagine. That it what I think and another thing that's really interesting a big headline of this the final debate of the year you will is that. On the Angie Yang is the only minority in just a few months ago we were talking about one of the most diverse fields. As far as Democrats running for president the United States now Angie Yang the only minority of the seven. Get a Candace have been really quick to go after Mayor Bloomberg I'm not sure they're going to be able to get away with that when he's not on stage. He can't counter punch will it look a little dirty to talk about someone who's not. And how do you both think that impeachment will factor into the debate tonight and there is Nader you're both in touch with a lot of the campaigns how how are those. The senators in the field the five senator candidates. Feeling about this impeachment trial which. May be happening now just around the first primaries and caucuses. I think that impeachment is obviously gonna loom large tonight even though it's not a topic that these guys necessarily wanted to discuss. I don't think there's there's like a lot of dissension there I think that they'd rather focus on. You know policies and really getting making and showing that the light between the different candidates. And of course as you mentioned three of those senators are going to be on the state are going to be likely jurors in January Harry looking. At how this impacts potentially the next debate on January 14 and that's kind of on the bubble because the senate rally happening at that time. Right so that's a day gets canceled this is that's the last debate before voting begins. So we'll see it's a big question mark adding to those candidates have shown that they are willing to talk about impeachment they're really have a pretty strong view of impeachment. They don't want it to be the centerpiece of their campaign. They want to talk about issues like healthcare like you're talking about the economy jobs minimum wage until I am I gonna majesty there were they print hit it pretty fast. But if I Wear those moderator is and it had a pin them down a lot of questions about there insisted heated role as a juror. An interest in intimate debate in store for tonight with the smallest field yet and there on the democratic side Mary Alice parks and heavy political director. Lindsey Davis or political correspondent thank you both very much shot coming to us from Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Seven candidates will make the debate stage in Los Angeles to talk healthcare, taxes and the impeachment of President Trump","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67835033","title":"VIDEO: Democrats get ready for 6th debate","url":"/Politics/video/video-democrats-ready-6th-debate-67835033"}