'The View' Co-Hosts on Donald Trump's Surging Poll Numbers

Joy Behar says she is "starting to warm up to Trump a little bit," but would not vote for him.
3:25 | 10/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The View' Co-Hosts on Donald Trump's Surging Poll Numbers
It is highlighted doubts upsurge in yet again as double digit lead over Ben Carson and Ellis have the people polls and he'll win the nomination. Play in the act boy I would like to see it trump as you know at on the main ticket in an in Carson as his vice president because they are just big is the east Cobb. Their winning hang it up a yin and the Yang and I noticed a definite shift in the front in the weight talks about. And you know we and that whole thing about it Spain any kind of attacks then and now he there's a lot of nice words being you know I'm starting to warm up to trump a little bit now. Wait let yes. Well yeah. I'm not voting Troy Hamm. And I don't like the race baiting let's get that out of the way don't ever replace my arousal feelings for Bernie got stuck up hot hot. The guy is not as bad as the rest of first of all he may not be pro choice but that rubio for example believes a no abortion even in the cases of rape and incest. Struck doesn't say that term does not say that he believes in single patio he wants everybody to have health care from the government. That's the agreement panic he wants to raise taxes on the rich he believes in Bernie I mean I look things up I couldn't believe it. You know but he was against the Iraq War and he said so when one of his books be full our. 911 even happened so he was like no strict Trappist you know what I'm happy that he's and that that. He's not as bad as the rest of them on that teen there you're. Along with someone that is so. Brats with their words. Running. America. There are some things that's at the rest of them don't agree with his anti immigration. Fat and I'm just six these horrible thing since the majority of Republicans say they think he's a strong leader but he lacks honesty and trust readiness but I want to go back to that book you mentioned it was called the America we deserve it he couldn't just. Predict he said it was an avid about let the world that the that the Twin Towers were going to be attacked he wrote about this nineteen months before it happened he said they were of a vulnerable and he did this when he was considering. Presidential bid for the reform party take even mentions Osama bin Laden and the. Book of Zion I was I'd like to Arnold does that a friend along you know I don't wanna run the country not just on the I'm the same for me. You know. I need somebody who is not. A race better have somebody who speaks to when we'll with a little more respect I just need that high in the. Saying imaginative than classic bits and at least trump believes in evolution you don't sank. Seeing no let fighter I don't know I grabbed the evils so that it and a lot I think Donald should come on the show that's it they're on. Splitter that just said that trump will become the candidate and in the process ruin the party's credibility for good. I don't know that's on Twitter I didn't say that deceit as well we'll see what happens in a lot of different thoughts out there I don't yeah the business Manso at least he's coming from the point of light. He can't spend more money than you have you can't give away free stock if you can't pay your own bells. I mean he doesn't help to people with common I don't I got past free stuff is never always annoys me that top wealth comes like people are asking to be eight to taking care when they really can't meet this is the real reason that people need skeptical freestyle.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Joy Behar says she is \"starting to warm up to Trump a little bit,\" but would not vote for him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34634842","title":"'The View' Co-Hosts on Donald Trump's Surging Poll Numbers ","url":"/Politics/video/view-hosts-donald-trumps-surging-poll-numbers-34634842"}