Your Voice Your Vote: The Breakdown - Voters react to NY Times Trump tax report

Plus, more on what Americans think about President Trump’s SCOTUS pick and the Supreme Court battle.
33:01 | 09/28/20

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Transcript for Your Voice Your Vote: The Breakdown - Voters react to NY Times Trump tax report
Hi everyone thanks for being with us and welcome to your voice your vote the breakdown I'm Diana say to a New York Michael anchor Terry Moran is live from Washington DC. As we kick up this issues oriented show heading into the homestretch of the presidential election. So every day here woman tried to choose issues that are important to you we hope and break them down called lately held. To help you make your decision about how you'll look. Having issues will intersected the election but you won't hear any shouting from the left for the right here just context analysis perspective. And respectful discussions the goal is to help us all understand the issues and each other a little bit better and. I think all let's see how we do our first issue is perhaps unsurprisingly. This new explosive report on president Trump's tax. A report from the New York Times says president front pages that 750. Dollars in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017. ABC has not seen the records obtained by the times but according to the report. They offer the most deep detailed look at the president's business empire just 36 days before the election. White House correspondent Rachel Scott is here with more on that and Rachel I think takeaways from this report. Diane the New York Times is reporting that president front pages 750. Dollars in federal income taxes. The year he entered the Oval Office and no income tax at all eleven. Of the teen years that the New York Times review now as you mentioned ABC news has not independently reviewed those documents but. I just put that into perspective for our viewers 750. Dollar is what and in the air can making 20000. Dollars a year would pay. The president's tax returns have been one of the most sought out documents in Washington he was the first president in modern history to refuse to release them. Every year is we have heard the president described himself as a successful business and ultimate deal maker. But this report raises doubts about that image it says the president has an enormous personal debt of 421. Million dollars. That is money he may have to cough up. While in office if he wins a second term now the White House says this report. As the political smear campaign organized by Democrats the president is calling it fake news he insists he can not release his tax returns because he is under audit. But that is something iris commissioner. Has refuted I. And Rachel any sense of how boaters are reacting to this. We'll slip reaction is coming in today from the battleground state of Pennsylvania which president trump won back and when he sixteen but voters are divided on this report. This people that are making so much less money than they're paying way more money. Can't that. You can do about it. That's what got it won't go all the numbers. If he does illegally that's currently on. And I was just talking to one voter from Minnesota he voted for President Obama had been voted for president trump. He just does little to sway his belt little to change how he perceives the president. And we have seen several headlines drop in the final stretch. Of this campaign but are ABC news Washington Post poll shows attitudes about the candidates especially the president have remained fixed for months. And then not pull few Boehner said they would change their minds more than nine out of ten trump and Biden supporters say they won't even consider. Voting for the other candidate. Ice right Rachel Scott thank you Terry. All right so let's break down this big story joining us now the trump campaign's Press Secretary Hogan Gately Holland Hogan thanks for being with us today. Our first guest door victim depending on your porn viewing yes. Thank you very much and I just wanted to focus in on some of the numbers the big numbers that are in this New York Times report. One that there are more than 47 million dollars in losses in 2018 alone on the president's income taxes. And 421. Million dollars in personal debt that could come true and that is available. For review in publicly available documents so there are people voted for president trump and and one of his main pitches to voters his. He is a successful businessman in the White House. Does this damage that and how do you reconcile that claim with these numbers. All year is Terry I mean Nancy Pelosi talking about Easter weekend just talking about Russia against price rise. B New York Times op. President costs taxes again. Basically ends and exacts a Great Neck and twenty Eckstein litigated and adolescent the president or more than a hundred pages and documents outlining. Situation and one thing was. Yeah billionaires did us all in isn't anything illegal at all is. The organization turning refuted this report in New York Times saying. Yeah this president has paid tens of millions of dollars in the years a president's own state it is well. And body. This is our bodies. Are but he had buttons to go his supporters is about or is also is east. Did or did it went up eight. As far as this report is concerned it's not the same as the New York Times report from several years ago got a lot of new information in one of the things that's taken. A lot of people. Struck a lot of people's attention is that. 750. Dollar a year income tax pain now you say pays a lot of taxes are a lot of different kinds of taxes one can pay what about income taxes president could. Just tell us how much did he pay in income taxes I mean 750 dollars at about what an American making. 20000 dollars a year would pay. So did the president paid 750 dollars in personal income taxes. In Torre sixty. Again these are the organization says that's all spayed or present past eight and billions. They were allowed to review these documents. An earlier statement. Brent president ousted the path that he tried to pay as little. As possible and taxes then nobody wants to pay and more taxes than are required he says it makes him Smart. I think it's fair though four people to say. You know may be. Maybe the president should and should pay what he shouldn't what he can't in taxes but if the president has no shame in these numbers. And thinks they make a look Smart why does latest releases tax returns the commissioner of the IRS that he appointed. Says that he can. The audit doesn't matter every other president done since the nineteen times for almost half a center what is a just released these text and and prove that it's fake news as you said. Well he's been pretty clear out. You can't release. Its aren't asked to do so people are seeing the case of mr. Harris Jerry I would imagine you've got a seat yeah. You'd. On the fifteenth and says he and Morenz ax is Newsradio. I don't coordinate better our chances are you like most Americans are wasted and her arm but it is ask the attorney now present an eight million dollars. Would you turn to tomorrow night's debate the first debate between president trump and former vice president Joseph Biden has a president preparing. For questions on this issue this this report on the taxes. Well look and I used this ER the president prepares these things he mentioned some of the ways yes sprint many. Mohsen governor Rudy Giuliani and Chris honesty and order and sessions. They get elections are about choices and anti choice is pretty clear this president. I didn't want the economy in Joseph Biden and eight years 47 month career. Records any successes in the White House in July and has 47 year career. Other failure and I want more taxes and order and millions and early eighties. Citizenship. And you'd embryo. Or as a recipe Astor and huge audience are out corona virus. You have to aunt Erika urged you not present in worker Kirk. Her joke I'm not at a record it all back if anything he's rushed in here and there were 60008. Actually closed. NAFTA embraced it under it jobs and China. Our Communist nation got 3.2 million American jobs because it is decision angered nations asked so I'd be in the decision to be clear and it can bring up. On and it makes it Smart. Already well thanks for giving us a preview Hogan really thanks very much for joining us today. And you. And we will discuss more on a tax report coming up in our roundtable discussion but now we want to switch gears to the Supreme Court. Any Tony Barack's nomination is just the latest episode and a Supreme Court battle that started years ago. Let's take it to the timeline for a look at how we got here. The battle over Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat on the Supreme Court really started back in February of 2016. When justice Antonin Scalia died leaving a vacancy on the court. Ten days after scalia's death senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said he wouldn't consider an Obama nominee in an election year and that the American people should have a say. President have a right to nominate. Just that the senate has its constitutional right. To provide up or withhold. Confer. In this case the son. Will with hold. McConnell and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee declared they wouldn't hold any hearings on a potential nominee. Until after a new president was sworn in citing what they called the Biden rule. A reference to comments Joseph Biden made in 1992. Suggesting the senate seriously considered not holding confirmation hearings for any Supreme Court nominee until after that year's presidential election. Once the political season is underway in it is. Action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. Biden later said there is no biting me. Rule and accused Republicans of cherry picking from his feet. Despite the GOP's stance President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. The true to their words senate Republicans never gave Garland a hearing. The empty Supreme Court seat became a flashpoint in the 2016 election. And then candidate trumped released a short list of potential nominees which helped bring over evangelical voters who were on the fence. Eleven days after his inauguration president trumpet nominated Neil course itch to fill the vacancy. In order to bypass democratic opposition senate Republicans invoked the so called nuclear option. And change the longstanding threshold of sixty votes to confirm a justice to a simple majority of 51. Willow. Well. Their latest on president act own judicial nominations to pickled. There's a reason it was dubbed the nuclear option. It's the most extreme measure. With the most extreme consequences. Course it was confirmed the next day more than a year after scalia's debt. With the 20/20 election approaching president trump again released a list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Including new names like senator Ted Cruz and Tom cotton. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died less than ten days later. And McConnell released a statement that very night saint president trumps nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States senate. And Democrats are now criticizing Mitch McConnell calling it hypocritical to confirm a justice. In this election year when he refused to do so in 2016. McConnell says the key difference is that this year Republicans hold both the senate. And the White House. And Republicans with that argument are already taking a victory lap after president trump. As elected judge Amy Tony Barrett to join the High Court succeeding Ruth Bader Ginsburg the GOP says it's got enough votes to confirm her by Election Day. But how is this fight all this politics playing out in the battleground states and couldn't really impact the vote in November are Devin Dwyer went to Minnesota. For a closer look. The battle over the Supreme Court is already a blockbuster on TV you'll hear noise from extremist about the Supreme Court vacancy. Here are the facts conservative groups rallying the base is Democrats sound the alarm Mitch McConnell Jamie through disagree court nomination. Voters in battlegrounds like Minnesota taking it all Leonid. I feel like there's a lot of other. Topics and think that it be more heavily on. You act was kind of just like old crap you know Ali what's next. It's it's. 20/20. What what crisis is coming down the pipeline you think. The battle over the Supreme Court will have to submit. Some voters in that. I don't think so I think at this point voters have already made up their mind. They know they're voting for trump they don't they're voting for Biden immediately mobilize when site more than another but what I do you think it does is he. You give trumped something else to talk about. The High Court vacancy is prompting dire warnings from the left and abortion gay rights and health care he's our entire lightly. It could be sheet. I think next. Heat or so. Some suburban women voters told us the threat is real. But I don't know that anything factory. It. So it really does worry. Yes Jamie Beck or fin a democratic attorney and mother of two says a rushed confirmation is deeply unsettling. It just sends the masses it we don't care about what the right thing. We care about keeping as much power as we can have to ourselves. At the expense of now. Average people lightly. And I'm. That's you know that's not okay. But some voters even Democrats we met this week in the Twin Cities suburbs was surprisingly measured Twyla Deng is a podcaster and mother of three teens. It is a tough situation right now. But China whose blood prince in Huntington with stock came from I know the history that's the big difference to history came from I understand it. I immediately it. It doubled down you get involved in stepped up don't sit back peaks happily we actually. We're actually in a position of power. Undecided voter in Swenson a retired CPA who calls himself a fiscal conservative and social moderate. Says both parties play politics with the court at their peril I think both parties. Trust me I believe both parties can play their games but junior to be careful mean you have to be careful what they do because to set a precedent you don't know how history's gonna. Geared repeat itself and I think mrs. I can't believe. Four years ago this happen in four years in out and again I would never seen this coming. The greatest threat ahead may be to the court's reputation. And join its highest approval rating in more than a decade its Chief Justice John Roberts is trying to keep it out of the partisan fray. A slate of blockbuster opinions last term showed that the justices. Are always rubber stamps for the presidents who appointed them. I understand that Amy will be brighter and you laughed some and another appointed by Republican and democratic president's that they are titans of and right left or otherwise I trust them to act that way. That trust is now hanging in the balance as more voters head to court to their calculus. Deciding how to cast their ballots this fall. I think there women haven't thought about what the implications of have. He. President front seat an additional judge I think it's haven't thought about that until now and now that they're thinking about it it's going to say they're going to be something. For the first I'm thinking oh wait this thing is important to me. As I'm hoping what it'll do is really just because they've become more engaged in pay attention to the details. And Devin Dwyer joins us now had seven anyways Minnesota nice but it was striking to hear. How measured to use your work measured voters are about the Supreme Court. At a moment when both political campaigns both political parties are just for a fight did that death ramping up the rhetoric to have. Does red hot levels in order to get a victory at all cost voters so I'm very different about the Supreme Court. Yet it was really striking terror and even Republicans. Democrats. And independents were. I we met in the twenty sevens are basically all on the same page they were concerned about the direction in this fight they wanted people to slow down. There was no question that president trump had the right to appoint somebody to the court we heard. A but the impact of this right rush confirmation is what concerns a lot of people you've heard Jamie Becker fined the Democrat in the piece there she talked about fairness but you also saw. Republicans like and Swenson should she was worried about what her party. It was gonna do by way of setting precedent in the shelf Ozzie there at the end. Worried about the credibility of the court. I asked to turn it really was striking that people were concerned about the institution of the Supreme Court can they don't like what it might happen here and that bothers Terry. It's almost as if ordinary Americans and voters have greater care in greater understanding of those institutions and traditions than the political leaders and her thoughtful. Devin thank you very much for that are thoughtful report. All right now let's take it to our virtual roundtable joining us today it's constitutional law professor Deborah pearl stay in an ABC news contributors. Mike muse and snare big and thank you all for being here on our very first round table. Thanks for having us. I wish you. My I wanna start with you we heard a bit from DeVon and a bit from those voters but why Democrats as the party right now so adamant that this confirmation process should not happen. Democrats filled lake. The Republicans did not give present Obama this shot or his constitutional right to sit. A Supreme Court nominee when he nominated. Mayor Carl it. And so what they're saying is they want Republicans to abide by their own precedent and that was ten months out. When Scalia just Justice Scalia pass away prior to elections. Here we are less than forty days out from this current election and let the Republicans are wanting to move Ford. Based upon a time my asthma senator Mitch McConnell essential Lindsey Graham in the tethered and begin a confirmation hearings around October 13 they're signaling a back to over 22 that we can expect to see. Just as very nomination comes this in his floor and that's just less than two weeks out before the nomination and so a goal was against. The precedent that Republicans have already set. And Mike if the roles are reversed here and the Democrats controlled bowl the White House and the senate. Do you think they would really. That estimate request and US know they would it again this goes to every president has a constitutional. Right. In order to seat a Supreme Court nominee. Whereas Republicans went wrong and change this precedent and and credibility of it is when they stated that they weren't gonna give present Obama hissy because of ten months out. If the Republicans would not have done that if you allow pres Obama to seat. His nominee then there would be no issue if the Democrats at their roles reverse we're doing the same thing again if the constitutional right of a sitting president. There what do you think is this hypocrisy on the part of the Republicans. It's hypocrisy. I do think Republicans didn't do a very good job of laying out the history on sixteen so this happened nineteen times in our nation's history. In which he had had heart president's. Make a nomination in an election year presidential election year and a seventeen. Times where they sent it has been of the same party they have confirmed in the election here. In intense high and it's ends where the participants. And only one time have they. So. Actually suggest that that every president nominates. And when the party is the same in the senate and our moment at parties. Opposite. Direction and they don't. A lot of Republicans though probably regret some of their strong language -- sixteen because it. It gives the air hypocrisy. And this is where politicians go wrong as they're not for cleaning and a they don't sort of sink through all the snares in the future. You caught up in the moment and some Republicans are likely eating their words this election but. Actually if you look at history they're doing. What we've done or 200 skiers. And Debra if there's any. Precedent for for how quickly a president should nominate a justice and what look the kind of consequences could receive legally. If that seat is filled or it's days and the. Right thanks so I don't. First it's important to say the constitution doesn't provide a timeline for the appointment of Supreme Court justices it Supreme Court nominations and confirmation hearings has been. Governed pretty much entirely ice and it cost him in presidential B heat here. And it really was. An unprecedented. Move rates at their big clarity of senate and it. Maturities that haven't confirmed presidential nominee is an election year. But that's been following a hearing on a nominee in a boat on the nominee in what was going usual about the Garland process was that there was neither. Rate there is a nomination. Months and months the port election but they sent it never even took it up rates are there is no vote up or down one way or another. I'm inch of the consequences. I think they're choosing the consequences to. Hate to consider here. Is we focus on the very next case is coming appropriate term when there's a new justice on the court what's gonna happen to help. The health care what's gonna happen with abortion and those things are obviously incredibly important. And likely to be significantly impact. I'll buy a new justice on the court appointed by president the other thing. In terms of consequences picks up on the discussion. I Europe are countless we're just tapping mainly. I think it's unlikely. That if Connie Barings confirmed and if there is. Majority in back democratic majority in the legislature if there at the democratic. President appointed. That we won't see efforts to you in one form or another remake the court super sample will be a piece of legislation introduced tomorrow in the house that would. Speaks Supreme Court justices terms eighteen years the cancer longer than eighteen years and it would guarantee every president and appointment. In the first and third year of his or her term so Biden would get in addition to any other. Appointments that he gets as a result of death or or incapacity. He would get if elected at least two additional Supreme Court appointment that would it's helped change the package. And that's sort of politicking I think is is warranted the consequences were likely to ST. I'd another tussle over the structure at of the court coming perhaps ever thanks but ever the loudest are on the question of this story they came out today at about the president's tax just quick little political question on that how much damage is gonna do. To president trump his image as a successful businessman. He seems to be hundreds of millions of dollars in dad that he. Paid 750. Dollars in income taxes for a couple of years. Yeah I do think this is going to be. An important issue for voters. The margins Terry but this electorate it's seven again there are so few undecided members. It could have an impact on him you know certitude well one. In that saw trump Butler the person who's today telling the pollster they're voting for crop I didn't than a 100% share. It's very easy to personalize the tax. You pay seven I eighteen. IP parking pass I'd pay a hundred. You know people can compare themselves the president and that's where I think some voters would find out very irritating story on the other hand. I think most voters think. That the tax system and his wealthy people they expect this to be spayed long normally so this is just one more. Confirmation point and to Donald Trump's argument that. He's Smart he placed the tax to his advantage particularly in the real estate industry. Bit base expects this to be so in and I think it icky some sop. Trappers will. Personally but on the other hand is need you know the kind of expected and so. I don't see him losing some cars. Mike what do you think a wash. Yeah assisting about this in terms of by the new findings is that a lot of the working class demographic that president Robert Hewitt sued the reason why they like Tim what they sorrow and as aspiration now. They thought as aspiration or motivational inspirational figure that they collect the look up to that they want to when they could become a billionaire. But now the results of the taxes the data that is out there is scenes or prove otherwise. I think it's got affected in three areas one the the individual who don't who doesn't understand difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance I think they're gonna say listen it's in the tax coal it's legal. The other one is a die hard top supporters is macro supporters they're gonna follow him lock in step. This third one for me is going to be really interesting and that is that independents and as a moderate Republicans I think they're gonna take a second look at this and talk about. The integrity and character and is it something they want an American president. Ain't ever frosty night news in therapy and thank you that's so much for joining us thank you. Sell the thicket a broader look right now how Americans across the country reacting to this Supreme Court battle that's coming up our first up again at a roundtable going to be talking to our polling gurus at 538 just a moment but first. Let's hear from some voices behind the beltway and from a variety of viewpoints about what and their minds as this nomination moves for. Gotta fill the seat but most importantly you look great but the threat besides not having children and. Just a few weeks the supreme gore actually unit case and Affordable Care Act. And opinion on their union millions of Americans who lose their coverage. Most personal. I wanna see it done before November 3 I don't know that it will be but that's what he's been known for he's the kind of person it's gonna. See something that needs to be done and get it done he doesn't want to wait around the next and his stance and that way always looks. Not a shark that he wants you to so fast. What we're saying is the ultimate level of hypocrisy coming from presidents and Republicans are doing everything they can't including the White House to see if they can Russia's Supreme Court justice down the throats of the American people. I think we see this is very clear and that this is increased in urgency around what needs to happen. In a selection. I am very concerned about rovers. I would like to definitely feel he visited I don't believe that atlas. The decision was made with all of the facts millions of millions of unborn babies had been murdered others. Recently vacated Supreme Court seat. Is really worrisome to me. Women's rights. I know that my month there. Suffered. Before that walking there. And it's very important to me that we maintain and even strengthen. Women's rights. And the Supreme Court seat mate be a battle falling down mostly partisan lines the polls show as we mentioned that most Americans want to wait until after the election to fill the Supreme Court vacancy but. Are also against backing the court after the election. For more on that let's bring in 538 editor in chief Nate Silver Nate you look at twelve different polls asking whether Ginsburg seat should be filled by president trump. Or should be filled after the present after the election what did you find. Something must have you would prefer to wait until after the election. It also tracks with preference for the presidential vote over all pretrial voter you Mexico now three by Moody's Safeco later. Right now there are more by homeowner's income voters and poll finds leading by seven or eight points the average national poll. The margin the court and be a bit I didn't happen at all kind of comes down the same partisan framework you see from most every question these days. As some have suggested that in the next president could increase the number of justices on the court we heard that repulsed elaborate on that a little bit. In the polls say about that. Generally an unpopular move Americans are kind of change resistant we all grew up with the Supreme Court it would be nine justices large. But we Democrats who argues vehemently it our agenda passed. Is to expand the size of the court. So it's a fairly new opinion. A new idea for a lot of people right now system in new ideas. But I can shift for the time being it's not super popular news. And shifting gears how can this issue on taxes affect the race. It's absurd to say and what the president is behind in polls now by a margin of what is at seminary quite a bit closer than you were five points in the swing states. So he's to have a lot of people balance happen for him of the remaining forty days campaign he has to win debates he has to have the Supreme Court battle with his favored. So anytime you have a story that is negative for competent may cost you the question okay how fair is this how well he's the president actually. You know he doesn't want to play defense when he has to it passes make up this decently sizable deficits so again. It's anybody's guess right now. But there's downside crisper for prison truck. Now this election is. Likely going to come down to a handful of battleground states what are polls in those states telling. Fisher will be tighter race the national polls. A look at what's that you look at. Wisconsin and Michigan are seized every period he last time. But actually is fairly large leads in this these many seminary points. And it had Florida. A state he also loss last time I hope they come back with older voters is we need to points there. Right now we call tipping point state most pivotal state is Pennsylvania. We're back as the I 85 points in polls. That's as Cyrano going to be decisive Electoral College so. Although her I have this nice. Deficit nationally by next we meet the aspirations say it's more like five points in Pennsylvania which is of most importance to the time. Right Nate Silver forest from 538 thanks day. Definitely thank you. And before you leave me would you want to leave you with a parting thoughts Terry I know that you actually met the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg so so now let you have the last words they but I just wanted to share quickly for me. One of the things that's actually been really not nice throughout these past few days in getting to learn more about the justice was also getting to learn more. About her friendship with justice Antonin Scalia you know she was a liberal icon he was a staunch conservative. And yet we land that they were really great friends we see pictures of them traveling together. And at a time when this country just seems so divided it was actually a really nice reminder to remember that. These were two people on opposite sides politically who were able to be friends. At the and a day in just a reminder that we can all disagree politically and still respect each other at the end of the day. Absolutely Diana court as one of those places where that still happens a lot and when I think about justice gives rhetoric about how strong. She was a strong person she was which. Almost as counter intuitive when you look at it which was strong minded too strong physically she fought cancer for thirty years. And stroke in heart her legacy almost impossible to sell up except to say. You could see it on the sidewalks on the streets of Washington people who came to pay their respects you could see it in congress Republicans as well as Democrats. Everyone knows our country is better a better place for men and women and our children and descendants. Because of Ruth Bader Ginsburg she's one of those Americans. And there are many. Who expanded our understanding. Of who we can be our equality. Our liberty. And she did that on the Supreme Court and as a lawyer it is a remarkable legacy. That she leaves and that's that's what people are not just sorrowful. But grateful at her past. And that does it for your voice your vote the break down I'm Diane the sale with Terry Moran and we will see you right back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern. Have a great day of its. And.

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