Voters weigh in on the Democratic candidates' views on criminal justice reform.

Rachael Rollins, a district attorney in Massachusetts, believes candidates should be held accountable for past practices.
4:18 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Voters weigh in on the Democratic candidates' views on criminal justice reform.
Shifting gears a little bit now on the topic of Thatcher's unsupported by a criminal justice reform. Hot topic that we knew would come up tonight. Something that a lot of people were watching very closely especially with the three people and discern the states including our next guest. By the DA of Suffolk County Massachusetts Rachel Rollins who is watching this tonight Rachel thank you so much for stand up play with us here at ABC news live. I want to get your reaction. Odds of that back and forth between Cory Booker. Joseph Biden come on Harris on this very issue what was your big take away tonight. My eighteenth away tonight and thank you for having me is first inform us that diversity of the field honesty. Three women's by people of color and better and icy lake many of the candidates say this is what America looks like right now. And and people actually want honesty each day were two protests that work. It now for watchers to hear regarding Eric garner. And the face issues we happen deportation. So sir Thomas is well as immigration issues. Tuesday Wednesday it I'm proud my DA's office is leading the country great house. Present a question for you actually. Tells us he gave a Rea leave. Raid a prosecutorial effort going against Santa hair is. Regarding her record RI as being the general assuming attorney general is in California uses as a good attorney what are your thoughts when used with she said. When you were in position you did not do it Nath added Jessica attorney how did you read that. Yes Lou senator Harris has been not only the district attorney of San Francisco that the attorney general of California. And you're gonna be president you have to be held to task. I'm a blue your record I don't believe we gin sort of move slower. And look into the future without atoning for what we don't. Asked but I also need to make sure it's clear that for people who actually executive positions as opposed to sleep positions. It Harden on route back in the ninety's and two thousands. And you know people were tough on crime we move to a Smart on crime. Position now what's I'm very excited that senator Harris is understanding. I'm sees it progressive senator I think there's still be some questions we have to see how she's gonna answer. What she was as a prosecutor when she was the DA in the attorney Gerald. Racial do you agree with the attack on Joseph Biden is he the architect of this a system of mass incarceration and our country that's fair. You know look we knew death and when he does something that heighten crime bill comes it's very hard streets or back away from that. And in watching the debate tonight that senator who pretty quite well on calling the vice president's task. I'm you know I I think that the vice president is also trying to move slower this narrative he was a public defender. It didn't do you know sort of calls for a hero. And and senator Harris was a prosecutor richest corporate sort of feel it. That narrative is just to vote is indeed it is his nineteen or crime bill. I'm mean how have prosecutors. Call. Eight. Larry crowds nearly DA Wesley now. Who in fact that Michael Brown's situation Sal in his jurisdiction. Who are former prosecutors are former criminal defense attorneys are civil rights lawyers that are taking a role prosecutor to a different level right now. We understand how much power there is believed experience that's very different. Indians can. Chin in his car and in our office is neat scene didn't. Importantly it is the deep implications. And content rippling collateral effects of mass incarceration and the racial disparities that are involved. The DA of Suffolk County Massachusetts Rachel Rollins joining us live here on ABC news live for instant reaction. Back to tonight's debate thank you so much DA around for joining us appreciate your perspective very interest in thoughts time and obviously firsthand knowledge as well thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Rachael Rollins, a district attorney in Massachusetts, believes candidates should be held accountable for past practices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719386","title":"Voters weigh in on the Democratic candidates' views on criminal justice reform.","url":"/Politics/video/voters-weigh-democratic-candidates-views-criminal-justice-reform-64719386"}