Why 'Weiner' Documentary Is Also About Donald Trump

Filmmakers behind the explosive new Sundance Select documentary about Anthony Weiner is also about Donald Trump, intersection between politics and the media.
3:05 | 06/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Why 'Weiner' Documentary Is Also About Donald Trump
They are on ABC's Rick Klein on Pennsylvania Avenue at front of the museum with Josh great men. Anna Leigh Steinberg they are the filmmakers behind the brand new documentary Wiener at this might be the perfect tabloid story. Today I'm announcing my resignation from congress. Photos. And old from his wife being somewhat so ominous. Mary to one of Hillary Clinton's closest advisors what are you trying to convey about the intersection medium well. For us this film is about more than one person or one campaign it provides a look at our our politics today is driven by entertainment an appetite for spectacle. And we don't have to look very hard to see that being played out in her current residents raised with Donald Trump echoes. You're seeing in the fall campaign the way it's covered in the way that he manipulated me just happened to. God she's married to a guy who obviously is psychologically disturbed. I do you think that they both understand that in order to have a voice in today's when he heard news cycle we need to put on a show and might be brash and having an air pocket and get votes and get attention. Republicans. One of the things about Anthony even before his scandal ironically one of his signature strengths was understanding had to use media. See you amplify his voice in the service of his agenda and of course you see a similar kind of dynamic playing out with somebody like Donald Trump. So I know that the film is being Wiener but I walked out thinking he could have easily been me who haven't seen you. Her role in this machine at happy that you. The other thing about whom the story is just as Anthony was ridiculed and reduced very much upon signing a caricature in many ways so wishy. To see you. We're happy but I do think that she shares his desire running a more fair and complete story told in an hour film you do get to see a human side. I was just blown away by the access house's chief of staff in his district for a couple Beers accusing congress and I left politics and moved into filmmaking. That was when he had his scandal and resign from congress and that's when we. Approached him at this idea of making a documentary. And then it was when he decided to run for mayor of New York City two years after that he agreed to let us in and we started filming from that date the campaign began to the end of the election. It starts is one kind of story. Story of redemption and become something much different when the second round of women and pictures merge but you didn't get palpable time. We thought might be capturing this incredible comeback story and Hannity and something will be used to processing. But our intention really was to show the humanity behind the headlines. One of the things that you're asking is fighting to and it's a question that we wondered about herself Anthony does answer when he said that he wanted to be viewed as the person that you live now with Aaron tension in the to take anybody who had just. District Eric player and odds and our new on the law that ask was it luck. Got pregnant police Steinberg thank you gradually but filled with Paul Weiner thanks for joining us stores to talk to ex. Eight.

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{"id":39712809,"title":"Why 'Weiner' Documentary Is Also About Donald Trump","duration":"3:05","description":"Filmmakers behind the explosive new Sundance Select documentary about Anthony Weiner is also about Donald Trump, intersection between politics and the media. ","url":"/Politics/video/weiner-documentary-donald-trump-39712809","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}