WH press secretary holds first briefing in 42 days

Sarah Sanders answered questions on Trump's anti-Semitism comments and the recently proposed 2020 federal budget.
4:19 | 03/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WH press secretary holds first briefing in 42 days
42 days since we've seen Serra Sanders take the podium at the White House but we just sore that happen to Jay good afternoon everybody and John San QG. Having given the Washington bureau BBC news or just source Kerry Sanders and the acting director of the Office of Management and Budget Russell Boyd and get a break down on the presidents are proposed budget. For 20/20. The couple headlines came out there of president of course would tweeting over the last several days about Michael calling his former fix her Sarah Sanders asked about pardon conversations after the president tweet it. That didn't fact happen at one point according to him. Sanders not getting specific on that front saying is an ongoing investigations wouldn't comment on that also talking about the border wall calling it humanitarian crisis as we see her boss. President from two for quite some time but certainly the big headline that we heard and many reporters in the room including ABC's John and Karl asking about the comments of the president allegedly made. During a closed door fund raiser this weekend in moral Longo that is what he calls his winter White House saying that quote Democrats hate Jewish people. Very stunning thing for the president to say Sanders not really giving an answer when press multiple times on that topic I wanna bring any BC's deputy political director Mary Alice parks she's on Capitol Hill for us and she's watching this are rare briefing with us at Mary Alice obviously. You know that that the whole controversy here started. With the freshman represented in L on Omar from Minnesota. And her comments about Jewish Americans but where this snowball has spine. Up pretty stunning with the president allegedly said this weekend. It. That they write Democrats are hoping to put this issue behind them when they passed that anti hate resolution last week but the White House making sure that those comments stay in the headlines. He saw Sarah Sanders they're doubling down wanting to drive home the point that this White House thinks the Democratic Party. Is not condemning anti semantic behavior. Now those come answers are Sanders met with some. Pushed back by reporters in the room questions about whether those claims really rung hollow from this president and this White House. This president who has in the past struggles with his own comments that have been racially charged and everyone remembers. That day after the Charlottesville protest when the president said that there were find people on both sides. Despite the fact that some of the protesters that day were chanting blatantly anti semantic comment. Yeah absolutely and of course Sanders also asked about comments by Iowa congressman Steve King I think the president had come out and condemn those previously. But as many reporters ascending he would agree with me I can't really remember when the congressman when the president rather came out and condemned the congress and we're gonna check on that meanwhile Mary Alice the reason for this rare briefing today. Is the summation of the presidents are proposed Tony twenty federal budget a lot of things in there. Not that we can consider a wish list of for the president Republicans one of them is certainly a wish that we've heard before. Something involving the. The wall. Rank the president is asking for even more money for a border wall. Next year even though congress said no to of the money that he asked for this year to build a border wall so that's obviously receiving a lot of pushed back up here. You know overall Democrats have spent this morning just how N'sync. On this proposed budget using words like cruel Chuck Schumer here in the senate calling it a gut punch to the American middle class. Senator Sanders it turned more political he said that this represented broken promises. From the White House saying that the president campaigned. On not cutting Medicare Medicaid or Social Security. But that this budget would do exactly that. Well we're gonna hear of course are many of the 120 funny candidates as they start to die for his budget I'm sure Mary Alice parks on Capitol Hill thank you you will join me. And the rest of the team we are breaking down everything happening in Washington say on the briefing -- that is coming to you at the bottom of the hour right here on ABC news live but for now you are watching ABC news I'm John San teaching in Washington. Have a good day.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"Sarah Sanders answered questions on Trump's anti-Semitism comments and the recently proposed 2020 federal budget.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61614732","title":"WH press secretary holds first briefing in 42 days","url":"/Politics/video/wh-press-secretary-holds-briefing-42-days-61614732"}