Bucks vs. Hornets in first NBA game played in France

NBA plays first ever game in Paris
1:50 | 01/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bucks vs. Hornets in first NBA game played in France
This is it descend -- it here for ABC news live in Paris which hosts the first NBA season game ever to be held in France. The players arrived earlier this weekend already getting a lot of traction among European fans the solid cornice will face the Milwaukee Bucks the esteem of the season so far which is led by the Beijing MVP Janet and to talk about. The ingredients and there for a game with great symbolic significance to top it off fans will have a Frenchman on the floor he could have at soon. Who plays for the Charlotte hornets but here in France is also the captain of the national team. How does it feel to bring him home country. Special golf resort to bring home country don't. Something very rare or unique. So when you got to do we have since agreed to settle for the moment if you county going to be in the hands yes I'm definitely system to inspect him. Already ticket prices are off the charts with the remaining seats going up to 12100 dollars. A 140000. People re registered to trying grabbed one of those tickets. I I think this is great for Teamsters will read in the season no good little dry fast here it's but I think getting and getting out of our home. Video foreign ground. Grounded churches do for us abilities and learning experience in this all together for the first time it's wonderful for us. I think this could really set the tone for the rest doesn't matter what happens as you'd find. I know we're all excited we're experiencing for the first was hundreds. The American teams will play in front of 151000 fans here at the Paris arena which is the same place where the Paris when he when he four Olympics will be held. If the bucks have had an exceptionally good season so far the hornets say it's still anything can happen this city to send in food for ABC news live and Harris.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"NBA plays first ever game in Paris","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"68517453","title":"Bucks vs. Hornets in first NBA game played in France ","url":"/Sports/video/bucks-hornets-nba-game-played-france-68517453"}