ESPN's Elle Duncan on Serena Williams' message this International Women's Day

The tennis star's powerful ad calls for women to pursue their dreams, no matter who would deem them "crazy."
5:57 | 03/08/19

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Transcript for ESPN's Elle Duncan on Serena Williams' message this International Women's Day
It is international women's day part of women's history month every day a celebration. Of women or every day should be a celebration of women. We're gonna talk about some of the of female warriors who are pushing our society forward from sports icons fashion icons. Two to military icons and every single one of us the unsung heroes mothers. Daughter is and we're gonna starts with. With a message from Serena Williams who says we'll meet a dream a little crazier take a listen. If we show emotion. We're can't dramatic. If we want to play against men. Wing nuts. And if we dream of equal opportunity. When we stand for something. Earnings going to be good not me. When we too. There's something wrong with us. India sleepy pain. We are hysterical. Irrational. Or just being crazy. A woman running a marathon this crazy. Spectacle. Terrible 148. Three Grand Slam. And is having a baby. So if they want to call you crazy. Show them what crazy campaign. I can't help them. Tell me how crazy you feeling today. I'm feeling crazy and powered that you for having me know that that commercial gives me goose bumps every single time. That I he area that I watch it I mean I love that Serena has really become and in bodies now what women can do you know what originally started with. In her being this this young girl from Compton and I'm likelihood. A for ending up where she ended up in and you know herb expressing herself through her fashion has turned into her release speaking out. For women too dream crazier but in particular for women like me who are new moms. Who are feeling all beings die eighties in the nervousness that come with fat and and and really her giving us permission to say it's OK. To continue to pursue those dreams whether you are a mother or not what do you choose to never never be a mother. Or not I remember at the time when she was coming back from having the baby ever went and what else does GM to proof. It why would she want to do this why would you want to miss these moments with your daughter and I think this is the reason I think she understands that it's it's bigger. Didn't just for her own personal gain I think that she understands that she belongs to us she belongs to the world and we as women really rallied around here. But will congratulations on your baby how old is your baby she seven months old. Which means I'm getting a little bit of sleep but also getting scratched and punched in the face and she runs up. Actually the golden may be shall dream crazy and be a boxer that's where it's headed that's where that it I am I have a nine mental myself so. Grant I'm I didn't join you in and that tired fatigued club but still trying to make it all work. Think what do you think the the message is that that we're hearing from sports stars and and authentic voice for error for other women around the country. I mean I think that the the messages it is interesting just a personal anecdote and curious PW we have a women some every year. And this year I was about four Reese removed from having the baby I was invited to go to Cali leave my baby for four days I was I was freaking out a little bit and I go. And it was just three days of these incredible messages from these women in particular one mister that to me from Michelle Roberts who is. Be in BA players association president the first black woman to hold that position and and she said something that stood out to me in that. The difference between men and women when it comes to accomplishing their dreams are their goals were jobs that they might want is the demands false sense of bravado sometimes helps them. Like a Mandel go for a job whether he thinks he's qualified Ford or not because he believes that he should get it. Because he could just learn it. Or is a woman might not do it if she doesn't think that she checks every single box if she thinks that there is any inadequacies or there's anything that they could push back on her on. She'll just for the sake of being rejected just not try it all and she encouraged women to be active in their own life. To take control in charge of their own life to go for things whether do you think. That you are right for them or not because you never know what back it happen and I believe that's answering as saying as well this isn't just relegated to sports. Or wanting to do. What for many is is is and very difficult feat of becoming a professional athlete I think that this is her. And ballooning all women to pursue your passions and that your passion can change and that you reset and you reconfigure annual bald as your dreams do so. She's just become this poster child for what is possible. When you're pregnant by winning the Aussie open pregnant which made me feel really really really good about myself as a pregnant woman was pretending that she couldn't reach anything on the top health -- she's winning off the opens pregnant and to now that becoming evolution of of having a toddler and what that looks like and having the navigate her job says she's. She's permeated I think every single level for women and and given them some kind of focus and inspiration. In. You know it's easier said than done but maybe if we continue to here at a lot well. We'll begin hand yeah take in body that change that male Odyssey thank you so much on congratulations on your new baby.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"The tennis star's powerful ad calls for women to pursue their dreams, no matter who would deem them \"crazy.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"61561228","title":"ESPN's Elle Duncan on Serena Williams' message this International Women's Day ","url":"/Sports/video/espns-elle-duncan-serena-williams-message-international-womens-61561228"}