Fantasy Forecast Live: Week 15

ABC News' Meteorologist Mel talks with FiveThirtyEight's Harry Enten about the weather's impact on fantasy football.
13:07 | 12/15/16

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Transcript for Fantasy Forecast Live: Week 15
Hey I plug it can't keep our cats live I'm meteorologist Alan I have here with me today Harry in he is frowned. I 38 he writes politics and the occasional. Story the case it came out so he as also like Leonard knows a lot about whether as well on the knees and he went she went acute that tends. I acting out when they arguments with better partners are where I came forward and very. Art about Bryce that was like the big and they are hauling act. I love and that is bigger isn't as exciting my roommate Samantha also will she went cheap and state to get her out now and it went. I can't sounds just as sell you like leather like weathered athlete how about whether to make but I wanna now are you in and me. I must admit that I am not happened and it leaks and starting. I'm tired or how many years you know years. Multiple. The the reason why is huge bills and I can't against and in order to an. Actor or otherwise be giving money away and I. Or Wear. Them. In. Totals as I mean I'm not gonna lie I read against the jets all the time because the fantasy. Not doing well anyway but so I kind of gave up now but it. Arrogant the jets to obviously because I hate you does not happy man. Well now Rex Ryan needs to be our coach tell me how you feel about I want to hear your thoughts about racks and tell us. My thoughts about Rex Ryan are essentially I don't wish him any el Al. But I do. An awful. I am sick and tired of him riding tandem bicycles rob. Our. I think that you know he's like bobbled by Lance to meet personally so. You know back I'll it was that's where you know. Like wrecks along. I'm and I think you agree rate on that program and you not agree with that team consistently. Lets me down which stated that they haven't made the playoffs or my arm. And I may be young but I'm not. Is. I mean you know that Ellis. Wrapped presents wrapped an edgy ads wrecked have to say it last actually basically didn't play out as when he was part of its Protestant and scenes and ancient games. And after right there's plenty of reasons to eat on and I keep it on and cut that was one of our. History. You know. The point. You know. My first born. Here. Mine. Here doll. Her up because the patriots. And it's you know. Why. Well program. Not edition in and year after year like it's not mean. He's even hearsay this any still out there on the ball it. After. However are. Area. And hired. One Applewhite. Has gone on Wednesday it homeless and lightning can't let it easily light up people like aunts and bills and problem home just last I am just get out of it well. Tom Brady retires then how becoming to war again. I'll then I mean really new and seeing it actually is you know and then me read some of our strategy this is something else. Out anything else where more time watching the jets and bills try and try and fight and eat and beat the patriots which never happens escorts for playing which. On any lately anymore all right. And and that we have punish me me me wealth. And an one play awfully at idly and Playhouse and wine. Very excited about that leak at an all Ilie and the only girl it's like winning as I've talked it's currently in ends really ultimately. But the problem now is Delaware on me and this is the second so going this week run is accurate it's irony now. Thirty points going into this week on my opponent. All thanks to my corner access to court factly I had Eric and Eric Carr and act passed. She had been at the unit doing awesome all year long. That's singled. Single digits from all the corner now and Marvin anything. All I follow up it's a little there are both of them got an active and a leather and I was too lazy and seeing our instant change them out so. I didn't take down a well time is here I am taking my eyes on all of my attic Wednesday August resident based on the latter I. Always at my own eyes and this year it was like. He asked god keep our C. Exactly it's I had sent out that I mean then it is still losses. That's I think that is just insane. Your not right here out of America. Heir apparent as. Life Partners and here. Right and I think it I think it's Barry I think that's interest rate and Al I sometimes. Your team's. Number first how. And when giant die. Up. And that immediately is going NC out on are also excited there and I have a lot of different kinds end. Went an act and they weren't yes it's and how much. And it is that is our state is it. Easy for different reasons I stayed in our. And acting exactly does this networks that let. But cannot outlast me you know it was its own right report that giants game and help me get this Sunday it is cold front. And the cult front. It's going to flee year. I thought and it's warm on Sunday you like anywhere in the fifties after it is released to sell and secret agent as well is on so there could be some rain pared some. Leftovers are as an increase air. Eight a jet on Saturday eight. Also at met life looking at. Them behind. It is using all is so cool isn't it Chicago in this AD and even wind chills below zero single digits to below the year as of yet she and eight of the Packers. -- an ice on weather and evening. And Avnet. Actress I like accuracy and Ricky and citrix. Ideal out Aaron Rodgers. What. Part. I think anger and hope it had. Struggled. On always always come on strongly they always get themselves to sell ice rink that eight gay has its big game bears. And I really do. I think I think it's and there are all. All. Is now actually parents'. On the hour on their. Oh it would Angel was here. And then this city our home. Titans that's it. Is going to be an eight game. Easing cold now. And other and this is a team especially at eastern plains wind chills and I'll think there until it got really and it's not you don't see temperatures. Usually. It. All these games play out. But if you are looking to win and you're in his players that. Out. And would be a good start it looks like port is how. And it is me. That there are on the opposite priced at each corner act now why just right just forget it rat it's a block out. I think he has play and replace or tank had a huge. Sell. I'll. Add to an earlier it touched. I literally. But when it actually got it adds an exciting that mean light years kind of spark. Up like if he is out their interest. He's doing. So there's that it's also that. It's eight and we. Talk about. Colin and Gordon looks he's helpful it's me. Al Gore is. Here for. Its. Starred in and now you're looking couple players on air. Say. There playing program. So I help. Any sell any team that plays against the grounds. It's your. It's. I think I'll be okay this isn't like he is the watched in Hong Ian. I don't don't get too excited because now it's going to be. Set out. Art. Now this is consistent. A law. So let me trade up trap someone. Back bets the over. EJ Manuel sitting on the bench in the first round ill iced. That's a waste when he outlets. Should shape she. He saying he is definitely he's the star. Star. Star among stars. But look. Quote we can use them. You know this isn't. Maybe next year regrets Brian Ray that's gonna happen do you like do what I'm. Not sure I'm lucky enough board and two. He is on the all the reports say. I just completely. I think enough that players but it back here but that's what I think every year every year. I. I'm well. I want temple street eyes and ankle on account. In. Exactly we were friends and still get my life back but I ended up well I've never been in nagger and I have I want in a beer Vanilla and I. Never been a long game I've actually been two games at met life. And I've been to Miami Dolphins Buffalo Bills play games all that's nine year 1999. That's might have been Dan Marino's final home game. That's costs and that those laws. I mean any technical hurdles in I'd be really on especially this tiny air when there's a lake effect snow. Mass. They'd be any. Even matter heat it. And at quarterback and throw multiple options and even air in Atlanta now. It rather irritated you talked about escape Nazi anti pork athlete at this does not only has been doing terrible and it's now also all just so I was just lets. You know he's. Tara all. An appellate. It was all out. Backed away at those are tackling I mean are on our part. You know any pain that's very knows exactly exactly is so yes and I was that was definitely. Bows at Atlanta ballet but I mean I have 55 points and this is I never seen anything congratulations pat. Man that is warm out there ain't exactly exactly it's now. So it's been. And then it's been a good week an excited for this week hoping taking get that. Didn't get her an accord that situation this week classics like in each hand and a wine into the final weeks weeks left after this I wish you luck you think you can only -- and it angered you and your real life exactly you know. I think I'm Libby as well thank you so much for coming up here Harry and joining as we had a great time today. And don't forget it again right here next week and I. Viagra.

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{"id":44216480,"title":"Fantasy Forecast Live: Week 15","duration":"13:07","description":"ABC News' Meteorologist Mel talks with FiveThirtyEight's Harry Enten about the weather's impact on fantasy football.","url":"/Sports/video/fantasy-forecast-live-week-15-44216480","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}