FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns Unexpectedly

Blatter not directly linked to soccer corruption scandal that's led to charges against 14 top FIFA officials.
6:51 | 06/02/15

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Transcript for FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns Unexpectedly
They indicate he takes overview net I. Will Colin extra won't say he's also home if it is also assumed. Nevada about the action. Noble eagle Scotland its huge houses and some I didn't and the new president will be added to two felony. The world of soccer is shocked again today and battled fifa president Sepp Blatter says he's going to resign. Just a few days after he was reelected. For a fifth term. I'm Caroline Costello in New York fifa is embroiled in a corruption scandal and Blatter right in the middle of it let's bring ESPN sports business reporter Darren rebel. Darren. A few days ago. You know blotter move stolen which reelection he gets reelected despite calls for him. To resign then just a few days later he steps down. Shocking revelation and what possibly be happening here. Well it is shocking it's especially Caroline given the confidence that Sepp Blatter had almost the cocky yes. To avoid. Not only a PR disaster but. Some of his lieutenants being involved in a federal indictment. So there's a lot of shock here. Sources telling ABC news dot Margo and that he was indeed Sepp Blatter investigated. Are being investigated we don't know what what what's going on exactly right now but by the FBI and by US prosecutors. So the question kind of is what did he learn it you'd have to think. Given the competence that he had at least outwardly showed. What did he learn or what was he coal. That made him step down a guy who. People thought he would some how finish his four year term and he didn't finish four days. We don't know the answer that question but giving again his arrogance his cot in its it must've been something pretty solid. Do you think you know pressure from sponsors had anything to do with this it contribute at all. You know could be there are these are some of the most massive sponsorships in the world. The top sponsors a fee for paying between 2545. Million dollars a year. The the World Cup sponsors under that paying fifa between ten and 25 million dollars a year what really caught me off guard with visa. These that came out with an original statement after the indictment saying that this was unacceptable they needed fifa to make immediate changes. And then when I asked visa for a second comment after Sepp Blatter free election. They said they didn't have one. Which was surprising to me given that they came out stronger than any other sponsor. So to me if I ordered to guess that would say that. If there was any sponsored that would put on the most pressure over the weekend. It might have been visa. Obviously their businesses connected few financial dealings in the financial business. And a lot of this with financial fraud again not connected to step ladder that he's not named in the indictment but connected to him. Given that it be so I would say there were certainly discussions given the dollar amount in the embarrassment. On the sponsors as a result of the heat the situation. We'll latter's resignation help put fifa back on the right track or is he just sort of the tip of the iceberg. Well the question is you know how many bad apples are there. You know this is not just one guy is the indictment proves they were. For at least alleges they were nine people. Within feet vote for other sports marketing people related to. To fifa and end this soccer tournaments that they award and then marketing deals that they do so. To say that. You know who this is this is done now we have the resignation of Sepp Blatter in the fact that. The other people in the indictment are barred from anything close to fifa. I would not say that this is cleaning house especially after. The US prosecutors said that this was indeed the tip of the iceberg I think their words were this is not the end of the investigation. This is the beginning. So I don't think this clears up fifa in any sense does it kind of take away one of the hurdles. I kind of indignant leader who was cocky and you wouldn't think would be that likely to make a whole lot of changes unless he was pushed to do so yes but. Does does this solve fifa no way. Any idea who might replace platter. But we only idea I have is prince Ali who who seemed to get. More votes than than people thought getting over over 30% of the vote for that first round of votes and it. He needed to bladder that he needed the second round of elections. You know prince Ali I think it will leave it was it was probably Jordan is probably. You know one of the that's contenders against Blatter that he's ever had over his his his five reelection in many. Terms that many elections that latter's patty hasn't gone up against anyone been on opposed so. That's the guy who is doesn't really have any black marks on him. And an and certainly has at least some support as measured from the vote just four days ago. You mentioned that investigators said this investigation is far from over. Now that Blatter is stepping down could he himself still face charges. Yeah I don't think that's out of the question. Again we we know that forgot Markel of ABC news that that day at least war at some point. Investigating it which doesn't seem like that's. Any bit of a surprise what we know right now is that there's been some. People who have already pled guilty a sports marketing executive agreed to give a 151. Million dollars back. And and obviously the people who. Are had been indicted and are are are now probably talking. Unity you got I think that no bed is off leaving the organization would not. Absolve him from any criminality. Stake. ESPN business reporter down rebel thank you so much we appreciate it. You can keep up with the story in real time Mike Allen ABC news at and storing this story for exclusive updates on the go I'm Caroline Costello. In New York.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"Blatter not directly linked to soccer corruption scandal that's led to charges against 14 top FIFA officials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"31477529","title":"FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns Unexpectedly","url":"/Sports/video/fifa-president-sepp-blatter-resigns-unexpectedly-31477529"}